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广州市去那家医院输精管接通最好天河棠东人流好的医院“绝望主妇”伊娃:用法语立下婚誓The endless details were numbing, but Eva Longoria says she kept herself cool at her wedding to Tony Parker last week."My stylist, Robert Verdi, and everybody around me was like, `You're so calm,'" Longoria tells OK! magazine in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday. "I actually don't stress about anything."The 32-year-old "Desperate Housewives" actress and the 25-year-old NBA star wed in a civil ceremony in Paris last Friday. The following day, they exchanged vows in a church across from the Louvre Museum and held an exclusive reception at a storied French chateau."Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, romantic wedding," says Longoria. "It was amazing to see it unfold after months of planning. We really wanted to create an experience for our guests. It was about them having fun."That list included fellow "Housewives" Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman and singer Sheryl Crow.Parker, who was born in Belgium and raised in France, notes that Longoria chose the wedding destination."I didn't want to do it in Paris because we'd end up inviting more people than I wanted!" says Parker, eliciting laughs from Longoria.Longoria also giggled during the wedding ceremony as she attempted to say her vows in French."She decided I would do the vows in English; hers would be in French," Parker explains. "There were some tough words. I'm very proud of her." 婚礼筹备中没完没了的琐事几乎能把人弄麻木,而伊娃·朗格莉娅称,在上周她和帕克的婚礼上,她一直保持着镇静和从容。朗格莉娅在接受将于本周五出版的最新一期OK!杂志的采访时说:“我的造型师罗伯特·弗迪和身边的所有人都说,‘你好有定力啊!’其实我对任何事都不会看得太重。”上周五,这位32岁的“绝望主妇”和25岁的NBA球星在巴黎登记结婚。第二天,两人在卢浮宫对面的一个教堂交换婚誓,并在当地的一个古堡举行了一场盛大的婚宴。朗格莉娅说:“每个女孩都梦想能有一个美好、浪漫的婚礼。经过几个月的筹备,我的这个梦想终于实现了,真是美妙极了!我们很想让来宾们能有一番不一样的体验。主要是想让他们开心!”参加婚礼的来宾包括与朗格莉娅共同出演《绝望主妇》的特里·海切尔和费丽西提·胡夫曼两位“主妇”和歌手谢丽尔·克劳。生在比利时、长在法国的帕克说,婚礼地点是朗格莉娅选的。帕克说:“我不想在巴黎办,因为这样邀请的人会太多。”帕克的话引得朗格莉娅直发笑。朗格莉娅在婚礼上尝试用法语说她的婚誓时也忍不住笑了起来。帕克说:“她决定让我用英文说婚誓,她用法语说。有些词挺难说的,我十分为她骄傲。” /200803/31401广州做男科检查医院 学生过度崇拜明星影响学业An unhealthy obsession with celebrity culture is damaging the academic success of British students, a survey of teachers found on Friday, with celebrity couple the Beckhams the favorite inspiration.Many students are ignoring career aspirations to pursue the chance of fame instead, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) survey found.Almost two-thirds of teachers said sports stars were the type of celebrity most pupils wanted to emulate while more than half of students wanted to be pop stars.The celebrities students aspired to be most like, the survey said, were Los Angeles-based David and Victoria Beckham, arguably Britain's most famous couple.Soccer player "Becks" topped the poll, with more than half the teachers saying their students modeled themselves on the 32 year-old. In second place, with almost a third of the poll's vote, was his 33 year-old wife and pop star "Posh."In an era of reality television "stars" and a media fixation with celebrities, a majority of teachers