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  • TourismRailroads, ships, buses, and airplaneshave made travel easier, faster, and cheaper;and the number of people who can spare the time and the moneyto take trips has grown enormously.It is not reserved to a lucky few, nowadays,to admire Inca temples, French castles,and Australian kangaroos.Millions of people do each year.But instead of being called travelers,they are known as touristsand they are seen all over the world —floating down the Amazon, cruising to Alaska,flying from Timbuktu to Easter Island,and taking pictures of Norwegian churches and Pakistani costumes.Surely this represents great progress.It is just and good that most of the peoplewho dream of seeing the Parthenon should have a chance to do so.It is satisfying to know that remote ruinsare not gotten in deep ests,to be seen only a few explorers at the risk of their lives.It is excellent that people of different countiesshould meet and talk to each other.But is it really?Is it really desirable to have the most remote beach,the most hidden temple exposed to human curiosityand at the same time to the litter and graffitithat humanity leaves in its path?Would it be better to leave such treasures to the local population,which perhaps doesn?t pay any attention to them?The saddest aspect of tourism has been brought recentlyto the attention of the publicit seems that the great number of visitorsis destroying the treasures that they enjoy most.Under millions of feet,ancient stones wear out,ancient floors break down.Parts of the palace of Versaillesmay have to be closed to the publicin order to preserve them,and some European caves,famous their thirty-thousand-year-old paintings,have aly been closedbecause the paintings were damaged by human respiration.There may come a time when only specialists in art, history,or archaeology will be allowed near the treasures of the past.Perhaps we’d better hurry to see them;perhaps we’d better take a tour soon. 501
  • Excerpt from Tom Jones, chapterⅣ[There was previously] a quarrel between Master Blifil and Tom Jones, the consequence of which had been a bloody nose to the mer; though Master Blifil, not with standing he was the younger, was in size above the other’s match, yet Tom was much his superior at the noble art of boxing. Tom, however, cautiously avoided all engagements with that youth; besides that Tommy Jones was an inoffensive lad amidst all his roguery1), and really loved Blifil, Mr. Thwackum being always the second of the latter, would have been sufficient to deter him. But well says a certain author, No man is wise at all hours;it is theree no wonder that a boy is not so. A difference arising at play between the two lads. Master Blifil called Tom a beggarly bastard. Upon which the latter, who was somewhat passionate in his disposition, immediately caused that phenomenon in the face of the mer, which we have above remembered. Master Blifil now, with his blood running from his nose, and the tears galloping after from his eyes, appeared bee his uncle and the tremendous Thwackum. In which court an indictment) of assault3), battery, and wounding, was instantly preferred against Tom;who in his excuse only pleaded the provocation, which was indeed all the matter that Master Blifil had omitted. It is indeed possible that this circumstance might have escaped his memory;, in his reply, he positively insisted, that he had made use of no such appellation;adding, “Heaven bid such naughty words should ever come out of his mouth.”Tom, though against all m of law, rejoined in affirmance) of the words. Up on which Master Blifil said, “It is no wonder. Those who will tell one fib, will hardly stick at another. If I had told my master such a wicked fib as you have done, I should be ashamed to show my face. ”“What fib, child?”cried Thwackum pretty eagerly. “Why, he told you that nobody was with him a shooting when he killed the partridge;but he knows ”(here he burst into a flood of tears), “yes, he knows, he confessed it to me, that Black George the gamekeeper was there. Nay, he said-yes you did-deny it if you can, that you would not have confessed the truth, though master had cut you to pieces. ”At this the fire flashed from Thwackum’s eyes, and he cried out in triumph-“Oh. Ho. This is your mistaken notion of honour. This is the boy who was not to be whipped again.” But Mr. Allworthy, with a more gentle aspect, turned towards the lad, and said, “Is this true, child?How came you to persist so obstinately in a falsehood?”Tom said he scorned5) a lie as much as any one:but he thought his honour engaged him to act as he did; he had promised the poor fellow to conceal6) him:which he thought himself farther obliged to, as the gamekeeper had begged him not to go into the gentleman’s manor, and he had at last gone himself, in compliance with his persuasions. He said this was the whole truth of the matter, and he would take his oath of it;and concluded with very passionately begging Mr. Allworthy to have compassion on t he poor fellow’s family, especially as he himself only had been guilty, and the other had been very difficulty prevailed7) on to do what he did. “Indeed, sir, ”said he, “it could hardly be called a lie that I told; the poor fellow was entirely innocent of the whole matter. I should have gone alone after the birds;nay, I did go at first, and he only followed me to prevent more mischief. Do, pray, sir, let me be punished;take my little horse away again;but pray, sir, give poor George. ”Mr. Allworthy hesitated a few moments, and then dismissed the boys, advising them to live more friendly and peaceably together. 65
