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How To Know If You Need a Multi-Vitamin on HowcastWith all the conflicting medical advice out there, it’s hard to know whether multivitamins are a daily necessity or a waste of money. What’s a health-conscious consumer to do?You Will NeedWell-balanced diet Vitamin supplements Doctor's advice Step 1: Take it for good measure(每天补充一粒维生素片)Take one a day for good measure. The important thing to remember is that vitamins can’t replace nutrients that come from food. Strive to eat a well-balanced diet.Don’t take more than the recommended daily amount of a vitamin unless you are advised to by your doctor. You could do more harm than good.Step 2: Supplement low levels(少量的补充)Consider taking an extra supplement if your body is deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, such as vitamin D.Many symptoms, such as fatigue, can result from vitamin deficiencies. When there’s a sign something’s wrong, have your vitamin levels checked by a doctor.Step 3: Consider your profile(根据自己的具体情况来定,譬如妇,调试的人等都是不一样的)Think about your unique needs. Pregnant women, picky eaters, vegans, and the elderly are examples of people who need nutritional supplements.Step 4: Ask your doctor(向自己的医生寻求意见)Ask your doctor if you should be taking a multivitamin if you’re unsure. An expert’s advice will help you make the best possible decision.Some studies have found that high doses of vitamin E increased the chances of smokers getting lung cancer.201006/106067

How can I motivate myself to quit smoking? 怎样激励自己戒烟呢? When someone says ;I just lack the motivation to quit smoking, or to change anything in my life, lose weight, start an exercise program;, we know in the study of human behaviour people make changes when either there is a real desire for the goal and the outcome, or they have overcome the pain of making a change. So what is it for you? Is it because going through the pain of quitting keeps you from quitting and therefore you arent motivated because you dont want to go through pain. Or is it because you dont really believe youre going to get any benefits? So I would encourage you to think about ;what is my perception of why I smoke? What are the risks I am taking by smoking? What would be the benefits in my life if I made these changes right now?; And then reward yourself, say, ;If I smoke a pack a day for a week, how much money would I have saved up? Okay at the end of a week of not smoking, I am going to take that money and do something I really want.; So link the rewards that you give yourself to something that you have a high desirability for. The second thing that you can do is chart and journal everyday, do something every twenty-four hours, dont wait a whole week, thats too long to wait for. If you dont smoke for twenty-four hours what will the benefits be? Youll start saving money, youll start feeling better, maybe your girlfriend who doesnt smoke will like that. You have got your own reasons that are very unique to you, so make a ;Why do I want to continue smoking every day; list and make a ;Why would I benefit from quitting;, and look at the difference between the pros and cons. You know if you put it on paper and it becomes really clear to you because it has come out of your head onto paper - it is much more obvious how to motivate yourself to quit. 当某人说,“我缺少戒烟的动力,或者改变生活中的任何方面,例如减肥,开始锻炼计划等等的动力”,我们知道,对人类行为的研究表明,只有人们对达到某个目标或结果有强烈的愿望,或者已经克了做出改变的痛苦的时候,他们才会做出改变。那么,对于你来说是什么原因呢?是戒烟的痛苦让你难以戒烟,因此你没有动力戒烟是因为你不想经历痛苦;还是因为你认为自己不可能得到切实的好处?我鼓励你考虑一下“我为什么要吸烟?吸烟会有什么风险?如果我立即做出改变,我的生活将会得到什么益处?”然后奖励自己,“如果我每天吸一包烟,持续一周,我本来可以省下多少钱?在戒烟的这一周结束的时候,我会得到多少钱,可以用来做我喜欢的事情。”给自己的奖励可以让你有强烈的戒烟的愿望。你可以做的第二件事是每天做记录或日记,每24小时进行一次,而不要等到一个星期,一个星期的时间太长了。如果你24小时不吸烟可以得到什么好处?你将开始省钱,你会开始感觉更好,或许你不吸烟的女朋友会喜欢。你可以有对你来说非常独特的理由,所以,制定一个“我为什么想要继续每天吸烟”列表,再制定一个“为什么戒烟对我有益”的列表,将两者进行对比。你知道,将这些列在纸上会更加清晰,因为这些想法从你脑海中具体到纸上,关于怎样激励自己戒烟会更加清楚。 /201209/199378

j.|F!.nWPq9a,z;y4dTHuBHt3S*X,yvIP3vRoss, the Nintendo Specialist at Game explains how to buy a Wii and what you get with it! He also explains how to save money by buying a preowned console!48C@-Fs^++-DQM都说工欲善其事,必先利其器,本期节目任天堂游戏专家罗斯将会教你如何购买游戏手柄,他还将向你解释如何省钱购买品质优良的2手游戏手柄,WII并没有过时,只是被你搁置太久了而已,赶快拿起手中的手柄去运动吧Xlh^FYp[DRaJM。 e%7Mp!;-%8yKxH4BUoYyP5E%1t_V#nGc]WFO#Bh.9d7)|J96)201203/176014

特别声明:该节目由文字由可可整理。视频出处:选自B记录片《英国史》第七集《女王的一生》精视觉:精解说:Bothwells idea of a marriage proposal波斯维尔的求婚想法was to abduct Mary and take her to his grim castle in Dunbar.是把玛丽劫持到他在邓巴那可怕的城堡There he planted his flag在那里 他通过奸污玛丽as prospective King of Scotland by planting himself violently,来确认自己作为未来苏格兰国王的地位it was said - inside her body.据说是强奸Now he supposed the traumatised Mary would have to marry him,如此一来 被奸污的玛丽就不得不嫁给他and to most of the countrys horror,然后让全国大多数人惊骇的是Mary did just that a few weeks laterat Holyrood.玛丽几个星期后就和他结婚了 /201301/219090

2012年欧洲杯第二场半决赛在波兰华沙国家体育场开战,德国队1-2不敌意大利队,依然难逃大赛不胜意大利的怪圈。巴洛特利上半场先后接到卡萨诺和蒙托利沃的妙传梅开二度,厄齐尔在补时阶段为德国队打入挽回颜面的点球。最终,晋级决赛的意大利队将于西班牙队争夺冠军。Italy has extended their remarkable stranglehold on Germany when two superb first-half goals by Mario Balotelli gave them a 2-1 win in an excellent Euro 2012 semi-final, and a place in Sundays final against Spain.Balotelli connected with a curling Antonio Cassano cross to head the opener after 20 minutes. He then ran on to a long Riccardo Montolivo pass before lashing in an unstoppable second after 36 as the Italians took full advantage of some loose defending.Three time champions Germany, who hadnt beaten Italy in their seven previous major tournaments, rallied late in the game. Mesut Ozil converted a penalty in added time after Federico Balzaretti had handled in the area, but it came too late.201206/188583

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