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In Nigeria, there is a hashtag doing the rounds: #BringBack-Corruption. A tongue-in-cheek repudiation of the anti-corruption drive being spearheaded by President Muhammadu Buhari, the campaign nevertheless reflects real anger at rising hardship. 在尼日利亚,有一个正在迅速流传的话题标签还我腐败#(#BringBack-Corruption)。这是对尼日利亚总统穆罕默杜#8226;布哈Muhammadu Buhari)发起的反腐行动的戏谑的批评,尽管如此,这一批评的确反映出他们对尼日利亚日益加剧的困境的真切愤怒Never mind that the main culprit of Nigeria’s woes is the price of oil: at a barrel, a big comedown for a mono-commodity state whose cronies, schemers and skimmers have grown accustomed to the 0-a-barrel lifestyle. Not a few Nigerians, even those too poor and too removed from power to leech off the petro-economy, are blaming Mr Buhari’s war on graft for their misfortune. 没有人在意的是,造成尼日利亚困境的罪魁祸首其实是油价:现在的油价是每0美元,这让这个依赖单一大宗商品的国家非常落魄(这个国家的当权者的亲信、阴谋家和揩油者已经习惯了油价处于每桶100美元时的生活方式)。相当多的尼日利亚人,甚至是那些极度贫困、极度无权无势以至于无法从石油经济中捞油水的人,都指责布哈里的反腐斗争导致了他们的困境“With corruption a bag of pure water was N80. Without corruption a bag of pure water is N150 #BringBack-Corruption goes a typical refrain. Another highlights one company’s efforts to wring more profit from a shrivelling market. “Titus Sardine started with 4 fishes, it reduced to 3. Now it’s 2. In years to come, you’ll open Sardine and see ‘Try Again, No fish this time#BringBackCorruption.“有腐败的时候一袋纯净水要80奈拉。没有腐败的时候一袋纯净水要150奈拉#还我腐败#”,这是一条具有代表性的抱怨。另一条抱怨表明一家公司从萎缩的市场中挤出多一点利润的尝试。“Titus牌沙丁鱼罐头最开始一罐里头有4条鱼,然后减少到条。现在有2条。未来几年,你打开沙丁鱼罐头以后会看到‘再试一次,这次没有鱼#还我腐败#”Mr Buhari has indeed made the pursuit of corruption, along with the fight against Boko Haram terrorists, his biggest priority, though the link with rising prices or diminishing fish portions is not entirely obvious. Despite there being little if any direct correlation, many say that a whole system once lubricated by under-the-table money has simply seized up. 布哈里的确将打击腐败和科哈拉姆(Boko Haram)恐怖分子放在了首位——尽管这和物价上升或者鱼肉份量减少之间的联系并不明显。直接联系即使有的话,也很微弱,但许多人说,整个曾经靠台面下资金的润滑得以运转的体制如今已经停止运作Mr Buhari, a retired general, ran the country in the early 1980s after seizing power the old-fashioned way in a military coup. He also railed against the endemic corruption that made Nigeria notorious, even in Africa. Whatever traction he gained during two years of military rule was quickly lost. Levels of state theft reached vertiginous heights under subsequent leaders. 退役将军布哈里曾在上世0年代初治理过这个国家,当时他是通过一种老派的方式——军事政变上台的。那一次他也曾怒斥尼日利亚猖獗的腐败,该国的腐败即便在非洲也是臭名昭著的。布哈里在那为期两年的军事统治中取得的任何成果后来很快都消失了。在后来数任领导人的统治下,盗窃国家财产的猖獗程度达到令人发指的水平Now, after his surprise win in last year’s election, Mr Buhari is having another go. Under his direction, state prosecutors have gone after several high-ranking members of the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan, though the former president, who had the grace to quit office when electors booted him out, is assumed to be safe from prosecution. 去年意外在选举中获胜的布哈里正在进行又一次尝试。在他的指令下,尼日利亚检方已经起诉了前总统古德勒克#8226;乔纳Goodluck Jonathan)领导的上一届政府中的多名高官,尽管乔纳森本人应该会被免于起诉(他在被选民投下台时爽快地让出了位置)Results have been mixed. The trial of Sambo Dasuki, a former national security adviser, has run into trouble over alleged procedural irregularities, blamed by some on Mr Buhari’s military instincts and his impatience with the niceties of the law. Mr Dasuki is accused of helping to “divertabout .1bn meant to have been deployed in fighting Boko Haram. 