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In 1983, trailblazing astronaut Sally Ride blasted out of Earth's orbit, opening the world of space travel for women. Watch the stories of other pioneers who have followed her path to the stars.Since the US space program began in 1958, NASA has achieved much in the realm of space exploration. From lunar landings to voyages into the depth of our solar system, NASA has built a storied history.In the early days, space was a men's world. All that changed on June 18, 1983, when Sally Ride became the first American woman to rocket toward the heavens aboard the space shuttle Challenger. A Doctor of Physics, she was recruited by NASA as one of six female astronaut candidates for the shuttle program. While her first job was as a mission control communicator to orbiting shuttles, Sally Ride soon found herself in orbit during 1983's STS-7 mission. And although the Russian space program had sent women into space as early as 1963, Ride's journey into space was a first ever for the US. Aboard the shuttle Challenger, she served as a mission specialist, helping deploy two satellites and perform scientific experiments over six days. Shortly after her return, Ride reflected on what her journey into space meant.“That I was asked at a press conference just before our flight what I thought about being the first US woman astronaut, I was ed to say that it was no big deal. What the astronaut meant to say was that, technically, as far as NASA's concerned it, was no big deal. On another level, the ed States' sending a woman into space was a very important event for at least 53% of the population and I'm very proud of that.”Sally Ride re-adventured into space once more in 1984. And since that time others have become trailblazers as well. Physician-turned astronaut, Mae Jemison became the first African American woman in space during shuttle Endeavour's 1992 mission. During orbit, she performed experiments involving life sciences, material sciences, and bone cell research. In 1990, Astronaut Eileen Collins became the first female shuttle pilot aboard Discovery. Collins commanded two space shuttle missions including the important return to flight mission in July 2005, the first after the 2003 Columbia disaster. Since Sally Ride’s momentous flight into space, the ranks of female astronauts have grown. And in a male-dominated field, they hold a special position as role models for young women everywhere who dream of reaching the stars. 200810/53309。

  • Chinese jewellers中国珠宝商Beijing bling珠光宝气The worldrsquo;s largest jeweller goes public世界最大珠宝商上市AT FIRST blush, Chow Tai Fook (CTF) may seem to be in a spot of bother. The secretive Hong Kong-based chain of jewellery stores, which on some measures is the worldrsquo;s largest, has long wanted to float shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Alas, this week it was forced to scale back both the valuation and the size of its planned offering. Market rumours now suggest it will float about billion- billion-worth of shares next month.乍一看,神秘兮兮的;周大福;似乎有点儿麻烦。这一总部设在香港的珠宝连锁店按照某些标准已是世界最大,且长期以来希望在香港券交易所发行股票。哎,本周它却被迫削减估价和计划发行的规模。市场传闻表明,;周大福;将在下月发行价值30到40亿美元的股票。That may be less lucrative than it hoped for, but do not shed any tears for Cheng Yu-tung, the firmrsquo;s billionaire boss. The weakness of this deal (which would still rank as one of the bigger placements this year) has more to do with market turmoil than any specific snags confronting CTF. Though almost unknown in the West, the firm is a goliath, with a reported .5 billion in sales last year, leaping ahead at a rate of over 50% a year. It is aly more than twice the size of Tiffany amp; Co, a posh American jeweller. A recent analysis by George Washington University and L2, a think-tank, found the brand is better known in China than Rolex, Bulgari or Tiffany.