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Vella: So Daniel, were talking about emotions and lets talk about emotions in men. Do you think its OK for men to cry?维拉:丹尼尔,我们来谈谈情感,我们谈一下男人的情感吧。你能接受男人哭泣吗?Daniel: Well, I do think its all right. Theres nothing wrong about it. If you want to cry, if youre sad, if you are angry, if you are disappointed, I think its normal. The normal reaction would be to cry but unfortunately there is a huge stigma attached to men crying. For some people it is a big issue. For me, personally, it isnt.丹尼尔:我觉得这没什么。这没什么错。如果你想哭,如果你很伤心,很生气,或者你很失望,我觉得这很正常。哭泣是正常的反应,可是不幸的是,男人哭泣被认为是极大的耻辱。对有些人来说这是个大问题。就我个人来说,我觉得这没什么大不了的。Vella: I agree a hundred per cent with you. For me personally, I think its totally OK for guys to cry.维拉:我完全同意你的观点。我也认为男人哭泣没什么。Daniel: Hm, hm.丹尼尔:嗯,嗯。Vella: But I think its in my culture, Indonesian, its really uncommon to, you know, for guys to show this emotional expression when they cry. For example when, even when youre little, if you cry in the classroom and when you are a guy and if you cry, people are just going to make fun of you and theyre going to start laughing and calling you names.维拉:我来自印度尼西亚,在我们国家的文化里,男人哭泣这种情况非常罕见,男性一般不会表露出这种情感。即使是小时候,如果男孩在教室里哭,那会被其他人取笑的,他们会嘲笑地喊出他的名字。Daniel: I know totally. Its the same in Chile actually. Well, I was raised in a really, really strong kind of macho culture. I mean crying was a sign of weakness so boys were not, I mean I can say, were not allowed to cry, right, because of, because of the whole macho thing and you have to be a man, you have to be brave so youre not supposed to cry. But now I think its, kids shouldnt be, well they shouldnt be encouraged to cry but they should be told that its all right. I mean its a natural reaction and you have to show your feelings so I think if you want to cry, if youre sad and if you want to cry, you should just do it but theres nothing to be embarrassed about.丹尼尔:我完全了解。智利也是这样。我是在强烈男性文化的环境中成长起来的。哭泣被看作是软弱的表现,这种文化不允许男孩流泪,因为你要成为男人,你必须要勇敢,所以你不能哭。不过我现在认为,不能鼓励孩子哭泣,但是应该告诉他们,哭也没关系。因为这是一种自然的情感,你可以表露出你的感觉,所以我认为如果你想哭,如果你很难过很想哭,那你可以哭,没什么难为情的。Vella: I think thats just how it is inside or they expect men to be macho and masculine and I think showing tears kind of takes away a lot of masculine, like masculinity out of men.维拉:我想他们是希望男性要有男子气概,更阳刚一些,可能流泪会让男性看上去不太阳刚。