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In an extraordinary case of blood donation, the fates of the donor and beneficiary became tied together life, reported Chongqing Morning Post.据《重庆晨报报道,在一起离奇的献血案例中,捐赠者和受助者的命运一辈子绑在了一起Nine years ago, Lin Xiaofen went to a hospital in Taipei after getting very sick.九年前,林晓芬在得了一场重病后前往了台北的一家医院She fell into coma and suffered massive blood loss. She was only able to make a narrow escape after receiving a large blood transfusion.由于失血过多,她陷入了昏迷在大量输血过后她才死里逃生Recently, Lin shared the experience with her boyfriend Lian Zhicheng. The man, who is a frequent blood donor, jokingly asked: ;Maybe it is my blood?;日前,林晓芬把她的这一经历告诉了男友连志成连志成自己也经常献血,于是开玩笑说:“也许是我的血呢?”Curiously, Lin checked the records of the hospital.由于好奇,林晓芬去查阅了医院的记录To her surprise, the donor who saved her nine years ago was actually her boyfriend.让她大吃一惊的是,九年前献血救了她命的人竟然真的是她男朋友Lian said humorously: ;Go donate your blood now, because you have a chance to bring a wife home.;连志成于是幽默地说道:“现在就去献血吧,因为你有机会带个老婆回家” 931。

第十课: 为人指路 Lesson : Giving Directions (continued) 各位听众朋友好欢迎您收听“旅游业英语”,我是澳洲广播电台 中文部节目主持人马健媛 在第九课中,我们学习了如何为客人指路、如何提出建议以及如何 向客人解释某一行动需要多少时间 在这一课中我们要遇到蒙纳女士、她的父亲杰克以及他们所乘坐的 记程车司机乔我们要重温有关指路的句型,学习一些新的对话及 询问对方从何处来之类的句型另外,我们还要学习如何向客人表 达他应付款项的数额 在我们继续学习“为人指路”的对话之前,先让我们一起来复习一 下这段对话的第一部份 Leo: Good morning, Ms White, Mr Webber. Jack: Good morning, Leo. Mona: Hi Leo. Is there a major shopping centre nearby? Leo: The Starlight Shopping Centre has over a hundred shops. I’m sure you’ll find what you want there. Mona: And how do we get there? Leo: Well, turn right outside the hotel, and left at the traffic lights. Go straight up the street, cross at the next set of lights and turn right at the pink tower… Mona: Oh dear, that’s too hard to remember. Leo: Well then, what about a taxi? You can get one just outside the hotel. Jack: I don’t mind walking, Mona… We turn right outside the hotel, Leo? Leo: Yes, that’s right. Then left at the traffic lights. Jack: Turn left? Leo: That’s right. Then walk straight up the street (and …) Mona: How long does it take to walk there? Leo: It takes about minutes. Mona: Then let’s get a cab, Dad. Thanks anyway, Leo. Leo: My pleasure. Page of 8 好,我们继续学习第十课“为人指路”,请听录音及中文翻译 乔: 请问去哪里? Joe: Where to? 蒙纳: 你讲英语吗? Mona: Do you speak English? 乔: 我只讲一点点 Joe: Just a little. 蒙纳: 请去星光购物中心,它在交通灯的左边 Mona: Starlight Shopping Centre please. It’s left at the traffic lights. 乔: 不用担心,我认识路的你们是哪个国家来的? Joe: Don’t worry, I know the way. Where do you come from? 杰克: 澳大利亚 Jack: Australia. 乔: 噢你们在本地停留多久呢? Joe: Aaah! How long are you here ? 杰克: 三个星期 Jack: Three weeks. 乔: 三个星期都留在城里吗? Joe: Three weeks in the city? 杰克: 不,我们星期六就去北方 Jack: No, we’re going north on Saturday. 请注意听约瑟夫是如何询问他的乘客要去什么地方的 Joe: Where to? Where to? 请问去哪里?这是一种在英语里已经被广泛接受了的短 句形式,完整的句型应该是Where are you going to? 请听老师的 示范 Where to? Page 3 of 8 Where to? 当我们想要问对方来自什么地方或者国家时,我们可以使用乔说的 下面这个句型他是这样说的: 你们是哪个国家来的? Joe: Where do you come from? 这个句型的简略说法是: Where are you from? 请跟着老师一起练 习 Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Where are you from? Where are you from? 对话过程中,记程车司机乔希望了解他的乘客要在本地停留多久? 乔: 你们在本地停留多久呢? Joe: How long are you here ? 杰克: 三个星期 Jack: Three weeks. 同样的问题,乔还可以这样提问: How long are you staying? 你们在本地停留多久呢?请听老师的示范并跟着重复 How long are you here ? How long are you here ? How long are you staying? How long are you staying? 请完整地听一遍这部份对话,并请在记程车司机乔的讲话之后跟着 重复 Joe: Where to? Mona: Do you speak English? Joe: Just a little. Mona: Starlight Shopping Centre, please. It’s left at the traffic lights. Joe: Don’t worry,… Joe: I know the way. Joe: Where do you come from? Jack: Australia. Joe: How long are you here ? 559。