那或许没有;周大福;期望的那么有利可图,但不要为其亿万富翁老板郑裕彤掉一滴眼泪。股票发行有所削减(仍然是今年较大的一次发行),更多的是受市场波动的影响,而不是由于;周太福;本身的任何具体问题。尽管西方对;周大福;几乎一无所知,但这家公司是头巨鳄。据报道它去年的销售额为45亿美元,以一年超过50%的速率跳跃式发展,其规模已是一流的美国珠宝商蒂芙尼的两倍还多。近期由乔治bull;华盛顿大学和智库L2作出的分析发现,在中国,;周大福;这一品牌的知名度超过;劳力士;、;宝格丽;和;蒂芙尼;。Considering the booming market in China, where most of the firmrsquo;s 1,500 or so outlets are located, the future positively glisters for CTF. On some estimates, Chinarsquo;s jewellery market is aly a 250 billion yuan ( billion) business, growing at perhaps 15% a year. Part of the growth comes from the surge in wealth among the very richest.想一想;周大福;近1500家左右零售店大多位于中国这一繁荣市场,其未来确实一片光明。据一些估算,中国的珠宝市场已有2500亿人民币(合390亿美元)的业务,每年大概以15%的速率增长。部分增长来源于最富阶层激增的财富。The firmrsquo;s real strength, however, lies in its ability to reach the rising middle classes who live outside the biggest cities and who are also splashing out to buy gems and gold (CTF can claim credit for getting mainland Chinese to embrace the more lucrative 24-carat variety). The World Gold Council reckons that China is the worldrsquo;s fastest-growing market for gold jewellery and the second-biggest after India. There are now signs that Chinese consumers, confronted with rising inflation, are buying gold as a hedge.不过,;周大福;的真正优势在于其将触角延伸至崛起中的中产阶级的能力。这些中产生活在大城市以外,在购买宝石和黄金上同样不惜千金一掷。(;周大福;以让中国内地人接受更赚钱的24克拉类型而沾沾自喜)。世界黄金协会认为中国已成了黄金珠宝市场增长最快的国家,在规模上仅次于印度。现在更有种新的迹象:面对日益加剧的通货膨胀,中国消费者开始购买黄金保值。It is true that CTF has rivals, but it seems better positioned to conquer China. Luk Fook, for example, is another Hong Kong jeweller expanding rapidly on the mainland;but its strategy relies chiefly on using franchisees, whereas CTF ensures high quality and branding by directly controlling its far-flung outlets. Foreign firms are also expanding;Prada had a .5 billion stock placement in Hong Kong earlier this year, and Cartier has more than 110 bustling stores on the mainland;but they rarely stray outside the big cities.没错,;周大福;是有竞争对手,不过在赢得中国市场方面它似乎更有优势。举例来说,香港另外一家珠宝商;六福;(Luk Fook)是另外一家在中国内地迅速扩张的公司,但其战略主要是连锁经营,而;周大福;则是确保高品质、通过直接控制广泛的零售店打出自己的品牌。外国公司同样不甘示弱:今年早些时候;普拉达;在香港发行25亿美元的股票配售,;卡地亚;在中国大陆有超过110家商店,来往顾客络绎不绝。不过在大城市之外鲜见它们的身影。Indeed, CTF could even profit by offering global rivals a distribution channel in remote regions. Local knowledge matters, for tastes differ widely: jade is popular in interior provinces, for example, while coastal regions prefer simple designs. CTF has just struck a deal with De Beers to market one of the diamond companyrsquo;s brands in its outlet in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province. Global markets may be punishing CTF today, but the heartland of China looks likely to reward its investors for years to come.实际上,如果为全球竞争对手在偏远地区提供一个分销渠道,;周大福;会获利更多。熟悉当地情况十分重要,因为品味往往各不相同:比方说,在内陆省份较受欢迎,而沿海地区则偏爱简单的设计。;周大福;刚刚与;德比尔斯;(De Beers )达成一笔交易,在湖南省会长沙零售店推广其品牌。;周大福;现在可能会在全球市场失利,不过数年以后,中国中心地带可能会给其投资者带来回报。valuation n.评价turmoil n.骚动, 混乱estimate n.估计reckon v.认为conquer v.征; 占领heartland n. 心脏地区201111/162430。
  • Lexington列克星敦The long road home回家的路还长着呢How Osama bin Laden's death, and life, have changed America奥巴马如何对待奥萨马本拉登之死,无形之中,已经影响了美国May 5th 2011 | from the print editionWHAT America needs, Sarah Palin is fond of saying, is a commander-in-chief, not a professor-in-chief. Like many other Republican critics of Barack Obama, the former governor of Alaska ought to be eating her words. Indeed, after the daring raid that killed Osama bin Laden, America has discovered that its commander-in-chief is one cool cat. The president issued the order for the attack on Friday April 29th and it was executed on the Sunday. In between, on the Saturday night, a relaxed Mr Obama gave a wisecracking speech at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner. Flashing his toothsome smile, he poked fun not only at Donald Trump, the presidential wannabe who had questioned whether the president was a real American, but also at himself for his professorial ways and tanking poll numbers. 