said celebrity culture negatively impacted the aspirations of their pupils.Almost half of the 300 teachers polled said pupils tried to look like and/or behave like celebrities they most admired, fuelling fears that girls particularly dressed in "unsuitable," or provocative styles."We are not surprised about infiltration of celebrity culture in schools -- it reflects the current media obsession with celebrity and the effect of celebrity culture on society as a whole," ATL general secretary Mary Bousted said in a statement."Celebrities can have a positive effect on pupils. They can raise pupils' aspirations and ambitions for the future."However ... celebrity culture can perpetuate the notion that celebrity status is the greatest achievement and reinforces the belief that other career options are not valuable."Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard ranked third on the favorites list with 26 percent, actress Keira Knightley finished fourth (25 percent).Other celebrities on the list included U.S. heiress and socialite Paris Hilton (sixth) and Leona Lewis, a winner of Britain's "The X Factor" television talent show (ninth). 英国上周五公布的一项针对教师的调查发现,英国学生对明星的过度“痴迷”影响到了他们的学业。调查发现,“小贝”夫妇是英国学生最崇拜的明星。这项由英国教师与讲师协会开展的调查发现,很多学生由于追逐“明星梦”而忽视了正常的成才之路。近三分之二的教师称,大多数学生最想成为体育明星,一半以上的学生梦想成为流行歌星。该调查称,学生们最渴望自己能成为贝克汉姆夫妇那样的名人。已移居美国洛杉矶的小贝和维多利亚堪称英国最著名的夫妇。民调结果显示,足球巨星贝克汉姆最受学生崇拜,一半以上的受访教师称他们的学生以这位32岁的足球明星为榜样。小贝的爱妻、33岁的流行歌星“高贵辣” 以三分之一的得票率名列第二。多数受访教师称,在电视选秀明星大行其道、媒体大肆宣传明星的今天,名人文化对学生的志向产生了不良影响。在300名受访教师中,近一半的人称一些学生在外表或举止上效仿自己崇拜的明星,一些女孩着装“不当”或装扮过火,惹人担忧。英国教师与讲师协会秘书长玛丽#8226;鲍斯蒂德在一份声明中说:“明星文化深入校园其实并不奇怪——这体现了媒体过于关注名人的现状及名人文化对整个社会的影响。”“名人可以给学生带来积极影响。他们能激励学生们梦想未来。”“然而,名人文化也会助长一种错误观念,即‘成为明星才是最大成功,从事其它行业都没有价值’。”切尔西中场球员弗兰克#8226;兰帕德以26%的得票率成为第三大最受学生欢迎的明星,女星凯拉#8226;奈特莉名列第四(25%)。上榜的其他名人包括美国豪门女星、社交名媛帕里斯#8226;希尔顿(第六位)及英国选秀节目“The X Factor”冠军莉欧娜#8226;刘易斯(第九位)。 /200803/30962久仰! I've heard so much about you!  好久不见了! Long time no see.  辛苦了! You've had a long day.You've had a long flight.  尊敬的朋友们! Distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends  阁下(多用于称呼大使) Your Excellency  我代表北京市政府欢迎各位朋友访问北京。 On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to extend our warm welcome to the friends who have come to visit Beijing.  对您的大力协助,我谨代表北京市政府表示衷心的感谢。 On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, i wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your gracious assistance.  在北京过得怎么样? How are you making out in Beijing?  我一定向他转达您的问候和邀请。 I'll surely remember you and your invitation to him.  欢迎美商来北京投资。 American businessmen are welcome to make investment in Beijing.  欢迎多提宝贵意见。 Your valuable advice is most welcome.   不虚此行! It's a rewarding trip!  您的日程很紧,我们的会见是否就到此为止。 As you have a tight schedule, I will not take up more of your time.  请代我问候王先生。 Please remember me to Mr.Wang.  感谢光临! Thank you so much for coming.  欢迎再来! Hope you'll come again.  欢迎以后多来北京! Hope you'll visit Beijing more often.  请留步,不用送了! I will see myself out, please.  多保重! Take care!  祝您一路平安! Have a nice trip!  愿为您效劳! At your service!  