The English We Speak是英国B电台的一档为英语学习者量身打造的英语学习节目 今天,两位主持人为我们带来了一档“音乐特辑”,节目中会讲到一种乐器及与其相关的一个习语,让我跟随录音去学习一下吧William: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. My name is William Kremer.Helen: And I'm Helen.William: I've got something you, Helen.Burst of loud classical music (Beethoven's '5th Symphony')Helen: It's nice to have a bit of music William, but why...Burst of different classical music (Mendelssohn's 'Dance of the Clowns')William: What do you think... nice music, huh?Helen: Well, it's certainly dramatic! So are we having a special musical edition today, William?William: Well, yes we are Helen. The B Proms start this Friday, remember?Helen: Ah, of course. The B Proms is a huge classical music festival that the B sponsors. It's over 0 years old.William: Yes and every day the next two months hundreds of music fans will queue to get their hands on a pound;5 ticket.Helen: Wow. Are you going to go?William: No, I hate queuing! But anyway, I thought we could have a music-themed programme. And our phrase this week relates to one instrument in particular...Trumpet music soloHelen: The trumpet?William: Yes, do you know what it means to say someone 'blows his own trumpet'?Helen: Yes. It means that someone is talking too much about his achievements, right?William: Exactly. Let's listen to an example.例1:Woman: Who's going to be there tonight?Man: I think Angela and Mark and that guy Martin...Woman: Oh, no, not Martin! He's such a bore. He's always blowing his own trumpet. Last time I saw him he went on and on about how he had been promoted twice in six weeks.Helen: So this is quite a negative phrase then?William: Yes, sometimes. But interestingly, it isn't always used in a negative way. Listen to this example. A woman is talking to her niece.例:Woman: I didn't know you'd come top in the class again! Why didn't you tell me? You really must start blowing your own trumpet a bit more!Helen: So in that clip, the woman was telling her niece she ought to blow her own trumpet more?William: Yes. And English people sometimes use this phrase because they are embarrassed to talk about their achievements. Listen to this clip:例3:Man: How's it going at your work nowadays?Woman: Well, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet, it's going very well. In fact, I've just won an award!Helen: She said "At the risk of blowing my own trumpet".William: Yeah, so that's like saying "Excuse me while I talk about my achievements"!Helen: Well, I wonder whether we should blow our own trumpet a bit more. I mean here we are with a really popular website, bbclearningenglish.com...William: ...yeah, making lots of little programmes that are entertaining, fascinating, useful...Helen: …and best of all, it's all free! Brilliant, huh?William: Yeah, that's brilliant! But maybe we should stop blowing our own trumpet now! Shall we have some more of that nice music again to finish off?Helen: Oh, yes! Bye!William: Bye!