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佛山那间医院做人工授精广东长安医院女子结扎手术怎么样好不好Lisa向同事Jonah抱怨,美国机场安检太麻烦。Jonah解释说:J: Anyone could be a bad guy. Remember that guy who tried to blow up a plane with a bomb in his shoes? He got through security too easily because he had a UK passport.L: Yeah, these days it is hard to know who to trust. And I guess I can understand if the ed States is a bit overprotective.J: Yeah, 9-11 changed America in a big way. Everyone got really freaked out...maybe too freaked out.Jonah说,人不可貌相,现在谁都可能是坏人。Lisa表示,I can understand if the ed States is a bit overprotective,就算美国的保护措施有点过份了,也可以理解。Jonah说,9-11恐怖袭击改变了美国,Everyone got really freaked out,所有人都吓坏了。L: I can understand that. The attacks on New York and the Pentagon were a real shock!J: But I have to agree that maybe the U.S. went overboard with precautions. The last time I flew into New York, they told me I had to throw away a tiny bottle of aftershave! It was only a five c.c. bottle, but they said it could contain some kind of explosive material!L: Yeah, no liquids are allowed. They even confiscated my tiny scissors! I dont think its possible for a five foot woman like me to hijack a plane with tiny scissors!J: (Chuckle) Yep. But as they say: rules are rules...no exceptions.Jonah 说,maybe the U.S. went overboard with precautions,美国的预防措施可能确实有些过份。Overboard is spelled o-v-e-r-b-o-a-r-d, go overboard,意思是过头了。Jonah就曾被迫扔掉一小瓶刮胡水,throw away a tiny bottle of aftershave. Lisa的小剪刀也被没收过。L: I was going to complain to the security personnel, but they looked so serious and scary!J: Yeah, you dont want to complain because that will get you nowhere. Just try to be as cooperative as possible. If you raise a fuss, they will arrest you!L: Well, I hope someday the threat of terrorism will be gone and we can travel without all these hassles.J: Id like that too, but dont bet on it. I dont know if terrorism is going away anytime soon.L: I guess Id better learn how to live with the hassles then.J: Thats probably the wiser choice!Jonah告诉Lisa,抱怨也没用,that will get you nowhere. 此外,If you raise a fuss, they will arrest you! 如果你找麻烦,他们还会把你抓起来!只要恐怖威胁不消失,就只好,learn how to live with the hassles,学习如何在麻烦中生活吧! /201201/167403增城做不孕检查需要多少钱 We can not tailor prices to local market demand and the level of competition.我们不能只针对当地市场的要求和竞争水平来定价。We can not tailor prices to local market demand and the level of competition.我们不能只针对当地市场的要求和竞争水平来定价。Whats your suggestion?你有什么建议?We must be very careful not to destroy local markets and marketing systems.我们要小心不要破坏了当地市场和营销体系。Our major markets are North America, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and China.我们的主要市场分布在北美、欧洲、曰本、东南亚和中国。Our major markets are North America, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and China.我们的主要市场分布在北美、欧洲、日本、东南亚和中国。Whats your market share in these districts?你们在这些地区的市场占有率是多少?The figures show how the product is distributed.图表显示产品的分布情况。Its products are sold to customers in 68 countries.产品销往全球68个国家。 /201508/395431天河治疗阴道炎哪家医院好

广州番禺无痛人流需要多钱Who do you think are our three major competitors?Do they have any advantages over our company?你认为本公司最主要的三个竞争对手是谁?他们有胜过本公司的优势吗?Best product,World Product and Japan Product.Best制品公司,World制品公司和日本制品公司是贵公司最主要的三个竞争对手。They have larger market shares and enjoy greater name recognition,but A Corporation is growing faster.他们的市场占有率和知名度都比A贵公司高,但是贵公司成长速度较快。They have longer operating histories and are more established;yet A is younger and more dynamic.他们历史悠久,地位稳固,而A更加年轻,充满活力。As long as A continues to introduce more innovative products,it is only a matter of time before A catches up and surpasses them.只要不断推出创新产品,A要赶超只是时间问题。 /201309/255851广州白云哪家医院看妇科权威 Bosses’ meetingA: Hello. Mr. Rothman? This is Michael in Mr. Emory’s office. He’d like to set up and appointment with you to talk about buying a new copier.B: Sure, I’d be glad to. What time frame did he have in mind?A: He’d like to do it as soon as possible, sir. How about tomorrow at 2:45?B: Mm, yeah, that’ll be great. Tell him I’ll see him then.老板的会议A:你好,罗斯曼先生。我是埃莫里办公室的麦克尔。他想和您定个时间商谈买一台新的复印机。B:好哇,我很乐意。他觉得什么时间方便?A:他希望越快越好。您看明天2:45怎么样?B:嗯,好,这很好。告诉他我那时见他。 /200704/12395天河区长安医院治精液异常多少钱

花都妇幼保健院妇科医生协商(2):价格Jerry:I love your little Lulu dolls.How much for a batch of 6,000?我喜欢你的小露露娃娃.一批6,000个多少钱?Catherine:For a batch of 6,000 we would charge two dollars a doll .your total cost would be ,000.一批6000个,我们算两美元一个.总共12000美元.Jerry:That’s a little steep for our company.Do you offer any discounts ?对我们公司,这个价太贵了.能有折扣吗?Catherine:Well,we’d like to work with you .If you ordered a larger quantity we could drop the price a little .Can you increase your order to 15,000?我们愿意和你合作.如果你能大批量订购,我们就能把价格降低一些.你能把数量加到15000吗?Jerry:Hmmm.It wouldn’t be easy ,but if the discount makes it worthwhile ,we can consider it .How much of a discount would that give us?嗯.不太容易,但如果折扣很划算,我们可以考虑.你能给我们打多少折扣?Catherine:For order of 12,000 or more we charge only .5 a doll. your total cost would be ,000.订购12000个以上,我们只算1.5美元一个.总共18000美元Jerry :So, for an additional 6,000 dollars,we get twice as many dolls ?That still might be a little hard.Couldn’t you discount it further?We’ve been pricing other suppliers,and this discount might not be competitive enough for us.就是说要再加6000美元,我们可以拿到两倍数量的娃娃?这还是有些困难.难道就不能再打些折吗?我们向其他商家问过价钱,你们的折扣对我们而言不太有竞争力.Catherine:We do value your business.I think I can offer a further discount –say 5%?我们重视你的生意.可以再打些折,5%怎么样?Jerry:I think we can handle that .Let me confirm with my boss and touch base with you again tomorrow.我觉得这个价格我们也许可以接受.让我先和我老板确认一下,明天我们再联系. /05/70169 A: Margaret, I'd like to follow up with the arrangements for our company retreat, to take place next month. We need to book the venue, make arrangements for speakers and door prizes, and set up all the activities and accommodations. Also, very important, we need to determine which of our staff will be eligible and will be available to go. We've got to get a head count in order to make reservations.B: what's the criteria for staff to attend? Are we only including our management team in this affair? Or will we be extending invitations to lower level employees to attend?A: lower level employees need not attend. The purpose of this retreat is for training, especially for our management team. We want to develop a well-oiled machine on our executive level. In order to get everyone to jell together, we've got to include some fun. That's the reason for the retreat. /12/91956广州天河超导可视人流全程多少钱广州什么医院做造影最好



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