结果好坏参半。对前国家安全顾问桑#8226;达苏Sambo Dasuki)的审判因为涉嫌程序失当而遇到了麻烦,一些人将其归咎于布哈里的军人本能和他对法律细节的不耐烦。达苏基被指控帮助他人“挪用”本应用于打击科哈拉姆分子的约21亿美元的拨款Recent attacks on power stations and oil and gas pipelines have been blamed on saboteurs angered by Mr Buhari’s crackdown on nefarious activities. As lights flicker off and private generators cough into action, some Nigerians have taken to muttering: “When you fight corruption, corruption fights back.最近针对发电厂和油气管道的袭击,被认为是布哈里打击犯罪活动激起的蓄意破坏。一盏盏灯忽闪着熄灭,私人发电机轰隆隆地运转起来,一些尼日利亚人禁不住嘟囔:“你打击腐败,腐败也在还击。Champagne importers and car dealers, too, are complaining that officials are not spending like they used to. “There’s not enough money flowing around because everything was being financed by corruption,says Mohammed Garuba, head of asset management at CardinalStone, a Lagos-based financial institution. 香槟进口商和汽车经销商也抱怨官员们出手不如过去阔绰了。“流转的资金不足,因为一切都是靠腐败来提供资金的,”位于拉各斯(Lagos)的金融机构CardinalStone的资产管理主管穆罕默#8226;加鲁Mohammed Garuba)说Mr Buhari’s drive is laudable. It is, however, unlikely to work. He is right to end the culture of impunity by going after big offenders. But unless he can tackle the underlying causes of corruption, the victims of his campaign will be seen as arbitrary and his victories fleeting. 布哈里的反腐行动值得赞誉,然而却不太可能奏效。他为了终结犯罪者不受惩处的氛围去追究重大犯罪者的责任,这样做是正确的。但除非他能够解决腐败的病根,否则人们就会认为他的反腐行动是想针对谁就针对谁,他的胜利也将是昙花一现So what are the causes? Central are the opportunities presented to a parasitic coterie of middlemen, gatekeepers, rationers, arbitrageurs, licensers and fixers. They trade in scarcity, much of it of their own devising. They can get you anything, from business permits to oil blocks if the price is right. In such a rentier system, the disincentives to actually make anything are huge. Mr Buhari has complained with only mild exaggeration that Nigeria cannot even produce toothpicks. 那么病根有哪些呢?核心问题是,由中间人、看门人、配给者、套利者、许可发放者和代人疏通者组成的寄生阶层有空子可钻。他们把“稀缺性”当生意来做,这种稀缺性大部分又是他们自己设计出来的。他们能为你搞到任何东西,从经营许可到石油区块——只要你出合适的价钱。在这样一个食利者体制中,做任何实业的障碍都是巨大的。布哈里曾经抱怨尼日利亚连牙签都造不出来——这话并不算十分夸张To tackle the root cause of corruption, Nigeria needs to purge rent-seeking opportunities. Nowhere are these more evident than in the oil industry. Nigeria is the largest petroleum producer in Africa. Its output of 2m barrels a day is controlled by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, a many-tentacled entity which and you can almost see the flashing red warning sign both regulates and participates in the oil business. The NNPC dabbles in exploration, distribution and refining, though the latter mostly consists of exporting raw crude and importing refined products at scandalous prices. 要解决腐败的病根,尼日利亚需要清除寻租的机会。这一点在石油行业再明显不过。尼日利亚是非洲最大的石油生产囀?该00万桶原油的日产量控制在尼日利亚国家石油公NNPC)的手中。该公司业务范围很广。它既是石油行业的监管者,也是石油行业的参与者(你几乎都能看见红色的警示灯在闪烁)。尼日利亚国家石油公司涉足开采、分销和精炼,尽管所谓的“精炼”基本就是出口原油,然后以令人发指的价格进口精炼石油产品The NNPC is a case study in how to sacrifice national interest to personal gain. The auditor-general recently found that it had failed to remit bn to the Treasury in 2014 alone. Amazingly, in oil-abundant Nigeria, most people have no electricity. One does not have to be a market fundamentalist to conclude that the NNPC needs shrinking to as small a size as possible, where zero is the optimal number. 