赏析: 此期节目,两位主持人讨论了习语“blow one’s own trumpet” 的含义和用法 Trumpet本意“小号”,“blow one's own trumpet”本意为“总是自己吹自己的小号”,也就引申为:“总是吹嘘自己的成就”的意思,多数情况下,如果被别人这样评价,都带有一定贬义,如文中例1. 但是,这个习语也有别的用法,如例,当被别人当面用:“You really must start blowing your own trumpet a bit more!”评价的时候,则意味着你过分谦虚了,完全可以多说一些自己的成就,好让别人更好地了解你 例3中所用的习语是“at the risk of blowing my own trumpet”,这是谦词,常用在自己需要介绍自己的成就之前,可以翻译成“请允许我说一下自己所取得的成绩”,用上这句话之后,风度马上显现了出来 英国同中国一样,是礼仪之邦,谦虚是传统美德同样的一个事实,从别人口中得到可能是赞许与夸奖,如果自己说出来就有可能是吹嘘与骄傲了做人处事当注重场合身份,为了做一个与大家相处融洽的人,少说几句一般没有坏处当然,也不要对自己取得的成绩惜字如金,毕竟,孔老夫子教导过,“过犹不及”注释及其他语言点:It's certainly dramatic! 那一定棒极了! dramatic:令人激动的;戏剧性的queue to: 涌入 queue:排队 He's such a bore.: 他讨厌极了他是个令人讨厌的人 7。

1.Hello.喂.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Collins,please?我想和柯林斯先生讲话好吗?3.You must have the wrong number.There no Mr.Collins here.你一定打错电话号码了,这里没有柯林斯先生.Oh,Im sorry.哦,抱歉5.That all right.没有关系6.Hello.Shen Trading Company.喂,沈氏贸易公司7.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Shen please?喂,我想和沈先生讲话好吗?8.Im sorry,but Mr.Shen isnt in right now.May I take a message?抱歉,这会儿沈先生不在,我可以留个口信吗?9.No,that all right.Ill call again later.不,没有关系,我待会儿会再打来.May I have your name,please?请问您尊姓大名?.Yes.Warren.是有,沃伦.How do you spell it?请问怎样拼?.W_a_r_r_e_n.W;A;R;R;E;N.Thank you.Ill tell Mr.Shen you called.谢谢你,我会告诉沈先生你打过电话.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见.Good_bye.再见.Hello.喂18.Hello.Bill?喂,比尔?19.No.Bill isnt here now.不是,现在比尔不在.When do you expect him back?你想他什么时候会回来?1.Im not sure,but hell probably be home bee seven.Shall I have him call you?我不确定,但他可能在7点以前会回家,我让他打电话给你好吗?.Yes,thanks.Tell him to call Tian.My number is _5.是的,谢谢,告诉他请他打电话给田先生,我的电话号码是53.O.K.Ill tell him.好的,我会告诉他的.Imperial Palace Hotel.皇宫饭店5.May I speak to Mr.Brooks,please?我想和布鲁克斯先生讲话好吗?6.Do you know his room number?你知道他的房间号码吗?7.Im sorry,I dont .抱歉,我不知道.Just a moment,please.Ill give you the front desk.请稍等,我帮你转到前台9.Front desk.前台30.May I speak to Mr.Brooks,please?我想和布鲁克斯先生讲话好吗?31.Just a moment,please.Im sorry,but Mr.Brooks checked out yesterday.请稍等,抱歉,布鲁克斯先生昨天已经退房了3.Did he leave a warding address?他留下一站地址了吗?33.No.Im sorry.He didnt.没的,抱歉,他没留.All right.Thank you.没有关系,谢谢你35.Youre welcome.不用谢36.Hello.喂37.Hello.Is this the Yang Doll Company?喂,这是杨氏玩偶公司吗?38.Yes,it is.是的,正是39.Do you have any Hakata dolls?你们有哈卡达玩偶吗?0.Yes,we do.We have a large selection.是的,我们有,我们货色很齐全1.Good.Ill be in to took at some in a day or two.好的我过一两天会来看看.Thank you.Well be waiting you.谢谢你,我们会等你来3.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见.Good_bye.再见5.Hello.喂6.Hello.Is Mr.Murphy there?喂,莫菲先生在吗?7.Yes.This is Mr.Murphy speaking.是的,我就是8.This is Mr.Tian from the A_1 Automobile Agency.这是A;1汽车商行的田先生9.Oh,yes,Mr.Tian.Im interested in buying one of your cars.I wonder if you could give me some inmation.哦,是田先生,我想向你们买辆车你可不可以提供给我一些资料?50.Certainly,It would be difficult to explain our cars over the phone.May I call on you today or tomorrow?当然可以,在电话中说明我们的车子会比较困难,我可以在今天或明天去拜访你吗?51.Well,today is rather inconvenient.Could you come tomorrow at three?嗯,今天较不方便,你在可以明天3点来吗?5.Yes,Id glad to.是的,我很乐意53.Thank you very much.Ill be expecting you,then.非常谢谢你,届时我会恭候大驾的5.Thank you.Ill be there exactly at three.I believe I have your address.谢谢你,我3点整会到,我想我有你的地址55.Fine,Good_bye.好的,再见56.Good_bye.再见57.eign Student Association.留学学生协会58.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Cook?