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Visual intelligence is the concept that we see more than we can process视觉智慧是大脑能对看见的信息进行处理and it#39;s the idea of thinking about what we see, taking in the information通常来说 大脑无法及时处理过多的信息and what do we really need to live our lives more purposefully and do our jobs more effectively.而我们需要留下那些能让我们更有目地更高效生活的信息I work across the professional spectrum.我是专门研究光谱的So I work with police officers and intelligence analysts and doctors and nurses and librarians,我需要和警察 智力分析师 医生护士和图书管理员来一起合作but what#39;s interesting for me is that the four A#39;s are applicable to all of that.但是对我来说有趣的是这四条对他们来说都适用And what they are is any new situation, any new problem, any new client, any new transaction, any new environment无论你的处境 问题 客户 交易是什么 无论是处在什么样的环境中that you#39;re in you practice four A#39;s.这四条准则都适用The first one is you assess your situation.第一评估你的处境What do I have in front of me?我正面临着什么What information is here?在这有什么信息?I want people to go beyond the four corners of what they think they see.我希望你不要把目光局限于你认知中的四周So this is what#39;s in front of me; this is where I am. ask someone. This is my situation; here#39;s where I am;this is what I see.这就是我眼前看到的一切 这就是我所在的位置 告诉别人你的处境Is there something here I might be missing?问他 你是否有遗漏不妥之处Because by asking someone else we realize that no two people see anything the same way?通过问别人你会明白不同的人看事情的角度不一样 当然So, of course, that doesn#39;t work all the time but if you#39;re in an office situation, if you#39;re in a medical situation这不一定时时适用 但如果你在政府与医疗体制下工作and you have the opportunity to collaborate你就有机会整合已知信息you get the biggest picture of your assessment if you ask other people what they see as well.你能得到更多关于你评估的描绘如果你向更多的人问前面一样的问题The second step is to analyze the information. That#39;s where you break it down and you say what#39;s important?第二步是分析信息 将得到的信息分解 并且问自己什么是重要信息What do I need to prioritize? What#39;s most important?什么是当务之急的 什么是最重要的And what don#39;t I really have to worry about at all?什么是我根本不需要担心的I find that when you make a mental list in your head okay here#39;s my situation我发现当你在你的脑子里将这些信息列一个表的时候 好了 这就是我的处境and you divide it into two categories, information I need, information I might need and information I definitely don#39;t need.你将信息划分成了两类 一类是我需要或可能需要的信息 另一类是我压根不需要考虑的信息And for the information that you definitely don#39;t need put it away清除那些你根本不需要的信息because our brains are so cluttered with so much information that因为你的脑子里杂乱地充斥着太多的信息If you can from the outset get rid of some information do it, but keep that middle category information that you might to need从一开始就舍弃一些无用的信息留下可能会需要的because you might have to draw on it when you don#39;t realize that it#39;s important.因为你还没意识到其重要It could become more important as the process goes on.随着事情的进展 它可能会变得更加重要And then the third A I thing is actually the most important.接下来说第三点 也是我认为最重要的一点It#39;s how you articulate what you observe.那就是将你观察到的事物表达出来Whether you send an email, whether you pick up the phone, whether you tell a colleague,无论是以发邮件 打电话 给同事讲述的方式whether you write it down, the idea of putting into words what your observations are is the most important还是将它写下来 将你观察到的事物用文字表达出来是最重要的一点because I tell all my groups I don#39;t know why this is but something gets lost from here to here to here.我经常和我的团队成员讲 我总会在所思所说到所写方面有些许遗漏之处Our brains and our eyes see something but when it comes to articulating those observations,大脑和眼睛会告知我们所看到的东西的模样whether is poor choice of words or an inability to communicate effectively there#39;s a real loss that I#39;m trying to redress.但当想要将其表达出来时 却发现词穷语尽这是一个损失 也是我一直想补救的损失I ask people to be mindful of every word. Every word counts.我要他人留心每一个字 每个字都很重要And an example that I can give you that I give in the book was the investigation of the murder of Chandra Levy in Washington DC back in 2001.举个栗子 调查早在2001年发生的Chandra Levy在华盛顿哥伦比亚特区被谋杀案时When the instruction was given to look for the body the instruction was to look 100 yards from every trail in the park当时指示是在案发地点范围内搜寻被害人尸体where she disappeared, but when the instruction was repeated they said look 100 yards from every road in the park.开始是对每隔100码的小径进行排查后面指令改为重复搜查每隔100码每条路Now the change of one word from trail to road changed the whole scope of the investigation.一字之差改变了警方整个搜查范围So in that third A, in that articulating what you observe, I ask people be mindful of every word because someone is listening and every word counts.所以对于第三点阐明你的观察 我希望你们留心每个字 因为言者无心 听者有意And the fourth A is after you#39;ve assessed, analyzed and articulated第四行动 在评估分析与连贯地表达你的所见后what it is that you observe you adapt your behavior or you make a decision or as I like to say you act.