尼日利亚国家石油公司堪称如何牺牲国家利益中饱私囊的典型案例。尼总审计长最近发现,014年一年,该公司没有上交给财政部的资金就达60亿美元。惊人的是,在石油资源丰富的尼日利亚,大多人还用不上电。一个人不必是市场原教旨主义者就能得出结论,尼日利亚国家石油公司应该尽可能削减规模,最好是彻底消失Few doubt Mr Buhari’s sincerity in taking on corruption. Yet punishing individual wrongdoers will not be enough. Unless he can devise coherent strategies to squeeze graft from the system, it will return with a vengeance once he has gone. Then the advocates of #BringBackCorruption will have got their way. It will, though, be a cause for anything but celebration. 很少有人质疑布哈里打击腐败的诚意。然而,惩罚单个的违法分子是不够的。除非他能够设计出连贯的策略将腐败从体制中彻底铲除,否则一旦他离开,腐败就会以变本加厉之势卷土重来。那时候还我腐败#的人就如愿了。然而,这唯独不值得庆祝。来 /201604/439688




  On 21 September 2016, The Globe and Mail published an article of Premier Li Keqiang. The full text of the article is as follows.91日,即将访问加拿大的中国国务院总理李克强在加拿大英文媒体《环球邮报》发表署名文章,全文如下:A time to nurture cooperation让中加友好合作结出更多硕果Premier of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China中华人民共和国国务院总理 李克强I am delighted to be coming to Canada, the beautiful land of maples. 我即将访问美丽的枫叶之国加拿大。Earlier this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a visit to China, during which the two sides reached extensive common understanding on the development of China-Canada relations. 不久前,特鲁多总理到访中国,双方就中加关系发展达成很多共识。My visit to Canada at a short interval of three weeks is to inaugurate the new annual dialogue between our heads of government and further promote mutual understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries to secure fresh progress for the China-Canada strategic partnership.时隔3个星期,我应邀访问加拿大,进行两国总理首次年度对话,目的是进一步增进中加相互了解,扩大互利合作,推动中加战略伙伴关系持续向前发展。As an ancient poem goes, distance cannot divide true friends who feel close even when thousands of miles apart. 相知无远近,万里尚为邻。Though separated by the vast Pacific Ocean, our two peoples enjoy a deep bond of amity and goodwill. 中加两国虽隔着宽广的太平洋,但两国人民心理距离很近,彼此充满友好和亲切感。As early as the latter half of the 19th century, tens of thousands of Chinese workers came to Canada to help build the Canadian Pacific Railway, which linked up the country’s east and west and contributed to Canada’s economic and social development. 早在19世纪中后期,数以万计的华工参加修筑加拿大太平洋铁路,为贯通加拿大东西大动脉、促进经济社会发展作出了贡献。In the 1930s, Norman Bethune, a Canadian doctor, devoted himself to the Chinese people’s struggle against Japanese aggression and made the ultimate sacrifice. 上世0年代,白求恩大夫积极投身中国人民抗日战争事业,献出了宝贵生命。In the 1970s, defying all odds, the older generation of Chinese and Canadian leaders made the bold and visionary decision to open the door of relations between our countries, making Canada one of the first Western countries to establish diplomatic ties with New China. 70年代,两国老一辈政治家以非凡的勇气和远见卓识,冲破重重阻力,开启了中加关系的大门,加拿大成为最早同新中国建交的西方国家之一。All these episodes remain fresh in the memory of many Chinese and Canadians.这些都已成为两国人民口口相传的佳话。Recent years have seen more such handshakes across the Pacific. 近年来,中加跨越太平洋的握手更加有力。We decided to set up an annual dialogue between the Premier of China and the Prime Minister of Canada, which will make policy communication between us more timely and effective. 双方建立了总理年度对话机制,政策沟通交流更加及时、高效。China is Canada’s second largest trading partner. 中国是加拿大第二大贸易伙伴。Bucking the trend of steep decline in global trade, China-Canada trade continued to rise last year. 