喂,我想和库克先生讲话好吗?59.Who calling,please?请问是谁打来的60.Mr.Wang.王先生61.Just a moment,please.Ill see if Mr.Cook is in.请稍等,我看看库克先生在不在6.Thank you.谢谢你63.Hello.Mr.Russel?喂,罗素先生吗?6.Yes.是的65.This is Harry Luo from Taiwan University.我是从台湾大学来的罗哈利66.Yes?什么事?67.Im calling to ask if I may visit you at your office tomorrow afternoon.我打电话来是要问我可不可以在明天下午去你办公室找你?68.Well,waht do you want to see me about?Perhaps we can take care of it over the phone.嗯,你找我有什么事?或许我们可以在电话中谈69.Our English Speaking Society is having a debating contest on the afternoon of the twenty_sixth.我们英语演讲协会在6日下午有个辩论会,We wonder if youd do us the honor of being one of our judges.我们想是否有这份荣幸请你当我们的裁判70.Im terribly sorry,but Im going to be out of town on the twenty_sixth.我非常抱歉,但我6日要出城去71.Oh,that too bad.Im sorry to have troubled you.哦,那真不巧,很抱歉打扰你了7.That all right.Perhaps some other time.没有关系,或许改天吧!73.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见7.Good_bye.再见75.The Taiwan Book Store.台湾书店76.Hello.Id like to inquire about a book in English.喂,我要查问一本英文书77.Yes,sir.Just a moment.Ill give you the eign book section.是的,先生,请稍等,我帮你转外文书籍部门78.eign book section.Lin speaking.外文书籍部,我姓林79.Id like to inquire about a book.Do you have The Voyage of the Beagle by Darwin?我要查问一本书,你们有达尔文著的《探险号航海记吗?80.Just a moment,please.Ill check.Yes,We have it in a paper_back edition.请稍等,我查查看,是的,我们有平装本81.Can You deliver a copy?你们可不可以送一本来?8.Yes,well be glad to .May I have your address?是的,我们很乐意送去,请问你的地址83.Yes,,Nan_Hi Rd,Taibei.my name is Suliwen.是的,台北市南海路号,我叫苏利文8.Would you mind spelling it?你介意把字拼出来吗?85.Not at all.Suliwen.S_u_l_i_w_e_n.不介意,苏利文86.Thank you,sir.Well deliver it tomorrow.谢谢你,先生,我们明天会送去87.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见88.Good_bye.Thank you calling.再见,谢谢你打电话来89.Hello.喂90.Hello.This is Mr.Yang.may I speak to Miss Bennet,please?喂,我姓杨,我想和宾妮特通话好吗?91.Yes.Just a moment.是的,稍等9.Hello.喂93.Oh,hello,Joan.This is Jim Yang.哦,嗨,琼恩,我是吉姆?杨9.Oh,hello,Jim.It good to hear from you.How have you been?哦嗨,吉姆,真高兴你打电话来,近况如何?95.Fine,thanks.Im calling to ask if youd like to have dinner with me Saturday evening.很好,谢谢,我打电话来是想问你周六晚上能否和我共进晚餐?96.That sounds wonderful,Jim.Id love to .那听起来很好,吉姆,我非常乐意去97.Good.Ill pick up around seven.好的,我7点钟来接你98.All right.Ill be expecting you.好的,我会恭候大驾99.Fine.See you at seven,then.Good_bye.好的,那么7点见,再见0.Bye.再见1.Way way.喂,喂1.Hello.Do you speak English.喂,你会说英文吗?1.Yes.是的1.Is Mr.Rowe there?罗威先生在吗?1.Who?谁?1.Mr.Rowe.罗威先生1.Rowe_Shen_Xin?罗威?沈?新?1.Yes.是的1.Just a moment.Ill call him.稍等,我叫他1.Thank you.谢谢你1.Bill Steak House.比尔牛排馆1.Hello.Id like to make reservation four at Saturday night.喂,我要预约周六晚上四个人的桌位1.Yes,sir.What time can we expect you?是的,先生,你们几点来?1.Around eight.8点左右1.Yes,sir.May I have your name?是的,先生请问尊姓大名?6.Yes,Miller.M_i_l_l_e_r.是的,米勒7.Mr.Miller.米勒先生8.That right.没错9.Thank you calling.谢谢你找电话来0.Not at all.Good_bye.不谢,再见1.Good_bye.再见 65。

第一句:Does this bus get to the Tiger Beach Ocean Park?这趟车到老虎滩海洋公园吗?A: Does this bus get to the Tiger Beach Ocean Park?这趟车到老虎滩海洋公园吗?B: Oh, no. It doesnt go past it.哦,不,不经过老虎滩海洋公园第二句:Will the bus take me to People Square?坐这趟车能到人民广场吗?A: Excuse me. Will the bus take me to People Square?请问坐这趟车能到人民广场吗?B: Yes, get in, madam. Fares, please.能,上车吧,夫人您请买票询问观光所走路线的相关问法还有:Will we stop at the ed Nations Headquarters?我们会在联合国总部停一下吗?Where will we visit on this tour?我们在旅行中将要参观哪儿? 3。