莎拉佩林喜欢说,美国,要成为一个统帅而不是首席教授。看来这位前阿拉斯加州州长得和其他民主党反对人士一样,收回前言了。事实上确实如此,自从美国突袭击毙奥萨马本拉登之后,其统帅地位坚不可摧。4月29日星期五,奥巴马总统下达刺杀令,周日执行。周六晚,在每年一度的白宫记者晚宴上,奥巴马的演说诙谐又轻松。带着标志性的奥氏微笑,他冲着唐纳德特朗普打趣,这位地产大亨曾经质疑这位美国总统是否真的是美国人。当然,总统也对他自己的执政之道和坦克民意调查开开玩笑。The joke now is on the critics of the president’s foreign policy. In one gloriously mistimed editorial, written just ahead and in ignorance of the raid on Abbottabad, Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, mocked Mr Obama for “leading from behind”. All the Republicans had to do, argued Mr Kristol, was to nominate “a real leader: a workhorse not a show horse; a steady hand not a flip-flopper; a profile in courage not in cleverness; a competent man or woman with strength and confidence in defence of liberty at home and abroad.”这个笑话成了总统外交政策的一大讽刺。有篇社论,事前发布,有点不合时宜。文章认为袭击阿伯塔巴德无知可笑。保守派杂志Weekly Standard主编克里斯托讽刺奥巴马“幕后操作”。所有共和党人皆反驳克里斯托,寓意告诉他什么才是真正的领袖:良马不是拿来秀的,是铁腕就不会轻易受伤,假装坚强不是真正的智慧,一个拥有能力和自信的人,无论对内对外都会捍卫自由。201105/135082。
  • A short visit to India by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has allowed New Delhi and Moscow to strengthen their strategic partnership, which has had its ups and downs since the end of the Cold War era.Indian and Russian officials say the two prime ministers held wide-ranging discussions. 印度和俄罗斯官员说,两国总理就广泛议题进行了磋商。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says his talks with Mr. Putin went beyond the 22 agreements they signed. "There is much that India and Russia can do together to advance global peace and stability and the process of global economic revival. We've agreed to intensify our consultations on Afghanistan and the challenges posed by terrorism and extremism in our region," he said.印度总理辛格说,他与普京谈话的内容并不止两国签署的22项协议。他说:“印度和俄罗斯能够在很多方面共同合作,推动世界和平与稳定,促进全球经济复苏。我们同意在阿富汗问题,以及恐怖主义与极端主义给我们地区带来的挑战等问题上加强磋商。”But most of the attention focused on the billions of dollars worth of deals they signed. 但最引人注目的还是双方签署的价值数十亿美元的协议。To help India meet a shortage of electricity for its booming economy, Russia is to build between 12 and 16 nuclear power plants here, six of them by 2017. Russia is aly constructing two units in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.为帮助印度解决其蓬勃发展的经济带来的电力短缺问题,俄罗斯将在印度修建12至16个核电站,其中6个将在2017年之前完成。俄罗斯已经在南部的泰米尔纳德邦开始了两个核电站的建设工程。Earlier in the day, during a conference with Indian business leaders gathered in several cities, Mr. Putin said Russia would also supply India with fuel for the reactors and cooperate on disposal of nuclear waste from the new plants. He called Russia's nuclear technology among the safest in the world. 当天早些时候,普京在与聚集在印度几个城市的商界领袖们举行视频会议时说,俄罗斯也将为印度的反应堆提供燃料,并将合作处理新核电站的核废料问题。他说俄罗斯的核技术属于世界上最安全的。One of the most significant agreements is intended to settle a protracted dispute over the sale and refurbishing of a Russian aircraft carrier that is to be delivered to India's Navy by the end of 2012. The two countries originally agreed on a price of about 0 million for the Admiral Gorshkov. Now it is believed to be .3 billion. 印俄签署的重要协议之一,是为了解决有关出售和翻新俄罗斯一艘航空母舰的一个迟迟没有解决的争议。这艘名为“戈尔什科夫海军上将号”的航空母舰计划于2012年底前交付给印度海军。两国原本达成9.5亿美元的价格协议,但据信价格将达到23亿美元。201003/98660。
  • Despite a sluggish economy, charitable giving by American people and companies rose more than 6.5 percent last year from .虽然经济仍不景气,但是一项新的调查发现,2010年,美国人和美国公司的慈善捐款比年增加了6.5%还多。A study, by the research group Atlas of Giving, suggests the growth in giving was fueled primarily by a robust stock-market performance and greater awareness of people facing tough times because of the economy.一个叫作“捐赠总汇”的组织所做的调查显示,慈善捐款增加的主要原因是股市强劲回升,以及人们更多地意识到经济给很多人带来的经济困境。Increased donationsEach week an Arlington, Virginia food bank delivers donated goods to a senior citizens residential building. Without the the items such as canned food, dairy products and frozen meats, many on fixed incomes would be forced to go without or sacrifice other things. 