在全球贸易额大幅下降的背景下,去年两国贸易额逆势增长。Two-way investment has been booming, evidenced by a 126% increase in the investment by Chinese companies in Canada last year. 双向投资蓬勃发展,去年中国企业对加投资增26%。Our people-to-people exchanges are also growing. Each week 90 or so flights crisscross between us, making possible more than 1.3 million visits between us last year.两国人文交流日益频繁,目前每周约0个航班穿梭于中加之间,去年人员往来超30万人次。China-Canada relations enjoy a solid foundation and bright prospects. 中加关系发展具有良好的基础和光明的前景。There is neither past grievances nor foreseeable major conflicts of interests between us. 两国既没有历史问题纠葛,也没有重大现实利害冲突。Our economies, which are at different stages of development, are highly complementary, making us natural partners of cooperation. 两国处于不同的发展阶段,经济互补性很强,是天然的合作伙伴。We both uphold multilateralism and cultural diversity, and are active players and contributors in the international system. 两国都奉行多边主义,主张维护文明多样性,都是国际体系的积极参与者和建设者。In the context of the sluggish world economic recovery, our countries face greater challenges in economic development and business cooperation, yet our converging interests and mutual need have also grown stronger. 当前,世界经济复苏艰难曲折,两国经济发展和经贸合作都面临新的挑战,双方的共同利益在增加,相互需求也在增加。It remains in the fundamental interests of both countries to expand multi-dimensional and high-quality cooperation.拓展中加全方位、高水平合作,符合双方的根本利益。Mutual trust is the cornerstone of friendly relations and cooperation between China and Canada. 政治互信是中加友好合作的基石。We appreciate the pro-active approach taken by the new Canadian government toward developing relations with China. We are y to work with Canada to cultivate a healthy, stable and future-oriented strategic partnership in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and win-win cooperation. 中方赞赏加拿大新政府积极致力于发展对华关系,愿同加方着眼长远,本着相互尊重、平等相待、合作共赢的精神,发展长期健康稳定的战略伙伴关系。We will step up communication and coordination with Canada at the UN, G20, APEC and other fora to send a positive signal of China and Canada working together to promote world peace and stability, and contribute our share to the recovery of the world economy. 中方愿同加方在联合国、二十国集团、亚太经合组织等框架内加强沟通协调,向国际社会发出共同维护和平与稳定的积极信号,为推动世界经济复苏贡献力量。The two sides should respect each other’s concerns on issues of vital interests and the right to independently choose the path of development and overcome distractions to make sure that the ship of China-Canada relations power ahead on the right course.双方应尊重彼此重大利益关切和自主选择发展道路的权利,排除各种干扰,使中加关系这艘巨轮在正确的航道上破浪前行。Economic cooperation and trade is the driving force of China-Canada relations. 经贸合作是中加友好合作的动力。Currently, China-Canada trade only accounts for 1.4% of China’s total foreign trade and 8.1% of that of Canada. Canadian investment in China takes up less than 1% of all foreign investment in China, and Chinese investment in Canada is a mere 2.7% of total foreign investment in Canada. This spells out a tremendous potential to develop our trade and economic cooperation.目前,中加贸易规模仅占中国外贸总额.4%、加拿大外贸总额.1%,加拿大对华投资占中国吸收外资总额的比重不%,中国对加投资占加拿大吸收外资总额的比重也只有2.7%,双方经贸合作潜力巨大。China is willing to open its markets wider and further increase imports of high-quality agricultural and hi-tech products from Canada. 中方愿意扩大市场开放,进一步增加加拿大优质农产品、高科技产品进口。We hope the feasibility study on a China-Canada free trade area can be launched expeditiously to lay the institutional foundation for liberalized trade between the two countries. 