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英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第55课:Farms and factories 农场与工厂[00:00.00](FARMS AND FACTORIES)[00:07.68]811. Because of the warm and sunny weather, oranges grow very well here.[00:12.55]因为这里气候温暖,阳光充足,桔子长得很好。[00:17.42]812. In this flat country people grow wheat and corn and raise cattle.[00:22.41]在这土地平坦的乡间,人们种植小麦、玉米,并饲养牲畜。[00:27.40]813. The ground here is stony and not very good for farming.[00:32.73]这儿周围的土地多石块,因而不太适于耕种。[00:38.06]814. What are the principal farm products in this region?[00:41.48]这个地区的主要农产品是什么?[00:44.90]815. Milk, butter, and cheese are shipped here from the dairy farms.[00:50.64]牛奶、黄油和奶酪是从各个制酪场运到这里来的。[00:56.37]816. They had to cut down a lot of trees to make room for farms.[01:00.55]为了腾出地方开辟农场只好伐倒许多树木。[01:04.73]817. At this time of the year farmers plow their fields.[01:09.81]每年这个时候农民们犁地。[01:14.89]818. On many farms you'll find cows and chickens.[01:18.77]在许多农场你都会看到奶牛和鸡。[01:22.65]819. If you have cows you have to get up early to do the milking.[01:28.58]如果你养奶牛,你就得每天起早去挤奶。[01:34.51]820. Tractors have revolutionized farming.[01:37.68]拖拉机革新了耕作方法。[01:40.86]821. In the ed States, there are many factories for making cloth.[01:45.99]在美国,有许多纺织工厂。[01:51.12]822. Factories employ both male and female workers.[01:55.21]工厂既雇用男工,也雇用女工。[01:59.30]823. If you work in a factory, you usually have to punch a clock.[02:04.63]如果你在工厂工作,你就要在上下班记时卡上检孔。[02:09.96]824. Is meat packing a big industry in your country?[02:13.59]在你们国家里,肉类加工厂是否算一种大型工业?[02:17.22]825. Is it true that the manufacturing of automobiles is a major industry?[02:22.20]汽车制造真是一门主要工业吗? /200604/6148上海玫瑰整形开双眼皮多少钱There are remains of Stone Age life doted all over Britain and Ireland.石器时代的遗迹遍布于不列颠与爱尔兰But nowhere as abundantly as Orkney,with its mounds, graves尤以奥克尼群岛为最 大量鼓起的坟堆and bavol its great circles of standing stones like here at Brodgar.以及像布罗德盖石圈一样耸立着的巨石阵Vast, imposing and utterly unknowable.雄伟壮观 并散发着不可知的神秘气息But Orkney boasts another Neolithic site,而岛上有一处新石器时代的遗址there is, in its way, even more impressive than Brodgar,甚至比布罗德盖 更令人惊叹the last thing you would expect from the Stone Age,你永远想象不到 遥远的石器时代a shockingly familiar glimpse of ancient domestic life.远古的家庭生活 竟在这里揭开了神秘面纱Perched on the western coast of Orkney#39;s main island,a village called Skara Brae.这处遗址就在 位于奥克尼主岛西岸 一个叫做斯卡拉布雷的村庄Here, beneath an area no bigger than the 18th grade of a golf course在这不足一个十八洞高尔夫球场大的地下lies Europe#39;s most complete Neolithic community,静静沉睡着欧洲最完整的新石器时代部落miraculously preserved for 5,000 years under a blanket of sand and grass在草与沙之下 奇迹般地保留着五千年前的风貌until uncovered in 1850 by a ferocious sea storm.This is a recognisable village.直到1850年的一次巨大海上风暴 揭开了她的真实面目 村落的面貌清晰可见Neatly fitted into its landscape between pasture and sea,intimate, domestic and self-sufficient.完美地镶嵌在牧场与海洋之间 联系紧密 以家庭为单位 自给自足And although they were technically still the Stone Age and Neolithic period,虽然这一时期仍被划分在新石器时代these dwellings are not huts,they#39;re true houses,这些寓所却已不再是临时的窝棚 而是真正的房屋built from sandstone slabs that lie all around the island由遍布岛上的砂石板材筑造and which gave stout protection to villagers here at Skara Brae,from their biting Orcadian winds.坚实地保护着斯卡拉布雷的村民们 免受奥克尼凶猛海风的侵袭 /201606/450162上海玫瑰腿部吸脂多少钱-TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201605/441504栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464431上海玫瑰祛痘多少钱

上海公立三甲医院整形中心宝山区人民中医院疤痕价格费用Little pig, little pig, let us in! It#39;s the police! Move!小猪、小猪,让我们进去!我们是警察!行动!The third little pig is now being taken into custody,猪小弟目前遭到收押,so the spotlight has once again shone on the gray area of homeowners#39; rights to protect their properties.社会焦点再次关注在屋主保护自身财产权利的模糊地带。;This isn#39;t right. The three little pigs are the victims.;“这样不对。三只小猪才是受害者。”;The wolf blew down two houses. He got what he deserved.;“大野狼吹倒两栋房子。他罪有应得。”;The pigs went too far.;“小猪们做得太超过了。”;You have every right to defend your property.;“你绝对有权捍卫自己的财产。”;Keep your chinny chin chins up, fellas.;“不要低头,兄弟们。”Boiling someone alive hardly constitutes reasonable force.活生生煮死人不可能构成正当武力。;Is killing an intruder ever justified?;“杀害侵入者能否被合理化?”;If someone tried to blow my house down, I#39;d do the same.;“如果有人试着要吹倒我的房子,我也会做一样的事。”I knew the wolf. There#39;s no way he could#39;ve blown down those houses—he had asthma!我认识大野狼。他不可能有办法吹倒那些房子--他有气喘耶!The wolf had asthma, so what#39;s the truth about the pigs#39; houses being blown down? Inside job?大野狼患有气喘,那么小猪房子被吹倒的真相是什么?自己搞的鬼?There#39;s no reason why those two houses, one made from straw, the other from wood, should#39;ve collapsed没道理一间用稻草、另一间用木头盖的两间房子会倒塌not even a healthy wolf#39;s huff and puff could bring them down!就连一只身强体壮的大野狼都不可能把它们吹倒!The three little pigs have confessed to conspiring to commit insurance fraud,三只小猪已经承认密谋犯下保险诈欺案,framing the wolf in an attempt to cover their tracks.且为了掩饰自己的罪行而陷害大野狼。Their motive was financial as they struggled to keep up with their mortgage repayments.他们的动机源自财务,因为他们难以按时偿还房贷。Guilty. ;I can empathize.;有罪。“我能感同身受。”;I#39;m behind on my payments too.;“我也迟缴贷款了。”;How could this have happened?;“这种事怎么会发生?”;I#39;ve lost everything.;“我失去一切。”We want change! We want change! We want change! Come on!我们要求改变!我们要求改变!我们要求改变!冲啊! Article/201705/508716普陀区激光脱毛多少钱上海市同济医院激光点痣多少钱

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