每个星期,维吉尼亚州阿灵顿的一个食物都为一家养老院捐赠食物。如果没有这些罐头食品、奶制品以及冷冻肉,很多像玛丽·兰尼这样只有养老金收入的人,只好不吃这些东西,或者牺牲其它的东西来买这些食物。"Well a lot of people have to pay for medicine and different small items, but with this here that helps them be able to keep a little more as far as carrying them through the month," says Mary Lanier, as she fills a bag with donated food. 兰尼说:“很多人得付医药费以及其它一些零星费用。有了这些捐赠的食物,他们可以多留一点钱,至少能够撑到月底。”Without donations from individuals and corporations the Arlington Food Assistance Center would be unable to get food into the hands of about 3,000 people who need it. Despite the economic downturn, donations here grew 26 percent over and more than a million dollars was raised last year.如果没有个人或者公司的捐赠,阿灵顿食品赞助中心就不可能为大约3千个人提供他们所需要的食物。虽然经济不景气,但是,阿灵顿食品赞助中心2010年收到的捐助物品比年增加了26%,还筹集到100多万美元的善款。"Arlington County residents have traditionally been very generous with AFAC and I think they are coming out of this recession earlier than most, and are willing to give back to their fellow neighbor," says Charles Meng, executive director of the Arlington Food Assistance Center. 中心执行主任查尔斯·孟说:“阿灵顿郡的居民长期以来对我们中心非常慷慨。他们比美国大多数人更早走出经济衰退,他们也更愿意回馈给社区其他人。”Donors like Alois Michalak are among those giving back to their fellow neighbor. "Over the past four years, my wife and I have donated more and more each and every year so I do expect that to continue to happen."像阿罗斯·米夏尔克这样的捐赠者就很愿意在现在经济困难的时候帮助他人。他说:“过去4年来,我和太太每年都比前一年捐得更多,我想我们会持续这么做的。”201103/128280。
  • For something that could revolutionize the world, it’s come along very slowly. The fuel cell was invented in 1839, but there was little development until the 1950s when NASA started to use them in space where they are still used today. Now, after years of continuous development, things are speeding up.At its core, the fuel cell is very simple. It uses hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe , as fuel. One type of fuel cell uses a membrane and it looks something like plastic wrap . It allows the hydrogen’s proton to pass through while the electron is forced to take a different course. This produces electricity. The fuel cell runs as long as it’s fed hydrogen. The cleanest, the most ily available source of hydrogen is very easy to find. It’s water. Of course, it couldn’t be this simple. Somehow, the hydrogen in the water molecule must be stripped and stored, and that takes power. Peter Lehman at Humboldt State University in Northern California decided to build a renewable hydrogen fuel cell system for a research aquarium.“I think the legacy of the 20th century is that we were very good at burning things. Fuel cells offer a clean and efficient way to generate electricity. They are totally pollution-free and they are significantly more efficient than traditional ways of generating electricity.” He bought solar panels to provide power to remove the hydrogen from water and tanks to store the hydrogen fuel. The problem was the fuel cell. No one produced one that would work with the aquarium. So Peter went ahead and built it. During the day, it uses power from the solar panels, but only part of that power. The rest is turned into hydrogen for use later by the fuel cell. That creates a completely renewable full-time system. The goal of fuel cell makers is to offer totally reliable, independent systems, but the competition is tough. To thrive in the marketplace, fuel cell makers must compete against the cheap and reliable power provided by fossil fuels. Peter’s reliable fuel cell system has aly satisfied customers who are off the power grid. Now, he’s y to convince the rest of us.Vocabulary Mix membrane A thin sheet of natural or synthetic material that is permeable to substances in solution.200811/55410。
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