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广州白云最好的妇科病医院梅州妇幼保健院治不孕5 申请休假3句英文任你选Id like to talk to you about my vacation.我想同你谈谈我的假期。Ive been busy with work for a long time and need rest.我忙了好长一段时间,需要休息一下。Im planning to have three weeks leave in January and I want to use my vacation days for this year.我正计划在一月份休假三个星期,而且我想用我今年的年休假。半个句型要记牢be busy with sth. (忙于……)Tip: be busy with sth.相当于 be busy (in) doing sth. ,介词 in可以省略。因此,例句可改为Ive been busy working for a long time and need rest. /201508/392929广州白云医院人流价钱 This is the first in a two-part Business English Pod series on the work of administrative assistants. We’ll be looking at vocabulary and collocations related to office duties and daily routines.这是2节英语商务播客中的第1节,将学习到行政助理。我们将看下与电脑责任和日常例行公事有关的词汇和搭配。Before we start, let’s talk a bit about collocations. Collocations are groups of words that are commonly used together. Native speakers are so used to using them, they know what sounds “right” and what sounds “wrong.” For example, in English the phrase “go online” is a natural way to refer to using the internet. But it wouldn’t be natural to say something like “proceed online” or “travel online”, even though “proceed” and “travel” are other ways to express “go.” You’ll hear lots of collocations related to office life in today’s dialog. Listen out for them and we’ll explain what they mean and how to use them in the debrief. 在开始前,我们先来说下 搭配,搭配就是能使用在一起的许多词。母语的说话人已经习惯使用搭配了,他们知道如何用是对的,如何用是错的,比如在英语短语“go online”就是使用网络的一种自然表达法。但是即使proceed” 和“travel” 都能表示go的意思,“proceed online”和“travel online”也不是很自然的说法。在今天的对话中,你会听到许多鱼办公室生活相关的许多搭配。要仔细听,我们会解释他们的意思和用法。Now, on to the role of an administrative assistant. The job title of “administrative assistant”, or “admin assistant” for short, can cover quite a broad range of responsibilities. Admin assistants typically spend a lot of time handling data – whether it’s timesheets recording the working hours of other employees, or rosters used for scheduling meeting rooms. Much of what they do involves making sure that other employees are working as efficiently as possible.现在,看下行政助理的角色。“administrative assistant”简称为“admin assistant”,会涉及很多职责。行政助理会花很多时间来处理数据——无论是用来记录员工工作时间的时间表还是开会人员的花名册。很多工作都要确保其他员工能有效率地工作。In this episode we’ll talk with Christina, who works as an admin assistant in the human resources department of an auto parts manufacturer. Christina’s going to tell us about some of the responsibilities of her position.在这节课中,我们会和一家汽车制造厂人力资源部门的行政助理Christina谈谈。 Christina会告诉我们她职位的一些职责。Listening Questions1. What is Christina’s first task every day?2. How many employees are on the sales team?3. When is the deadline for personal leave day requests? /201103/128145to be on the market 上市销售英文释义 To be available for purchase by customers例句 The new car is being manufactured currently and will be on the market within a few weeks.新车目前正在生产,几周内就将上市销售。 /201209/197581广州怎样治疗滴虫阴道炎

广州天河做人流哪里便宜广州长安医院妇科检查 职场社交英语 Lesson 3:你是怎么算薪水的?SCENE① C Zina: How do you get paid? 1) If you don't mind my asking.吉娜: 你是怎么算薪水的?若你不介意我问的话。 Dave: Not cash. But if our 2) launch goes well, my stock options will pay off, big time.戴夫: 不是现金。但要是我们上市的情况很好,我的股票期权可就值大钱了。 Zina: And in the meantime, how do you pay the rent?吉娜: 那这段期间你要怎么付房租?Dave: I don't have to worry about rent. I live right here.戴夫: 我不用担心房租。我就住在这里。Zina: What? In your cubicle?吉娜: 什么?在你的隔间里? Dave: Right here. Me and my PC. Home sweet home.戴夫: 就在这。我和我的个人电脑。甜蜜的家庭。 语言详解A: We're launched a new website. 我们推出了一个新网站。B: That's great. What's the address? 太棒了。网址是什么?【big time 超级,非常】big time是在口语中常常可以听到的短语,用来强调句中程度的高,意即“超级,非常”,可以当做副词用:A:I need to go to the bathroom, big time! 我得要上厕所,超急的!B:There's a toilet over there. Why don't you go? 那里就有厕所。你为什么不去? 也可以当做形容词,写做big-time:A:She is a big-time movie producer! 她是个大牌的电影制片!B:Really? Why haven't I heard of her before then? 真的?那怎么我以前从没听说过她?1) If you don't mind my asking. 若你不介意我问起的话。这是客气的询问句。要注意的是,mind 的后面要接动名词;而若提到是谁问的,则要用所有格。2) launch (n., v.) 事业登场,投入市场 /200602/4219广东人民医院网上预约挂号

广州治疗石女公立医院 under the cover of darkness ------- 在夜幕的掩护下(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) Describing something done secretly at night.例句 Last night a group of thieves broke into our factory under the cover of darkness and stole a lot of valuable equipment.昨天晚上,一群窃贼在夜幕的掩护下溜进了我们的工厂,偷走了大量的贵重设备。 /201503/362804广东省广州市长安医院女人结扎复通多少钱广州天河不孕专科



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