Daniel: I think its more masculine just to assume that you are sad and you are showing it. Youre not afraid to show your emotions. I think thats more valuable, thats more, I mean Im a boy and because I cry that doesnt make me less of a man. I mean, Im a man and therefore, I dont know because Im a man, I can show my expressions and Im not afraid of it. I dont know, thats what I think.丹尼尔:我觉得这样更有男子气概,你很难过,而你表现出来了。这表明你不害怕表露你的情感。我认为这更重要,我是男性,不会因为我哭了就让我缺少男子气概。因为我是男人,我可以表达我的感情,我不害怕表达出来。我是这样认为的。 译文属 /201611/479080Todd: So for the Satay you can have beef, chicken, liver, mutton. Now, people might not know what mutton is. What is mutton?托德:沙茶酱可以搭配牛肉、鸡肉、猪肝和羊肉。可能有人不清楚,mutton是什么?Ivan: Mutton is a lambs meat.伊凡:是羊肉。Todd: Lambs meat. Or sheeps meat.托德:羊肉。Ivan: Sheeps meat, yeah. And its… well actually, personally that is the meat that I most like.伊凡:对,羊肉。羊肉是我最喜欢的肉类。Todd: Oh really, thats your favorite?托德:哦,真的吗,羊肉是你的最爱?Ivan: Yeah its my favorite. It tastes like different and just… if I find a juicy one and its my wonder of the world maybe. Its really hard to find it anywhere else outside of Indonesia maybe because lack of lambs? I dont know.伊凡:对,羊肉是我的最爱。羊肉的味道有些不同,我吃到鲜嫩多汁的羊肉时,感觉非常奇妙。不过除了印尼以外,其他地方很难找到这种羊肉,难道是因为羊很少吗?我也不知道原因。Todd: Yeah, maybe.托德:可能是。Ivan: So once I find one I really cherish that moment.伊凡:所以我只要吃到这种羊肉,我会非常珍惜那个瞬间。Todd: Now in your city, is it common for people to eat in street stalls?托德:在你生活的城市,人们会经常去路边摊吃饭吗?Ivan: Yes, we have lots of hawkers in Jakarta. I mean, you can find meat ball sellers, you can find any street smoking vender shops and then you can find any… yeah, you can eat Nasi Goreng or Mi Goreng in the road also. Like maybe, well usually, when theres a traffic jam going on, usually when you can find some hawkers you can just ;Hey, I want Nasi Goreng;, they just go get and give it to us and you can eat.伊凡:会,雅加达有许多小贩。街头有卖肉丸和熏肉的小贩,还可以在路边摊吃印尼炒饭和印尼炒面。如果遇上交通堵塞,你可以直接喊那些小贩过来,跟他们说你想买份印尼炒饭,他们就会拿来给你,你就可以在车里吃了。Todd: From your car, you call to the people and they bring you the food?托德:你在车里喊那些小贩,他们就会把食物给你送过来?Ivan: Yeah, yeah they bring you the food. Or maybe sometimes we just park in anywhere and then if you see a hawker that sells Nasi Goreng you can just order and you can eat in there.伊凡:对,他们会把食物拿过来。有时候我们可以随便找个地方停车,然后去路边摊吃印尼炒饭。Todd: Wow, thats pretty cool.托德:哇,那太酷了。Ivan: Yeah, so its anywhere, basically, you can eat anywhere.伊凡:对,基本上来说是在任何地方都可以吃。Todd: I think I would gain a lot of weight.托德:我想这样我会胖很多的。Ivan: Yeah, so…伊凡:对…… 译文属 /201603/428930

