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广州尿道炎医院广州长安不孕医院治疗不孕不育好吗素有"毒舌"之称的《美国偶像》评委西蒙-考威尔(Simon Cowell)近日在媒体上发表,他认为最近凭借《英国达人》(British talent show)迅速蹿红的苏格兰大婶苏珊-波伊儿(Susan Boyle) 前途不容乐观。而这样的一个预言得到了印。苏珊大妈还是被淘汰了。 There may be not anybody alive today with the TV as you’ve heard of or seen Susan Boyle, the singer from Scotland whose saga has a lot of people wondering if it all wasn’t too good to be true, it came to a less than romantic ending Saturday night with millions watching on live TV. Now we learn it may not be over, some would like to know exactly what has happened here, our report tonight from N’s Dawna Friesen in London.She rose so far, so fast. “I dreamed a dream in time of live … …”Her shy slightly awkward style made Susan Boyle an unlikely superstar, but as quickly as she shot to fame, came reports, she was cracking. Boiling over, swearing a journalist, unable to stand the pressure and on the verge of walking out, so on the night of the final of Britain’s Got Talent. Many wondered if she could hold it together. She did. It was another soaring performance, another standing ovation. A lot of people said you shouldn’t be in this competition that you are not equipped to do with it, I completely disagree with that.In the end, though.The winner of Britain’s Got Talent is Diversity.Boyle seemed gracious in defeat, but there were reports she collapsed in tears back stage.It’s reported Boyle then threw a glass of water on a floor manager, and shouted: I hate the show. Then last night after reportedly acting strangely in the hotel, the police and paramedics were called and Boyle was brought voluntarily here: The Priory. It’s a private clinic that specializes in mental health issues.She said to be exhausted and emotionally drained.She needs to get away, and you know, be amongst her friends and family and away from the media glared and just chill out a bit.Tonight Britain’s media regulators said it may launch an inquiry after viewers complain the producers shouldn’t have allowed Boyle to go on when they knew she wasn’t eating and sleeping properly and that she is a vulnerable woman who is exploited for the sake of ratings.06/73175东莞哪个医院精子检查最好 It’s all about making fashion accessible to everyday shoppers. A catwalk show in a London underground train kicked off an innovative high street fashion week. For the first time a host of mainstream stores are getting together to put this spot light on design ahead of the exclusive shows of London fashion Week. Retailers estimates the week will bring in an extra 200 million dollars and nearly half a million more shoppers. Here in London this is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world and all the stores here are taking all kinds of measures to bring the designer trends to the public.Stylist Liz Thody says it’s possible to buy top-end styles for affordable prices. A lot of the British designers really sort of jumped on the 80s, animal print but in green, tweed’s just great fabric ‘cause it always looks really smart and actually expensive when in fact, you know probably be quiet cheap on the high street. Liz, I’ve got my animal prints, I’ve got my tweed, I’ve got my 80s’ style I’m gonna go to try these on now. A complete outfit for just over 200 dollars. In the current economic climate that’s an added bonus. And top designers are being forced to take note.I think it gives everybody a little wake-up call. We all have to keep looking in at how we have done rather than blaming the recession. Let ’s give people not only what they want but a wonderful experience as well. Ben De Lisi was ahead of the curve and introduced a more affordable line to this London department store 15 years ago. Someone who is, aspires to get into my brand but can’t necessarily afford 3000-pound price point. Given the economic situation, I think we’ll be very cautious and careful about how we do it, looking to a different approach to our spending and our shopping. Others have introduced special one-off lines to high street stores. The likes of Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo for instance. For the average women in the street, high street retailers can help translate those high street fashions, very high-end fashions into their daily lives. Okay I’m