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2019年11月14日 19:24:15 | 作者:周晚报 | 来源:新华社
Kate Middleton#39;s Slip of Tongue Starts Baby Gender RumorsSome say duchess of Cambridge#39;s recent comments reveal the sex of Prince William#39;s child.威廉王子妻子凯特王妃不小心“说漏嘴”,暗示腹中宝宝可能是女孩!一句口误让外界开始猜测她怀的是女儿。她真的泄露了孩子的性别吗?威廉王子办公室拒绝就这一事件回应媒体记者提问。Oh, it is really George, good morning to you. This is, it’s a small, slight slip of the tongue may have been small, but boys are making huge headlines in the papers this morning. Take a look at this one, it says it’s a girl. Well, here’s what happened. At a charity function in Grimsby yesterday, Kate was given a small Teddy bear as a present by a well-wisher. Kate’s smiling away, replied and said thank you, I will keep this for my d… and before she could complete the word, she stopped herself, the well-wisher then asked her, you were going to say daughter. Kate replied insisting, no, I wasn’t. We don’t know yet, and we’re not telling. And this is unprecedented that the sex of a royal baby is revealed before it’s born. Now the palace is not commenting on whether the couple is having a boy or a girl, only confirming to us this morning, e “They’re expecting a baby.” George.Yeah, Alamo, thanks very much. For more, let’s get our royal expert in here, Victoria Arbiter thanks for coming in this morning.Good morning.So is there any doubt?I think there’s a lot of doubt, this is stretch as far as I’m concerned. This crowd was 2,000 strong, they’re been waiting hours to see Kate. It was a lady that was one remove from the lady presenting the Teddy bear. I think if Kate was going to say anything, she was going to give it to her dog…sheThat’s what the twitter, that’s what twitter believes this morning.And then maybe she felt like she was going to offend that person by saying she was going to give it as a chew toy. Exactly, anyone who is a pet owner, their dog is their first baby, and Kate hasn’t had this actual baby yet. So I think she’s a very well-mannered, polite young lady, so I think she stopped herself just in time and I would say neutral….Do you think she knows?I don’t think she knows, we generally don’t find out in the UK, we don’t do baby showers, we don’t do gender reveal parties, William and Kate are very traditional in their approach to everything, so I would be surprised if they had even found out at this point. They was told that Dianna found out she was pregnant, but back in those days, there was huge pressure to have a boy first, so I think she found out just to cut herself an easy break for the rest of pregnancy.And now it doesn’t matter as much.It’s doesn’t matter so much, no, regardless of whether Kate has a boy or a girl, that child will be the rightful heir to the thrown, so Kate can kick back and sit easy.And how about Queen Elizabeth, we saw her in the hospital earlier this week, how’s she?She’s doing very well, very well, yes, she’s at home resting, prince Phillip and Countess of Wessex filled for her in the event at Buckingham Palace last night, we would next see the queen out in about on Monday, she’s doing a series of engagements on behalf of the commonwealth, she’ll be at Westminster Abbey for service, so she’s doing very well.It’s good to hear.Vitoria, thanks very much.Thank you. /201303/229731

Tuesday#39;s National Newspaper Front PagesSky News takes a look at the stories making a splash on the front pages of Tuesday#39;s national newspapers.The financial times to start with the reports that Tesco has been thrown into termoyl after overstating its profits. The guardian views that two billion pounds was wiped off the value of Britain#39;s biggest retailer and that four senior executives have been suspended. The daily mail argues that Tesco#39;s facing the worst crisis in its 95 year history after claims that directors cooked the books. Independent claims the company seized the laptops of the suspended employees and considered that more money may be involved. Meanwhile the daily telegraph with Cameritons put English home rule at the heart of the tory#39;s election manifesto. The daily express lay on UK putting a promise to abolished inheritance tax before voters in May next year. The times says atmolibanto tax mansions was more than two million pounds to fund NHS. The metro has the case of graphic designer who try to kill her manipulated mom by laisting her drink with poison and so emulating a TV plot line accords been told. The Sun says the love sick woman into field with the physical drink because she was inspired by the plot of breaking bad. And the daily star highlights a th to the private see of the actress Emma. /201409/332484

Avoid snubbing the hosts and the couple by turning down the invite with class.有礼貌地回绝婚礼邀请,可以避免怠慢主人和新郎新娘。You Will Need你需要RSVP card“请速回复”卡片Handwritten note手写便条Formal declination正式回绝Courtesy call有礼貌地打电话Gift礼物Steps步骤Step 1 Fill out the RSVP card1.填写“请速回复”卡片Fill out the response card that came with the wedding invitation. If the invitation is addressed to two people and neither can go, write ;two; on the ;decline with regret; line.填写附在婚礼请柬上的“请速回复”卡片。如果邀请的是你们两个人,而两人都不能前往,在“很遗憾地回绝”一栏填写“两人”。Step 2 Include a note2.写便条Smooth hurt feelings by including a handwritten note on the response card or a sheet of stationery. Be brief and honest about your reason for not attending -- or simply congratulate the couple and say you have a conflicting commitment.随回复卡写一张手写的便条或信笺,安抚对方受伤的心灵。真诚简洁地说明不能参加的理由——或者简单地恭喜新郎新娘,说明一下你的其他活动和婚礼有冲突。Reply that you are responsible for someone, such as a house guest or child, if that is why you cannot attend -- your host then has the option to invite them.说明你要照顾或陪同某人,例如客人或孩子,如果这是你不能参加婚礼的原因的话——主人或许会考虑邀请他们一同前往。Step 3 Send a formal declination3.寄送正式回绝书Write a formal declination if you lose the response card. Use wording similar to the wording on the invitation. Say that you regretfully decline their kind invitation on that date to the wedding of the couple.如果你丢失了回复卡,书写正式的回绝书信。使用和请柬上风格类似的语言。表明很遗憾地不能在当天参加两人的婚礼。Step 4 Drop it in the mail4.邮寄Send your regrets to whomever the response envelope is addressed. If there is no response envelope, mail your regrets to whomever the invitation cites as the wedding#39;s host.将道歉信寄给回复信封上的地址。如果没有回复信封,寄送给请柬上的主人。Step 5 Call hosts if changing mind5.如果改变主意,打电话Don#39;t respond ;yes; lightly -- the hosts will not look kindly on paying for a no-show. Have the courtesy of calling your hosts immediately if you must change your ;yes; to a ;no.;不要轻易答复“一定赴宴”——如果你答应了而没有出现,主人还是要付钱,他们就不会那么友好了。如果你原本打算参加,但是后来不能去了,立即打电话告知主人。Step 6 Consider a gift6.考虑礼物Consider sending a gift to the couple even if you can#39;t attend the wedding. After all, they invited you to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives -- you should reciprocate the kindness.即使你不能参加婚礼,也可以考虑送给新婚夫妇一件礼物。毕竟,他们邀请你见他们人生中最重要的一天,你应该感谢他们的盛情。The 2004 wedding of billionaire steel magnate Vanisha Mittal featured over 1,000 guests and cost an estimated million.2004年,钢铁大王之女拉克希米米塔尔(Vanisha Mittal)的婚礼邀请了1,000多名宾客,花费了大约6000万美元。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/228649

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