5. Do you want to make a counter-offer?您是否还个价?还能这样说:Are you going to make a counter-offer?Lets have you counter-offer.应用:make sheeps eyes 送秋波,眉目传情6. There is no room for any reduction in price.价格毫无再减的余地了。还能这样说:It is impossible to reduce the price.The reduction in price is beyond discussion.应用:reduce oneself into 陷入……地步;reduce to 把化合物分解为;碾碎;换成零钱7. Business is closed at this price.交易就按此价敲定。还能这样说:Business is dealt at this price.The deal is done at the price.应用:close ones career 结束自己的事业;close packing 密堆积;严密充填;close shot 近景8. As a token of friendship, we accept your counter-offer.作为友谊的象征,我们接受你方还盘。还能这样说:In order to build our friendship between us, we agree your counter-offer.We accept your counter-offer which symbolizes our friendship.应用:as a token of 作为……的标志(象征);by the same token 基于同样理由;况且;尤其 /201503/360832

讲解文本:left out 忽视,被遗忘Mary was left out in the dancing party.Mary在舞会上受到了冷落。Nobody liked to talk to her, she felt totally left out.没有人喜欢和她谈话,她觉得备受冷落。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201701/488415



  Valeria: So how about in tournament time?瓦莱里娅:比赛时间呢?Daniel: How?丹尼尔:怎么了?Valeria: How do you live that?瓦莱里娅:一般有比赛时你们是怎么过的?Daniel: Well if its an important tournament, like World Cup or Copa America, we would watch the matches like normally watch and...丹尼尔:如果是世界杯或美洲杯这样的重要比赛,我们会正常观看比赛……Valeria: What do you mean normally watch?瓦莱里娅:正常观看是什么意思?Daniel: Normally watch means even if you have classes, even if you are working, if theres a match in between youre going to watch it.丹尼尔:就是说即使要上课或是要上班,如果有重要比赛,我们还是会观看。Valeria: So wait a second. If you are working, suppose you are working in your office and the matches are three pm meaning like working hours or the match is at ten am like its school hours you still watch the match?瓦莱里娅:等一下。如果你在上班,比如你在办公室工作,比赛在下午3点开始,这时还是工作时间,或是在上午10点开始,这时学生还要上课,那你们也会看比赛吗?Daniel: Yeah, yeah. You get a TV at the office or your classroom and you watch the game.丹尼尔:对,没错。办公室和教室里有电视,可以看比赛。Valeria: Really?瓦莱里娅:真的吗?Daniel: Yeah, we stop working because otherwise you wouldnt do anything anyway.丹尼尔:对,我们会停下手里的工作,因为不然你也做不了什么。Valeria: So you stop working, you stop studying?瓦莱里娅:你们会停止工作,停止学习?Daniel: Yes.丹尼尔:对。Valeria: You stop everything that you are doing for watching the match?瓦莱里娅:你们停下手头上的一切事情,去看比赛?Daniel: Yeah.丹尼尔:对。Valeria: Its kind of the same in Argentina.瓦莱里娅:这和阿根廷一样。Daniel: You see because its really important, like football is really important for us so if youre supporting your team, if its your national team everyone gets involved.丹尼尔:因为这真的很重要,足球对我们来说非常重要,如果有你持的球队,如果有国家队的比赛,那所有人都会关注比赛。Valeria: In my country the rating of the matches is like more than thirty each time.瓦莱里娅:在我们国家,每次足球比赛的收视率都超过30%。Daniel: Yeah, yeah, its the same in Chile. Its really successful when you broadcast the match.丹尼尔:对,智利也是这样。传播比赛会取得非常大的成功。 译文属 /201610/469032

  24. Express Certainty 24.表达肯定。A: I just your proposal.A:我刚读了你的建议。B: What did you think about it?B:你认为怎么样?A: You definitely have some good ideas.A:你确实有一些好的想法。B: Well, I worked on it very hard.B:嗯,我非常努力的在想。A: Im concerned about the cost, though.A:但我在担心花费问题。B: I thought you might be. Heres a cost analysis I ran.B:我想你会的。这是我起草的一份成本分析。A: It says here that your proposal will pay for itself in a year.A:这里表明你的提议会在一年内得到回报。B: Thats what I put in the report. B:这就是我写在报告里的内容。A: Thats impressive. If this is true, Im certain this can work.A:很令人印象深刻。如果这能成真,我敢确定这能起作用。B: Im quite sure it will work.B:我很确定这能起作用。A: You have done a good job. Well discuss this at our next meeting.A:你做的很好。我们将在下个会议上讨论这个问题。B: I appreciate your confidence in me. B:很感激你对我的信任。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/4412351.惯用口语句子:Genius only means hard working all ones life,天才只意味着终身不懈的努力。Genius is nothing but diligence.天才不过是勤奋而已。genius n. 天才diligence n. 勤奋all ones life“一生”nothing but“只不过”I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.我所能奉献的没有其他,只有热血、辛劳、眼泪与汗水。blood n. 血液toil n. 辛苦,辛劳Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.进步是今天的活动、明天的保。assurance n. 确信,保Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.命运给予我们的不是失望之酒,而是机会之杯。despair n. 绝望,丧失信心chalice n. 杯,酒杯opportunity n. 机会,良机Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.忍耐是痛苦的,但它的果实是甜蜜的。patience n. 耐心,忍耐bitter a. 苦的,痛苦的Man errs so long as he strives.人只要奋斗就会犯错误。err v. 犯错误strive v. 奋斗so long as as long as “只要”No pain, no gain.不劳则无获。It is only through hard work that someone can achieve real success.一个人只有经过艰苦的努力才能取得真正的成功。pain n. 痛苦,劳苦,辛苦,努力gain n. 收获,得到第二句是个强调句,其结构为“It is+被强调成分+that+其他”。The man who has made up his mind to win will never say ;impossible;.凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。make up ones mind“下定决心”The world can be changed by mans endeavor, and this endeavor can lead to something new and better.人经过努力可以改变世界,这种努力可以使人类达到新的、更美好的境界。endeavor n. 努力lead to“导致,结果” /201505/373338