  • 作家朱迪斯·厄斯特曾写道:“当你觉得他像罗伯特·雷德福一样仪表堂堂,像索尔仁尼琴一样心地纯洁,像伍迪·艾伦一样言谈风趣,像吉米·康纳斯一样身体矫健,像阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦一样头脑聪明,那你就被爱冲昏了头脑当你认识到他在长相方面像伍迪·艾伦,头脑方面像吉米·康纳斯,言谈方面像索尔仁尼琴,身体方面像阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦,无论在哪一方面都不像罗伯特·雷德福——但你却偏偏要嫁给他,这才是真正的爱”Take a Loving Look How we see our partners often depends more on how we are than how they are.Husbands and wives are not audience, but participant observers in each other's lives. "Bee we were married, my husband was a caring, energetic man," a wife once told me. "He couldn't seem to keep his hands off me. Since we've been married, he's become a couch potato and watches ball games more than he watches me. He's gone from stud to spud." "Very funny," answered the husband. "But have you looked at yourself lately? When we got married, you were beautiful. Now you wear that old robe. If I've gone from stud to spud, then you've gone from doll to drudge." This hurtful, infantile argument illustrates how spouses, instead of looking love, may look flaws. It is a way of seeing. Author Judith Viorst once wrote,"Infatuation is when you think he's as gorgeous as Robert Redd, as pure as Solzhenitsyn, as funny as Woody Allen, as athletic as Jimmy Connors, and as smart as Albert Einstein. Love is when you realize he's as gorgeous as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Solzhenitsyn, as athletic as Albert Einstenin, and nothing like Robert Redd in any category--but you'll take him anyway." This law of lasting love instructs us to look with instead of love. 019885
  • Western titles and terms of addressIn the west,especially in Britain,status titles are associated with class distinctions――Lord Apley,Earl Bernard(‘Count ’is used in Western European countries).The British upper class families usually have titles,such as Duke1),Marquis),Earl3),Viscount)and Baron5).In the U.S.,however,class differences are minimized and Americans do not have those titles.Instead,they use occupational titles,which denote a recognition that has been earned,not merely inherited.Occupations which most frequently carry titles include:diplomats,members of the Congress and the Senate,Judges of the courts,military6) officers,medical doctors,ranking professors,priests,rabbis,and some Protestant clergy.Examples would be:Ambassador Jones,Senator Smith,Governor Rockefeller,Judge Harley,General Clark,Dr.Brown(medical),Dr.Green(Ph.D.),Father White,Rabbi Cohen,Bishop Gray and etc.Generally speaking,men in all other occupations are addressed as“Mister”,women as“Ms ”.“Sir”and“Ma ‘am”(Madam)are more respectful terms of address.In Britain,the relationship between people is more mal than that in the U.S.A.,friendly and inmal relationship is more important to Americans than either rank or status.Americans think that they can still respect a person deeply even if they call him Charlie or Paul.To them,respect and inmality are not related. 19
  • 威廉福克纳(1897—196),美国作家,先后创作了十几篇长篇小说和几十篇短篇小说,描述了以美国南方0年来南北战争为中心事件的社会变迁,各种家族的兴衰,各种人物的沉浮他的小说常描写美国的黑暗面,199年获得诺贝尔文学奖本篇是他在接受该奖时所发表的演讲这是一篇脍炙人口的演讲词然而,由于福克纳本人对语言运用的独特性和精深性,所以对初学者来说,这篇美文也许颇有些难度 8
  • 要想达到心静如水的心境需要从众多方面入手:从我们的内心,我们和他人之间的关系,以及我们和我们内心之间的关系当任何一方失去平衡,都不能维持一种持久的平静心境There are many areas in which peace needs to be accomplished - within ourselves, between ourselves and others, and between ourselves and the divine. When any part is out of balance, a lasting peace cannot be maintained.Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. A state of peace does not grow out of a false sense of safety, but out of understanding how to interact with the ces we are subjected to. Rather than reacting automatically, we must learn how to best respond. Automatic, habitual reactions lead us and others into blind alleys. Responding, on the other hand, includes response-ability, the power to see things as they are, stay balanced and make an appropriate response. This is the action of seeking peace.Many may not be aware of the enormous power their choices and actions have upon their lives and the lives of others. It has been said that even a small amount of real love has the power to dissolve mountains of hate. The wonder is why we are so stingy with our good will, why we hold onto thoughts of hatred and revenge. Seeing this is the first step. Letting go comes next. This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. Rather than pretending to be loving and peaceful, we must learn how to actively work with all that opposes peace. We must learn how to work with our fear and anger when it arises. Even in the midst of anger we can be peaceful, if we learn how to handle it properly. In this way we pursue and practice peace. 9
  • 英文里的各种发言讲话 -- ::53 来源: 生活中,有的小伙伴凭借三寸不烂之舌能Hold住全场,有的小伙伴靠嘴甜舌巧搞定自己的另一半他们的讲话特点,英文里都有哪些短语可以形容?下面就来看看吧!1. Whisper sweet nothings Sweet nothings指的是“甜言蜜语”,“情意绵绵的话”这个短语要表达的意思就是在情人耳边悄悄说情话例:He always whispers sweet nothings into his girlfriend's ear. 他总爱在女友耳边灌甜言蜜语. Twitter 这个单词大家都不陌生,很容易就会想到有名的社交网络“推特”其实,推特正是取了这个词的本意“小鸟的鸣叫声”,正好也是发送消息时的“啁啾”声,寓意全球的消息叽叽喳喳地在 Twitter上疯传当然,这个词也可以用在人身上,表达唧唧喳喳地说话例:What are those people twittering about? 那些人在唧唧喳喳地说什么呢?3. Hold the floor 乍一看上去,这个短语是不是有种hold住全场的赶脚?其实,它的意思不太一样这个短语是专门为那些发言控准备的!每逢讨论辩论的时候,他们都会牢牢地把握住发言权,接下来就是一顿说,其他小伙伴们再想插话就太难了例:She held the floor over an hour. 她长篇大论地讲了一个小时. Shoot your mouth off 这个短语把嘴巴比成了机关,不仅突突突地说个没完,而且内容还没经过大脑审核,属于胡说八道型例:She tends to shoot her mouth off. 她差点儿乱说话5. Murmur Murmur表示的是用很低的声音说话,旁人几乎都听不到多数情况下,说话人不是真的声小,而是因为心里有情绪,不高兴例:She murmured her agreement. 她嘟囔了一句表示同意 英文
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