y.Time to see if this average woman can really pull off the latest trends. High fashion perhaps, am I a fashionista? Perhaps not. Maybe I should just stick to my jeans and T-shirt. Leone Lakhani, CNN London.Vocabulary:1. high street: the main street of a town where most of the shops and businesses are2. wake-up call: an experience or event that shocks you and makes you realize that you must do something to change a situation3. ahead of the curve: 走在潮流尖端4. price point: The retail price of a product, usually when viewed as one of a series of possible competitive prices5. fashionista: someone who is very interested in fashion and who likes the very newest styles 11/89482After growing up in a wealthy New York City suburb, Mira Riad, 32, could be leading a life of privileged leisure. Instead, the Egyptian-American attorney uses her good fortune to help the neediest Egyptians - orphans and street children.米拉·丽雅德在纽约市郊一个富人区里长大。她本来可以过一个享有特权、悠闲自在的生活。但这位埃及裔美国律师更感兴趣的是使用她的财富帮助最有需要的埃及人,也就是100万孤儿和流浪街头的儿童。"It’s something I had been thinking about for a while," Riad says about the orphanage project that she founded in 2007. "My mom used to take us to Egypt since we were little kids every summer and didn’t hide us from the poverty that was there."丽雅德说:“我考虑这件事已经很久了。我们还是小孩子的时候,妈妈每年夏天都带我去埃及,她不向我们隐藏那里的穷困。”The Littlest Lamb There are an estimated one million orphans and street children in the country, about 50,000 in Cairo alone.Slated to open next year on a 3.5-hectare site near Heliopolis, a prosperous Cairo suburb, The Littlest Lamb will offer about 200 orphans a home and education which could vault them into Egypt’s elite.这个孤儿院明年开业,将为200名孤儿提供一个舒适健康的家,并帮助他们接受未来进入埃及上流社会的教育。Riad's family owns Fortuny, a luxury-textile company, but she had little interest in the business, which is run by her two brothers. She first trained to become a social worker and later earned a law degree. She now works for her father’s legal-trusts firm in New York. But her passion is the orphanage, for which she recruited a governing board of six other young Egyptian-Americans. She says each child will be offered a university education. 丽雅德对两个兄弟经营的家族企业不感兴趣。她先是接受社会工作者的培训,又读了一个法律学位,然后进入父亲的律师事务所工作。但是,她热衷的是孤儿院。她还为此雇用了6名年轻的埃及裔美国人组成一个理事会。丽雅德透露,每个孩子都将被提供一个上大学的机会。"That’s going to be a huge expense," she says. "Many people have told us that it’s not practical and not reasonable, but it’s something we absolutely believe is necessary, to give them the highest possible education. That way, they can compete for better jobs. And when they have better jobs, the stigma, hopefully, will be broken. Because if your doctor is an orphan, if your professor is an orphan, then you won’t have that stigma that orphans are nobody."她说:“这将是一笔巨大的开。很多人告诉我们这不现实,不理智。但是,我们绝对相信,让这些孩子接受最高程度教育是必要的。这样,他们可以竞争比较好的工作。我们希望,有了好的工作,就能够打破孤儿的羞耻感。如果你的医生是孤儿,你的教授也是孤儿,你就不会有孤儿无足轻重的羞耻感了。”201104/133860广州第三人民医院治多囊

广州番禺看妇科到哪个医院比较好Chinese investment in Europe 中国人在欧投资Streaks of red 红色条纹Capital and companies from China are sidling into Europe中国的资金和企业正在悄悄流向欧洲Jun 30th 2011 | from the print edition A RIDE in a London taxi from Canary Wharf, a financial district, to the Bank of England sounds like an inimitably British experience. It is also a Chinese one. 在伦敦搭出租车从金融区金丝雀码头到英格兰听起来像一次独特的英伦经历,那也是一次独特的中国经历。London’s black cabs are made by Manganese Bronze, which is part-owned by Geely, a Shanghai-based carmaker that also owns Volvo, a Swedish company. China Investment Corporation (CIC), a sovereign-wealth fund, has the third-largest stake in Songbird Estates, which controls Canary Wharf Group, the property firm behind the towers that dominate the city’s eastern skyline. CIC may soon become an investor in the Citigroup building, another landmark skyscraper, which is for sale.伦敦的黑色出租车都是由Manganese Bronze生产的,一家位于上海的汽车制造商吉利部分拥有该公司,吉利同时也拥有一家瑞典公司沃尔沃。一家主权财富基金中投是Songbird Estates的第三大股东,Songbird Estates控制着Canary Wharf Group,那家位于可以俯瞰整个城东的高楼后面的房地产公司。中投不久可能成为花旗大厦的投资者,这是待售的另一处地标式的天大楼。201108/147968广州人授哪个医院好 Obama, McCain Target Pivotal States in Election Race奥巴马麦凯恩加紧在战场州竞选 Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain Friday focused on states that could play a pivotal role in the November 4 election.美国总统候选人奥巴马和麦凯恩星期五把精力集中在能在11月4号的选举中发挥枢纽作用的州。