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The intent of the healthy kids act is to compliment这个健康儿童法案的意图是要配合the local school wellness policy.Before I said当地学校的健康政策,之前我说过the child nutrition reauthorization act enforced school儿童营养修订法案命令学校to make a wellness policy but didn#39;t specify any制定自己的健康政策,却并没有具体规定任何standards.This is where Iowa#39;s healthy kids act标准,这正是爱荷华州的健康儿童法案弥补的began.And other states have passed similar laws.地方,另一个州也已经通过了类似法案The child nutrition reauthorization act is up for儿童营养修订法案已经准备再次revision.It has been proposed that schools with进行修订了,有提议说健康政策a good wellness policy in place may receive a 6制定得好的学校可以得到每餐饭6美分的cent per meal incentive.We may also see a激励,我们也将会见到为竞争性食品national standard set for competitive foods.设立的国家标准If a national standard was set it would take如果一套国家标准得以设立的话,它将会precedence over Iowa#39;s healthy kids act.But for now高于爱荷华州的健康儿童法案,但就目前而言our state#39;s healthy kids act is the only standard for我们州的健康儿童法案还是我们必须遵行的competitive foods we have to follow.The healthy针对竞争性食品的唯一标准,健康儿童法案kids act has set a standard for multiple areas of已经为多个健康领域设立了标准wellness which are to establish rules for minutes将会为学生每日或每周体育of physical activity on a daily or weekly basis运动的时间(分钟)做出规定for students, establish rules for nutrition standards为学生在校期间校园内为其提供的for food and beverages sold or provided on食品和饮料的营养标准the school grounds during the school day.做出规定This includes a la carte, vending and regulated这包括按菜单点的食物,贩卖的和经过规范的fundraising items. These recommendations do not募资食品,这些推荐食品并不适用于apply to the school lunch program. The healthy kids学校午餐计划,健康儿童法案act also requires every student to complete a course也要求每一位学生完成一门课程的学习that leads to certification in CPR and requires area来得到CPR(心脏复苏术)的明,并要求education agencies to contract with one or more地区教育机构与至少一名具有资质的营养学家licensed dieticians.Iowa#39;s healthy kids act sets签订合同,爱荷华州的健康儿童法案为nutrition standards for a la carte, vending and按单点菜,贩卖的和经规范的募资食品regulated fundraising items.As you can see订立了营养标准,你可以看到in the chart there are specific limits for calories在这幅图中对卡路里和钠有着非常明确的and sodium.Saturated fat can be no more than限定,饱和脂肪不可以超过卡路里的ten percent of calories.Trans-fat cannot exceed百分之十,反式脂肪每餐不可以超过point 5 grams per serving.Total fat can make up0.5克,总脂肪所占百分比不可以超过no more than 35 percent of total calories.总共卡路里的35%Sugar cannot contribute any more than 35 percent糖不可以超过总共卡路里的of total calories.Fifty percent of grains offered 35%提供的谷物中有50%must be whole grain.Milk can be low or non-fat,必须是全谷类,牛奶可以是低脂或脱脂的regular or flavored.Milk can#39;t contain any普通奶或者调味奶,牛奶不可以含任何non-nutritive sweeteners.And as you can see非营养性的甜味剂,你也看到了the sugar content allowed in milk will gradually对牛奶中允许的糖类物质的要求在今后几年become more strict in the years to come.将逐渐变得越来越严格Fruit juice is allowed but must be 100 percent juice果汁是允许的,但必须是100%的果汁and not contain any sweeteners.Water can#39;t have不可以含任何的甜味剂,水中也不可以添加any added non-nutritive sweeteners.Sports drinks,任何非营养性的甜味剂,运动型饮料flavored water and caffeinated beverages are not调味水和咖啡因汽水在小学生的to be made available to elementary students during在校时间里是不允许出现的the school day while soda and carbonated beverages苏打和碳酸汽水在任何学生are not to be made available to any students during在校时间里都是不允许出现的the school day.Schools participating in the参与国际学校午餐计划的national school lunch program must comply学校必须严格执行with specific