你应该学会改变你的行为 马上做出决定或采取行动You take all that information then you make a judgment call based on those three other elements.在前面三点的基础上整合信息然后做出决定I want people to act according to their observations我希望你能够通过你的观察思考后再行动如果你被质疑so if you#39;re ever questioned about why you made a certain decision,为啥你会做这个决定 走这条路why did you take a certain road, why did you solve a problem为啥要用这种方式来解决问题this way you#39;re able to come back to the other A#39;s and say well I thought the situation was this.回溯前三点 这样做能够更好地阐明你的处境This was the information I thought was important.这就是我认为重要的信息I perceived this therefore I made this decision.我认为这个重要所以我才做出这个决定Give yourself the tools to back up the decisions you make找些工具来明你的决定是正确的so that when your questioned about your decisions这样当你的决定受到质疑的时候you have all the information you need to make a thoughtful purposeful and objective assessment of why you made the decision.你就具备了为你的决定做一个详细的 目的明确的 客观的评估所需的全部信息 Article/201706/514636番禺人流去哪做TED演讲视频:动画如何帮助科学家检验假说三维动画能够将科学假说带进生活当中。分子生物学家(和TED成员)珍妮特.伊瓦萨介绍了一款新的为科学家们设计的开源动画软件。 Article/201704/506878韶关结扎复通专科医院In self-rescue situations you have to keep moving and cover those miles.在自我救援情况下 要一直前进 穿山越岭Early morning is perfect for this,when temperatures can be between ten and 20 degrees cooler.清晨赶路最理想 就是气温比正午凉爽十多度的时候You really want to stick with the dry riverbed.好好挖这个干河床I#39;m confident that there is going to be water here somewhere.You have lots of trees growing.某个地方肯定会涌出水来 这里还有树It#39;s a question of keeping going and finding the right place.现在就是继续走 找到水源正确的位置 Worth a look here.Outside bend of a dry riverbed.这里值得试试 干涸河床的拐角处And overhanging rock and that#39;s always the last place that the water is left.仔细听听岩石 总会有个地方是剩下的水储藏地This is getting a bit damper here.You see the different color of the sand.这里润润的 沙土的颜色不一样了But not really enough to get any water out of.We can find a better one than this. Let#39;s keep going.但是还不足以从中挤出水来 能找到更好的地方 走吧At the base of the dry riverbed,it changes from sand to bedrock.干河床 从沙土变成了岩石The chances of finding standing pools of water become far greater.找到水源的机会 便大得多了It#39;s water.That is not going to be saltwater.是水 不是盐水 It#39;s like striking gold.In an arid wilderness of baking rock,这比找到金子还难 在充满炽热岩石的寸草不生之地a pool like this would be a lifesaver to the desert survivor.对沙漠求生者来说 这样的水池可真是雪中送炭It#39;s about 20 foot down there.But it#39;s quite clear.大约有20英尺高 水很清澈I can see the bottom. It#39;s about six foot.You can shallow jump and go in.都能看到池底 池深约6英尺 可以跳下去Shoot my legs out horizontal.I guess I can get in.跳的时候要把腿伸直 我想我能成功 Article/201611/480490广州天河看妇科疾病的医院哪个最好

广东广州长安医院在那儿广州长安不孕不育医院妇科医生栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431434天河计划生育医院治疗多囊卵巢You know, I#39;m constantly doing things to make you lifes better我一直致力于让人们的生活更美好and you know the little pongpongs on the back of the ankle socks my idea.见过短袜后面的球球么 我的杰作A couple weeks ago, I was researching about the most useful iPhone apps.几个星期前 我在找寻一些最有用的苹果appAnd so today I thought I would show you some of the least useful iPhone apps.今天我要给大家看几个最没用的苹果appAnd these are real, ok? these are real apps.这些都是真的 真实存在的appThis, right here, is a see it, this is a app and see UK Payphone.这个软件是 看到了 这是一个app 名叫UK PayphoneSo it#39;s a British app and let you search for the nearst payphone. From your phone.这是一个英国的App 能够帮你找到最近的公共电话 从你的手机上找You can find payphone from your phone and then you can make a phonecall with.你可以从你的手机上找到公共电话然后打电话Like payphone but free.像公共电话一样 不过就是免费That#39;s a almost good idea, is actually having an app to find your phone if you lose it.这个App的好处就在于如果你丢了手机 它还能帮你找回来All right. Here#39;s another app on here. This is Hang Time, which is来看下一个App 这个app叫做Hang TimeIf you can see this, it#39;s so tiny. This is a real app, and here, try it你们看见这个这个图标 超级小 这是一个真实的app 打开来看看all right , throw the phone up and there tell you how long, so phone when up are 0.99 seconds.把手机往上扔然后它会告诉你用了多少时间 刚才扔的这一下历时0.99秒That was1.1sceonds. And higher.这回是1.1秒 再高点儿that was 1.28 seconds. and it#39;s a 99 cent app, and of course, it#39;s 300 dollars buy new phone when you...这回是1.28秒 下载一个app只要99美分 而买一台新手机却要300美金all right, that was fun. and here is another one, this is called, go back to this.有意思 来看下一个app 叫做 回到手机桌面These are real apps. this is called Kiss Me. It#39;s an app.这些都是真实存在的app]这个叫做Kiss MeAnd all you will do, if you kiss your phone then you will your kiss ability.你要做的就是亲一下你的手机 然后它会测试你的亲亲能力If you line on your phone then tell you if you good kiss her, you not. But I#39;ll try it.把你唇线画在上面让它测一下你是不是kiss技巧很高 它会告诉你并不是 我要来试试See it#39;s ing kiss. Ding ding ding, we got winner. Wow.现在在测我的kiss 将将将将!你赢了!哇! Article/201707/516010广州长安妇科医院精索静脉曲张

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