为…举行宴会/宴请 Host a dinner/banquet/luncheon in honor of …  欢迎宴会 Welcome dinner  便宴 Informal dinner  午宴(附有情况介绍或专题演讲等内容) Luncheon  便餐 Light meal  工作午餐 Working luncheon  自助餐 Buffet dinner/luncheon   答谢宴会 Return dinner  告别宴会 Farewell dinner  庆功宴 Glee feast  招待会 Reception  庆祝中华人民共和国成立四十五周年招待会 Reception Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China  鸡尾酒会 Cocktail party  茶话会 Tea party  包餐/点餐 Table d'hote/a la carte  上菜 Serve a courst  您的位置在这里。 Here is your seat.  请入席! Please have a seat.  欢聚一堂 Enjoy this happy get-together  请随便! Please enjoy yourself.  请各位随意用餐。 Help yourself please.  您喝点什么? What would you like to drink?  现在我提议,为了…和…之间的合作,为了…参议员的健康,干杯! At this point, I propose a toast: to the cooperation between … And … , to the health of Senator…, cheers!   最后,我借主人的酒,提议为…干杯! Lastly, taking up this glass of fine wine, I propose a toast to …  请各位举杯并同我一起为所有在座的朋友们的健康干杯! I'd ask you to raise your glass and join me in a toast ot the health of all our friends present here.  敬您一杯! Here's to you!  祝你健康! To your health!  我要为此干杯! I'll drink to that!  随量! Whatever you like!  我失陪一会儿! Excuse me for a minute.  菜不好,请多多包涵! Hope you enjoy yourself.  女士们先生们,欢迎各位光临,演出很快就要开始了,请尽快就坐。 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. The concert/show would start soon. Please get yourself seated. Thank you.  招待会现在开始。 The reception will now begin.  全体起立,奏国歌! All rise please. For the P.R.C.National Anthem!  出席今天招待会的贵宾有… The distinguished guests paarticipating the reception are …   现在请…讲话 I have the honour to call upon …  开幕式现在结束。 This concludes the opening ceremony.  隆重庆祝 Grand celebration  庆祝成立…一周年 Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Establishment of …  热烈祝贺第一届…锦标赛 Hail the first FIFA of …  值此节日之际致以节日的祝贺! On the occasion of the season, I would like to extend season's greetings.  祝您工作顺利、事业成功、身体健康、家庭幸福! Wish you the very best of luck in your job, every successin your future endeavours, good health and a happy family!  衷心祝贺您当选… Hearty congratulations on your recent ecletion as … /200803/29279天河人民医院微创打胎

番禺不孕不育大医院多少钱Wanted: rich older women interested in hot younger guys. Applicants must be over 35, earn at least 0,000 a year or have a minimum of million in liquid assets, entrusted assets or divorce settlement.That's the basis of a speed-datingevent organized by a New York entrepreneur bringing together 20 "sugar mamas" and 20 "boy toys" vetted by an elite New York matchmaker."Symbiosis has allowed ugly rich men to attract young, gorgeous, money-hungry women for centuries; it's now the women's turn," proclaims pocketchangenyc.com, the Web site that Jeremy Abelson is using to promote the event.Set to take place at Manhattan's 230 Fifth club on February 7, it has attracted more than just wealthy divorcees. Nancy Richards, 50, is the owner of a marketing firm and a theater producer in New York and London."Is it truly what I am looking for? No. Is it an option? Why not? In New York City anything goes," Richards said with a laugh.Speed-dating pairs up prospective couples for face-to-face meetings