中方希望尽早启动中加自贸区可行性研究,为双边贸易自由化奠定制度基础。We welcome Canadian companies to make investments and do business in China to share the opportunities that come with China’s economic growth. 中方欢迎加拿大的企业来中国投资兴业,分享中国经济发展机遇。We encourage competent Chinese companies to invest in Canada to help drive the local economy and create more jobs. 我们鼓励有实力的企业赴加投资,拉动当地经济发展,创造更多就业机会。It is hoped that the Canadian side will view economic relations and trade with China in an objective and rational way and work to nurture a sound policy environment and favorable public opinion for such cooperation.也希望加方客观理性看待中加经贸关系,为双边经贸合作营造良好的政策环境和舆论环境。People-to-people exchanges are a powerful catalyst for China-Canada friendly cooperation. 人文交流是中加友好合作的桥梁。Amity between the people holds the key to state-to-state relations. 国之交在民相亲、心相通。In recent years, people-to-people and cultural exchanges have increased between our countries, deepening the bond of friendship between our peoples. 近年来,两国人文交流日益加强,人民之间的友谊不断加深。Canada has become a key destination for Chinese tourists and students, with the number of Chinese students studying in Canada reaching more than 150,000. 加拿大已成为中国人旅游和留学的重要目的地,中国在加拿大留学生已超5万人。Chinese language and culture are getting popular with Canadians and more and more young Canadians take to Chinese calligraphy and Kungfu. 同时,加拿大人掀起学习汉语、研究中国文化的热潮,越来越多的加拿大年轻人喜欢中国的书法和功夫。Chinese TV programs feature well-known Canadians, and the Group of Seven is popular with many Chinese.中国电视节目中出现不少加拿大人的身影,加拿大七人画派在中国有相当的知名度。Following the year of cultural exchange 2015-2016, our two countries have dedicated the year 2018 as the year of tourism between China and Canada. 015-2016中加文化交流年之后,双方又宣018年为中加旅游年。We encourage more Chinese to visit Canada and welcome more Canadian friends to come to China and see our country. 中方鼓励更多游客来加拿大观光,也欢迎更多加拿大朋友到中国走一走、看一看。I will make use of this visit to further boost China-Canada people-to-people and cultural exchange, and encourage exchanges and cooperation in education, culture, tourism, sports, women, youth and local affairs to solidify popular support for China-Canada relations.我愿意通过这次访问,给人文交流再加一把力,进一步推动两国教育、文化、旅游、体育、妇女、青年、地方等领域的交流合作,让两国关系的民意和社会基础更加牢固。This is the season for the fiery maple in Canada, symbolizing the prosperity of China-Canada all-round cooperation. 这个季节,加拿大的枫叶漫山红遍,这象征着中加全面合作的红火前景。China will work with Canada to enrich our strategic partnership and tap the potential of practical cooperation to bring more benefits to the Chinese and Canadian peoples.中方愿与加方一道,充实中加战略伙伴关系内涵,深挖两国务实合作的潜力,更好造福两国人民。来 /201609/468055

  President Donald Trump withdrew the ed States from the 12-nation Pacific Rim trade deal on Monday as he started his first full week in office. At the White House, Trump called it a ;great thing for the American worker - what we just did.”美国总统川普星期一让美国退出了12囀?跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)。本星期是川普政府开始执政的第一个星期。川普在白宫表示,退出TPP对美国工人是一件大好事。”The new president, as past Republican chief executives have done, also signed an order reinstating a ban on providing government funds to international groups that perform abortions or provide information about the procedure. In addition, Trump, honoring a campaign pledge, froze hiring for many federal agencies as a way to reduce the cost of government and rein in its growth.