With a little more than two weeks to go until Election Day, Democrat Barack Obama is keeping up the pressure on his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain.离开选举日不到两星期了,民主党总统候选人奥巴马正在对他的共和党对手麦凯恩加强压力。Obama campaigned Friday in the southern state of Virginia, which last voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in 1964.奥巴马星期五在维吉尼亚州的南部竞选,该地区上次选举了民主党人当总统是在1964年。Obama continued his relentless campaign to tie Senator McCain to the economic policies of the Bush administration.奥巴马继续毫不懈怠地展开竞选,把麦凯恩参议员与布什政府的经济政策相联系。"So I know I am not running against President Bush," he said. "But I am running against President Bush's policies, the policies John McCain has supported, the policies John McCain would continue and that is something that we cannot afford another four years of, more George Bush economics!"他说:“我当然明白我不是在跟布什总统竞选。但是我是在跟布什总统的政策相抗争,这些政策是麦凯恩一向持的、而且将继续执行的。我们可经不起另外四年的布什经济策略了。”The latest polls give Obama a lead in Virginia. Obama is also competitive in several other states that have supported Republican presidential candidates in recent elections including Missouri, North Carolina and Colorado.最近的民调显示,奥巴马在维吉尼亚领先。奥巴马在另外几个在最近几次选举中持共和党总统候选人的州里,也相当具有竞争力,如密苏里州、北卡罗来纳州和科罗拉多州。Recent national polls also give Obama a lead over McCain by margins ranging from five to 14 points.But Obama is quick to caution his supporters not to get too confident in the final two weeks of the campaign."You can't pay attention to the polls," he said. "We have got to keep making our case for change."Also Friday Obama won the endorsement of the Washington Post newspaper, which called him the right man for a perilous time.Meanwhile, Republican John McCain campaigned in Florida on Friday, another key battleground or swing state where both campaigns are very competitive.同在星期五,共和党人麦凯恩在佛罗里达州展开竞选,这又是一个战场州,双方的竞争激烈。McCain slammed Obama's tax plan and promised that he too would take the country in a different direction from the Bush administration.麦凯恩抨击奥巴马的税务计划,并保要引导国家迈向不同于布什政府的方向。McCain acknowledged to the crowd that he is trailing in the polls, but he also urged his supporters to pull off an election surprise on November 4.麦凯恩向民众承认自己的民调得分落后,但是他也敦促他的持者在11月4号的大选中出奇制胜。"We have 18 days to go. We are six points down," he said. "The national media has written us off. Senator Obama is measuring the drapes. But you know what? They forgot to let you decide. My friends, as it has been in other races, we've got them just where we want them!"他说:“我们还有18天的时间。我们落后六个百分点。全国媒体认为我们没有指望。奥巴马参议员觉得自己胜券在握。但是你知道有一个重要因素:他忘了让你们来作出决定了。我的朋友们,我们正击中他们的要害问题了。”In the final days of the campaign, both McCain and Obama are trying to improve their prospects in several important swing states where the margin is close.在竞选的最后阶段,麦凯恩和奥巴马都努力改进自己在几个重要的战场州里的前景,在那几个州里双方的比分接近。Some of them are large states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina that are major prizes in the state by state electoral voting that decides who will win the presidency.其中包括像俄亥俄、佛罗里达和北卡罗来纳之类的大州,这些州是按州逐一计算选举团票的,所以对于谁当选总统能起决定性作用。Obama has broadened the number of election battelground states to several that normally vote Republican, including Virginia.University of Virginia political expert Larry Sabato told MSN television that Obama is displaying unexpected strength in a state where McCain was the favorite."It causes the McCain people and the Republicans to spend money and to spend time in a state that they actually listed as solid Republican in the spring," he said. "They said they had nothing to worry about and planned to put out no effort in Virginia. Well, guess what, it turned into a toss-up state."Most experts believe that Obama's surge in national and some state polls is a direct result of voter unhappiness over the state of the U.S. economy and an overwhelming desire for change after eight years of the Bush presidency.200810/53168天河哪家人流比较好