that last just a few minutes. The partners rotate over the course of the evening, allowing participants to make the acquaintance of many potential partners."I find younger guys will usually be totally into you while older guys will be looking over your shoulder at a younger woman," said Gail Garrison, 44, a fashion designer and former model."Younger men expect an older woman to be more accomplished. They are looking for you because you are intelligent. They are not looking for a mother," she said.Abelson, 27, calls it "Natural Selection Speed Date II: Sugar Mamas amp; Boy Toys." He came up with the idea after drawing criticism from feminists for organizing an event last year that paired wealthy older men with young women.More than 5,000 men applied for a place in this year's event. Twenty finalists were selected.The prospective boy toys -- who had to be under 35 -- were screened by Janice Spindel, billed as New York's most exclusive matchmaker."I really think a lot of people will connect," Spindel said. "Age is just a number, and some people are unlisted." 寻人:对年轻帅小伙感兴趣的富婆。报名者必须在35岁以上,年收入不得低于50万美元,流动资产、信托资产或离婚分得资产至少为400万美元。这是纽约一位企业家举办的一项速配活动的报名条件。参加速配的20名“富婆”和20名“花样美男”均由纽约一位著名红娘挑选出来。杰莱米#8226;阿贝尔森pocketchangenyc.com网站上宣传该活动时称:“由于‘共生关系’(译者注:互惠互利)的存在,几个世纪以来,都是丑陋的男富翁吸引年轻漂亮、爱财的女人;现在该轮到女人做主了。”该活动将于本月7日在曼哈顿的230第五俱乐部举行,报名者并不只是富有的离婚女性。50岁的南茜#8226;理查德兹在纽约和伦敦分别拥有一家营销公司和一家影视制作公司。她笑着说:“这真的是我想要的吗?不是。但既然是一种选择,为什么不尝试一下呢?在纽约,一切皆有可能。”活动当晚,速配双方可以面对面地交流几分钟,然后不停地进行轮换,这样大家就有机会认识更多的人。装设计师、44岁的盖尔#8226;加里森曾是一名模特。她说:“我发现年轻男士通常会很专一,而老男人总会盯着比你更年轻的女人。”她说:“在年轻男士看来,年龄较大的女人应该更有成就。他们选择你是因为他们觉得你聪明。他们并不是来找个‘妈妈’。”27岁的阿贝尔森将该活动称为“自然选择速配系列之二:富婆和花样美男”。阿贝尔森去年组织了一次有钱老男人与年轻女士的速配活动,该活动遭到女权主义者的批评后,他产生了这个新想法。共有五千多名年轻男士报名参加了今年的活动,最终有20人入选。应征男士的年龄必须在35岁以下,由号称纽约第一资深“红娘”的詹妮斯#8226;斯宾德尔负责筛选。斯宾德尔说:“我真的觉得很多人能成。年龄只不过是个数字,有些人甚至没有公开。” /200803/28880天河妇科最专业的妇科医院 广州看男性不育到哪家医院

广州番禺人流费用多少 Adidas will aim at niches such as high fashion and children#39;s wear as it seeks to overtake Nike Inc. in China and become the nation#39;s top sports-apparel brand.为超越耐克(Nike Inc.)成为中国最大的运动装品牌,阿迪达斯(Adidas )将会瞄准高端时装和童装等小众市场。The German sporting-goods company said Monday that it hopes this year to surpass its estimated 1 billion (.3 billion) in 2011 revenue in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. To reach its goal, the world#39;s second-largest maker of sports goods by revenue, after Nike, plans to home in on segments that rivals don#39;t aly dominate.Bloomberg News2月18日,北京一家阿迪达斯零售店里的顾客。这家德国体育用品公司周一说,它希望今年在中国内地、香港和台湾的收入超过2011年10亿欧元(约合13亿美元)的估计数字。#39;China has shown that it is more interested in leisure and fashion than any other country#39; where Adidas operates, Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer said.为达到这一目标,阿迪达斯计划瞄准竞争对手还没有占据主导地区的细分市场。按收入计算,阿迪达斯是世界第二大体育用品生产商,仅次于耐克。阿迪达斯首席执行长海纳(Herbert Hainer)说,中国对休闲和时装的兴趣,超过了阿迪达斯有业务的其他任何国家。The fight for China#39;s sports-apparel buyers has become heated. Nike has become the country#39;s No. 1 sports brand, according to market-research firm Euromonitor, with 7,500 outlets that sell its products across the country. Adidas runs 6,700 retail outlets across China and declined to say how many it plans to open this year.