川普还像过去历任共和党总统那样签署命令,再次禁止政府向提供堕胎或提供有关堕胎信息的国际组织提供资金。此外,川普还兑现竞选承诺,下令冻结了许多政府机构的招聘,以减少政府开和控制政府膨胀。The trade deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, had been negotiated since during former President Barack Obamas White House tenure, but the U.S. Congress never ratified it, with numerous lawmakers opposed to or skeptical of the deal. It would have covered trade with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Chile, Canada, Mexico and four other countries.《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》是奥巴马政府从年开始谈判的,但是美国国会一直没有批准,许多国会议员反对这项协定或持怀疑态度。协定的签署国还有日本、澳大利亚、新西兰、马拉西亚、智利、加拿大、墨西哥和另外四个国家。White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that as Trump ;has said many times, this type of multinational agreement is not in our best interest, and he’s moving quickly to advance trade policies that increase the competitiveness of the American worker and manufacturer.;白宫发言人斯派塞说,川普“曾经多次表示这类的多国协定不符合美国利益,他正在迅速推动能够增强美国工人和制造业竞争力的贸易政策。”Spicer said the new president would pursue bilateral trade agreements with individual countries throughout the world.斯派塞说,川普总统将与世界各国进行双边贸易协定谈判。The TPP would have been the biggest regional trade deal in history, covering nearly 40 percent of the worlds economy and about a third of world trade. China didnt take part in the talks, but appears y to step into the vacuum and create its own deals with Southeast Asian countries that would have been part of the 12-nation agreement.《跨太平洋合作伙伴贸易协定》本将成为历史上最大的区域贸易协定,覆盖近40%的世界经济和约三分之一的国际贸易。中国没有参与谈判,但中国似乎已准备好利用目前的真空,与本应参与12个国《跨太平洋合作伙伴贸易协定》的东南亚国家制定自己的贸易协定。来 /201702/490299Somali rescue workers say at least 20 people were killed and more than 50 injured Wednesday in an attack by militants on a Mogadishu hotel.索马里救护人员表示,武装分子星期三对索马里首都加迪沙的一间酒店发动袭击,造成至少20人死亡,50余人受伤。Witnesses tell VOAs Somali Service that a truck bomb was detonated outside the Dayah Hotel just before 9 a.m. local time. Gunmen then stormed the damaged building, shooting at guests and exchanging gunfire with security forces.目击者告诉美国之音索马里语言组说,当地时间早上近九点时,达亚酒店外一辆卡车上的炸弹被引爆,手随即冲击酒店,对酒店建筑造成破坏,向酒店客人开,并与保安人员交火。Islamic militant group al-Shabab, which has carried out similar attacks on hotels and key installations in the city, claimed responsibility for the attack on its website.索马里青年党在网站上宣称对此次袭击负责。该组织此前曾对加迪沙的酒店和地标建筑实施过类似袭击。About 40 minutes after the attack, a second explosion went off near the hotel. Witnesses told VOAs Somali Service the car which brought militant fighters to the hotel was detonated, possibly by remote control.炸弹爆炸大约40分钟后,酒店外又发生了第二次爆炸。目击者告诉美国之音索马里语言组说,武装分子搭乘的汽车被炸毁,可能是通过遥控起爆。At least seven journalists were among those injured in the second explosion, according to Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu, Secretary General of National Union of Somali Journalists.索马里记者全国联盟秘书长穆罕默德·易卜拉欣·莫阿利穆说,第二次爆炸至少造成7名记者受伤。来 /201702/490297