nutrition standards.District 具体的营养标准,地区菜单制定者planners are encouraged to work toward the 2005也要参照2005年美国人膳食指南dietary guidelines for Americans.But current来进行制定,然而,目前我们的recommendations are still based on the 1995 dietary推荐仍然是以1995年的美国人膳食指南guidelines for Americans which lack some of作为基础的,这就遗漏了一些the updated information about trans-fat, sugar and须要进行更新的信息,比如关于反式脂肪,糖sodium that has since been made available on the和钠的信息,这些在2005年版的指南上2005 guidelines.It is surprising that是可以找到的,有些令人奇怪the recommendations for school meals is still对学校餐饮的推荐在15年后的今天仍然based off of the 1995 guidelines 15 years later.是基于当时1995年的指南的 Article/201504/369028

And after a while a pattern emerged.久而久之,人们就归纳出一个模式If you observe sun spots over several years,若连续观察太阳黑子好几年they come and go with an about an eleven year cycle.会发现它们约每隔11年会周期性地出现和消失From solar minimum where there can be no spots at all从连续数周或数月on the sun for weeks or months at a time,完全没有黑子的太阳活动极小期to at maximum where you can have a hundred spots visible到表面出现好几百个太阳黑子的太阳活动极大期on the surface of the sun,and then they decline again,接下来是为期约六年的衰退usually over about six years or so,to, back to minimum.直至进入太阳活动极小期为止Until recently no-one knew what was driving the solar cycle.我们到最近才得知太阳周期的原理Or where sun spots came from.及太阳黑子的由来But people had always suspected that the scars on the suns surface但人们早就怀疑太阳表面的瘢疤had an effect on the Earth.会影响地球But no-one could quite put their finger on what it was.只是说不出所以然来It has been correlated with all kinds of different things,人们认为太阳黑子与很多事情有关系er the price of wheat,the thickness of fur on animals,如谷物的价格,动物皮毛的厚度等I#39;m inundated with it every day.我每天都会收到大量讯息I got a guy that comes to my website to try and predict the,有个人上我的网站,为的就是用太阳黑子的位置the stock market from the daily sunspot areas.预测股市走向You know, #39;oh, you didn#39;t post them today, I gotta know!#39;他会说“你今天怎么没公布?我一定要知道”So, are you making money or what,I want some if you are.你究竟有没有赚到钱?有的话,我可是要分红的One effect sun spots do have on the earth is on the climate.我们可以确定的是,太阳黑子会影响地球气候But it is a subtle effect.但是影响并不明显Its greatest impact was其最大的冲击only noticed 3 hundred years after the event.在事发三百年后才被发现It was discovered in Greenwich by the astronomer Robert Maunder发现这件事的是天文学家罗伯蒙德who was studying the hundreds of years of sunspot records当时他在格林威治的皇家天文台held at the Royal Observatory.研究数百年来的太阳黑子纪录And in the late part of the 19th century he er他在十九世纪下半became particularly interested in the sunspots.开始对太阳黑子产生浓厚兴趣He discovered that there had been this peculiar effect他发现在十七和十八世纪下半in the second half of the 17th and the 18th centuries发生了奇怪的现象when the sunspot numbers diminished to a real,太阳黑子的数目减少really a fraction of what they are today.至今日的一小部分And he described this as the Maunder minimum.他将之称为“蒙德极小期”For seventy years,from 1645-1715 sunspots disappeared.从1645年到1715年,太阳黑子消失了70年It was as if the engine that drives the solar cycle had stopped.推动太阳周期的引擎仿佛熄火了And it correlated almost exactly with the last period北半球也在这段期间of prolonged cold to strike the Northern hemisphere.进入了漫长的寒冷期They call it the Little Ice Age.这就是“小冰河期”What#39;s interesting about a period like the little ice age is小冰河期有意思的地方是that you don#39;t necessarily see a very large dip in temperatures,温度并没有大幅降低but nonetheless even a degree or two不过尽管只降低了一、两度is enough to see some really quite dramatic effects,仍然产生了明显的结果like pack ice advancing south from the north pole,如北极的浮冰向南方延伸like the Viking colonies in Greenland being wiped out格陵兰的维京人聚落消失by the changing climate and the population随着变化的气候of Iceland falling by half.