争夺中国运动消费者的竞争已经变得十分激烈。据市场研究公司Euromonitor的数据,耐克在全中国有7,500家门店,是中国市场上的头号运动品牌。阿迪达斯在中国有6,700家零售门店,但拒绝透露今年打算新开多少门店。While track suits and sweatpants are common in China, sports participation is low and consumers are less likely to buy the higher-end products that Western sports-apparel companies sell to aspiring athletes elsewhere.虽然运动和运动长裤在中国很常见,但体育运动参与率不高。中国消费者相对来说也较少购买西方运动装企业的较高端产品,这些产品在其他市场一般面向体育迷。Adidas and U.S.-based Nike aim to boost sales of high-end sports gear.阿迪斯斯和总部在美国的耐克都有志于提高高端运动装备的销量。But Adidas also sees growth potential in other arenas. Mr. Hainer said the company this year will boost marketing for the Adidas NEO line, a teen-targeted casual line with striped hooded sweat jackets for about , and priced around 40% less than other Adidas brands.但阿迪达斯在其他领域也看到了增长潜能。海纳说,今年公司将加强阿迪达斯NEO系列的营销。NEO是以一个青少年为目标人群的休闲装系列,条纹连帽衫价格约为60美元,比阿迪达斯其他品牌便宜四成左右。NEO aims to be a gateway line for consumers with tighter budgets or with shoppers in lower-tier cities, where Mr. Hainer said he sees two-thirds of the company#39;s opportunity. As consumer budgets grow, shoppers will have more access to Adidas#39;s higher-end products, he said. Y-3, the company#39;s premium line, sells fur-trimmed leather trench coats for about ,100 and tweed three-quarter-sleeved coats for around ,650.NEO志在成为一个面向预算较紧的消费者或二三线城市消费者的入门系列。海纳说,他认为公司三分之二的机会都在二三线城市。他说,随着预算的增加,消费者将更有能力购买阿迪达斯的更高端产品。该公司高端系列Y-3的毛边皮风衣售价在3,100美元左右,中袖斜纹呢外套约为2,650美元。Adidas also plans to expand in children#39;s apparel, a budding market in China, where parents want to buy the best for the one child in the family.阿迪达斯还计划在童装领域扩张。这在中国是一个方兴未艾的市场,因为父母们都想为家中唯一的孩子买最好的东西。Adidas operates 500 children#39;s stores across China, selling products such as upscale leather baby bootees for about 5 a pair.阿迪达斯在整个中国开有500家童装店,销售的产品包括215美元一双的高端皮质童靴。Market watchers say Adidas might face uphill challenges in pursuing such niches. Fast-fashion brands, such as Zara, owned by Spanish company Inditex SA, and other apparel makers are expanding rapidly across the country.市场观察者说,阿迪达斯进攻这些小众市场可能会遇到巨大的挑战。西班牙Inditex SA旗下Zara等快速时装品牌和其他装厂商正在中国高速扩张。美国咨询公司立特集团(Monitor Group)合伙人唐士德(Torsten Stocker)说,#39;Sports companies have to maintain credible roots in athletic performance to remain differentiated from their #39;pure#39; fashion-brand competitors,#39; said Torsten Stocker, a partner at U.S.-based consulting firm Monitor Group.运动装企业要跟作为竞争对手的“纯”时装品牌保持差异化,就必须切实根植于运动装方面的表现。Adidas is aware that it has to push further in sports gear as well and will invest in more outdoor outlets to sell hiking and rugged wear to China#39;s more-adventurous consumers.阿迪达斯知道它也需要在体育用品领域进一步深化。它将投资开设更多的户外装备门店,向中国更具冒险精神的消费者销售登山用品和耐用装备。Adidas sales in China jumped to 900 million in the first nine months of last year, up 28% from a year earlier, Mr. Hainer said.海纳说,去年头九个月,阿迪达斯在中国的销售额为9亿欧元,同比猛增28%。 /201302/227537广州做不孕不育检查大约多少钱佛山去哪里治不育




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