  U.S. Navy ships sailing in the Persian Gulf were forced to fire warning shots and flares after being harassed by Iranian vessels in increasing close encounters, the Pentagon says.五角大楼称,在波斯湾航行的美国海军舰只在遭到伊朗舰艇不断靠近的挑衅之后,美舰艇被迫开和火光警告。In one incident Wednesday, the patrol ship USS Squall fired three warning shots into the water in the direction of an Iranian boat that was approaching another American ship head-on.在周三的一次事件中,一艘伊朗船只迎头驶近另一艘美国舰艇,美狂风号巡逻舰为此三次向伊朗船方向的水中开警告。Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told reporters Thursday the Iranian boat came within 182 meters of the USS Tempest and ignored several bridge-to-bridge radio calls and warning flares. It eventually turned away.美国国防部发言人彼得·库克周四告诉记者,伊朗船只进入了距离暴风号182米的范围,并且无视驾驶台对驾驶台的几次广播呼叫和警告信号,最终该船调转了方向。“These were incidents that the crews deemed unsafe,Cook said. “These are incidents that carry a risk of escalation, and we don’t desire any kind of escalation.库克说,“舰艇上的海军官兵认为,这些事件是不安全的。这些事件有升级的危险,我们不希望看到任何方式的升级。Our ships have been operating in that part of the world for years.”我们的舰艇在那个区域行动已经很多年了。”The same Iranian boat that harassed the USS Tempest also crossed in front of the USS Stout three times at a high rate of speed Wednesday in the same region, U.S. officials say.美国官员称,骚扰暴风号的那艘伊朗船只周三还在同一水域从斯托特号驱逐舰的面前高速穿梭了三次。The incidents involving the Iranian ships and parts of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet spanned multiple days. Besides the two patrol ships, the USS Squall and Tempest, two U.S. destroyers, the USS Nitze and Stout, also were involved.这些事件涉及伊朗船只和美国海军第五舰队的部分舰艇,历时数天。除了狂风号和暴风号两艘巡逻舰外,还涉及尼采号和斯托特号驱逐舰。William Urban, a spokesman for the 5th Fleet, said the Iranian vessels that buzzed the Nitze ignored repeated radio, whistle and flare warnings. He described the Iranian actions as “unsafe and unprofessional, and not routine.;第五舰队发言人厄本说,骚扰尼采号的伊朗船只无视几次广播、哨子和火光警告。他将伊朗的行为形容为“不安全、不专业、也不合常规”。But Iran remained defiant in the face of U.S. accusations. Irans semi-official Tasnim news agency on Thursday ed General Hosein Dehghan as saying, ;If any foreign vessel enters our waters, we warn them, and if its an invasion, we confront.; 面对美国的指责,伊朗态度傲慢。伊朗半官方的塔斯尼姆通讯社周四援引侯赛因·达赫甘将军的话,“如果任何外国船只进入我们的海域,我们就警告它们。如果是入侵,我们就与他们对峙。He added that Iranian boats patrol to monitor traffic and foreign vessels in its territorial waters.他还说,伊朗船只在自己的领属海域巡逻,以便监控交通和外来船只。来 /201608/463060



  China has become the latest country to successfully test fire a hypersonic missile it has been claimed.据称中国已成为了成功测试发射高超音速导弹国家中的最新一员A Chinese J-16 strike fighter test-fired the giant missile earlier this month successfully destroying the target drone at a very long range according to Popular Science.据科技新时代报导,在这个月早些时候,中国的一架J-16攻击战斗机在非常远距离测试了该导弹并摧毁了无人机目标。Its experts analysed pictured of the launch and concluded the missile was 19 feet long and roughly 13 inches in diameter meaning it could hit targets up to 300 miles away.专家分析发射照片后推论该导弹9英尺长, 直径3英寸,能够打00英里内的目标。Russia China and the US are all racing to develop hypersonic craft which experts say could revolutionise travel - and war.俄罗斯,中国和美国都竞相发展高超声速飞行器,专家表示这可能给旅行和战争带来革命性的变化。Russia is believed to have recently tested its obxt 4202 hypersonic rocket and the Us Air Firce has tested its WaveRider hypersonic craft.据说俄罗斯最近测试了其202项目”高超音速火箭,美国空军测试了它们的“WaveRider”高超声速飞行器This is a big deal wrote Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer.“这是一个大事件。”Jeffrey Lin和P.W. Singer写道This missile would easily outrange any American (or other NATO) air-to-air missile.“这种导弹可以轻易超过美国(或者说北约)的空对空导弹。”来 /201611/480821


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