冰岛人口锐减五成Now in Britain the weather was cold enough英国也很冷that the Thames would regularly freeze in winter以至于泰晤士河在冬天会结冰and one of the classic depictions of life当时生活的最好写照at the time is Frost Fairs,就是冰霜市集when the population would hold a fair on the frozen river.人们会在冰冻河面上举行市集So things really must have been a lot harsher可见当时的气候绝对比现在than they are today.严酷得多 Article/201504/368785

Given to expectant mothers在19世纪50年代with morning sickness in the late 1950s,反应停用于缓解准妈妈们的晨吐问题it was not long before its devastating side effect became clear.但不久后其毁灭性的副作用便显现出来It was withdrawn in 1961它于1961年撤出市场and brought with it new trials procedures而且由此诞生了新的审判程序that were supposed to prevent anything like it happening again.以期防止这样的悲剧再次发生But they haven#39;t.然而 事情并未如人愿There are warnings that有迹象显示a drug used worldwide by millions of people一种被全球几百万人使用的with arthritis could治疗关节炎的药物有可能increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.增加心脏病和中风的发病几率Doctors have been told to stop prescribing一种广泛用于肥胖症治疗的药物a drug commonly used in the battle against obesity.其处方已经被叫停The benefits no longer outweigh the considerable risks.其潜在风险已超过药效In the last five years, in the UK alone,过去的五年里 仅在英国eight drugs have been就有八种药物withdrawn from the market by the regulators.被监管机构撤出市场The anti-obesity drug, Rimonabant,抗肥胖药物 利莫那班was banned because it could cause suicide.由于引起自杀倾向而被禁用Vioxx, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and menstrual pain,万络曾用来治疗类风湿性关节炎和痛经was withdrawn after it caused 140,000在五年内引发14万人心脏病发作heart attacks in five years.而后被撤出市场 Article/201502/360942

His voice and his expressions and his.他的歌声 表情与他的...charisma start taking these songs over.魅力驾驭了这些歌曲like, if smokey felt like he did his song若史基觉得由他唱and more people like the way Michael did it than him,或是更多人认为迈克尔的诠释比他还好that#39;s because he did that with all of his songs at that time.那也是因为他对每首歌都是这么投入No matter who it was, the O#39;Jays, the Dells,不管是谁的歌 欧杰斯 戴尔斯the Whispers or the Beatles,呢喃乐团或是披头士we wanted to be the best.我们都想唱到最好And that#39;s what we were striving for.那是我们的目标Berry Gordy did not like the stuff that Bobby Taylor was recording on them.贝瑞·戈迪不喜欢当时鲍比·泰勒为他们录制的曲子l wanted to do the boys a certain way, but he wanted me to do #39;em his way.我想要某种定位 但他对他们的想法不同And l says, #39;l can#39;t do #39;em the way you want me to do #39;em.我说 我没办法照你的想法去定位他们#39;l must have my own head. #39;我必须要遵从自己的想法so he says, ;Okay, We#39;re going back to Detroit.;他回我 好 那你回底特律吧Then he took over.然后他自己接手Berry Gordy, in turn, put his crew together.贝瑞·戈迪自己招集了人马The Corporation was established to bring fresh new material成立了企业 好寻找新鲜的题材to the Jackson 5.加诸在杰克逊五人组上Youthful material.有青春活力的东西l think he probably felt that Bobby Taylor would我想他应该是觉得鲍比·泰勒give them more adult material and forget that they were children.替他们收的歌都太老成了 忘了他们还是孩子He saw gazillions, right?他看到了金矿 对吗?Then he took over.然后自己接收Bobby Taylor did never get the recognition he should have gotten鲍比·泰勒一直没有得到 他培养他们for working with them,该得到的报偿from the group or the public.不论是从团体本身或是大众 Article/201509/396912

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