广州试管最好的医院 Michael Kors joins In Style's Katrina Szish to discuss shoes, beach bums and politics before presenting his collection. Gov. Sarah Palin says success on a local level exemplifies experienceWe are backstage with Michael Kors, just moments before show. And I noticed up there, it says something about the most glamorous beach bums in the world.Boy, isn't that my fantasy? I don't know, maybe everyone's. To me, you know, it's interesting , now it's funny. I guess, sinc the internet, you know, I know more and more people especially in New York and L.A, who ,you know, they live in the Hampton and see around while in L.A. , people are moving malleable. And I'm like, wait a minute. What am I doing wrong?Hampton 汉普顿:美国弗吉尼亚州东南部的一个独立城市Rough life.Right, exactyly. So you know, there's definitely, I wanna this to be very American . I think there are to many, honestly, there are too many collections in New York that try to look up to European.And I think that, hey ,we invented the way the world dresses. You know, Americans invent the idea of comfort and speed and easiness. So, it's really very much about that. You know, atheleticism, architecture. But again, architecture, that's kind of user-friendly. This cloth gets too architectural sometimes , it'll get a little frightening .But it's all that optimism.Now, I took a look at some of the shoes over there. They did have an architecture feel to them.But they were still very user-friendly, kind of that, as you said. Tell me a litte bit about the fine architectural heel.Well, you know, the odd thing is you know, it's shoes. I don't know one that on the planet who doesn't say,oh I wanna be taller , I wanna be taller. But of course, you know, crazy high heels are first of course--not that easy to walk in. So we really dealt with these sculptural platforms. And i want to keep them sporty though.So , kind of the architectural bottom, and then you have the spoty top of the shoe. So it's great with the dress, it looks great with the jeans. Because, again, you know, isn't that really the ideas , I think,a fashion that is versatile. So you can mix it, wear however you wanna wear it. And again, it's the Ying and Yang. It's the architecture with the sporty. There is always something that makes it kind of user-friendly. You are the first person who ever taught me about fashioh math that if you buys, you invest in a piece and you wear a thousand times versus buying something cheap and wearing once, you are making a good investment . Do you still think about investment pieces, especially in this economy, but even when you are designing something that more glamourous?I think that's the one thing we are finding more and more and more. You know, it's not just about a classic. Becasue if it's super classic, i have one sitting in the closet,so that doesn't turn me on. But then if it's so out there. You know, I'm gonna wear once. So right now, I think with this economy. People want something that's fresh and exciting, changes their wardrobe but still has versatilities. And fabric is key. So I always said to you: buy the best quality you could buy and also we talk about eco-fashion,what's green? Well, it's certainly not green to buy cheap-cheap cloth, wear them once, and throw them out. What's green, is to buy something that's beautifully made, beautifully crafted and wear it for years. You know that's what's green.eco-fashion:One of the tenets of the unofficial definition of eco-fashion is this: takes into account the working conditions of people in the fashion . (fashion that's green)Every one is also talking about the election of course, policitics and fashion. People are asking is it really fair to be questioning the personal style or something like that Sara Palin, even talking about the first lady. How important is fashion in politics? I don't know, that it's about fashion per se politics nor do I know that it should be. I think it's about, though, what's works on camera. So that's not about the fashion with the capital F.It's about really, I think, what also can make the person feel more confident. But I always think, what I do, you know, kind of give you a visit to the strength, without going to the strength. And you know, politicians are so dissected. So if they are wearing the right suit, with the right dress, the right color, the right tie. That can make them feel better at campaign, they can perform at the debate better. You know, and all of those things are very important, but fashion with a capital F, you know I'm not voting for the fashion designer or stylist.You know, I want someone smarter than me, and not quite as absorbed in the fashion. That's what's important to me. 200811/54790广州白云处女膜修复手术要多少钱广州去哪间医院疏通输卵管



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