  Work out: I always work out in the morning because the gym is quieter at that time.锻炼:我总是在早晨锻炼,因为那个时候操场更安静。burn off: I want to burn off some of those calories I ate last night.燃烧掉:我要燃烧掉昨晚我吃了的一些卡路里,。work off: I have a lot of stress from my job, so the gym is a good place to work it off.工作过:我工作压力很大,需要锻炼来减压。warm up: She forgot to warm up before her exercise class and, she injured her back.热身:她忘了她的锻炼课前要热身,回来的时候她已经了受伤。cool down: I didnt cool down after my run, and, because I was all sweaty, I caught a cold.放松:我忘了要在锻炼后放松,而且,因为全身是汗,我感冒了。give up: Even when I feel exhausted after twenty minutes of jogging, I never give up.放弃:即使我觉得20分钟慢跑后已经觉得精疲力竭,我从来没有放弃。I always try to make thirty.我总是尽量跑到三十分钟。stick to it: My routine is quite hard but I want to stick to it so I look good for my vacation.坚持下去:我的过程是很辛苦,但我要坚持下去,所以我看好了我的假期。be into: Im really into my gym instructor. Hes so cool!喜欢:我真喜欢我的健身教练。他太酷了! /201608/456011Language Points抱歉,暂无文本…… /201706/512158

  1.惯用口语句子:Yeah. Yes/Yep/Yup.是的。Youre right. You said it. Right.你说得对。You got it.你说对啦。Youre absolutely right. Youre dead right.你完全正确。Absolutely.一点儿没错。It sure is.没错。absolutely ad. 完全地,绝对地dead ad. 完全地,绝对地I suppose what you said is right.我认为你说的是对的。suppose v. 以为,猜想You have a point here.你说的很有道理。Your opinion is reasonable.你的观点很有道理。I think you may have something here.我认为也许你说得有道理。reasonable a. 合理这句话中“point”的意思是“要点”。Youre correct in saying this.你这么说是对的。Youre thinking in the right direction.你思考的路子是对的。correct a. 对的.正确的direction n. 方向It seems that youre right.看起来你是对的。“It seems that...”这个句型很实用,意思是“看起来…”。例如,“It seems that the weather is good.”可以翻译成“看起来天气不错。”This is the correct thing to do. That is the right thing to do.就该这么做。I think its right. I believe its correct.我认为这是正确的。Much of what you said is right,你说的许多话都是对的。I guess its true what they say.我想他们说的是对的。Youre right beyond question.无可争辩,你是对的。 /201503/366832

  Todd: So, Jeyong, you like to go to night clubs. When you go to a night club, what do kids wear these days? Like what makes you look cool in a night club or how should you dress?托德:在英,你喜欢去夜店玩。现在的年轻人去夜店都穿什么衣?什么衣会让你在夜店里看起来很酷?应该怎么打扮?Jeyong: These days being sexy is what kids prefer, and by saying sexy, wearing a tank top, and a top that shows a lot of your skin.在英:现在的年轻人喜欢打扮得很性感,就是穿那种露出很多皮肤的女性圆领背心。Todd: OK, a lot of skin. So tank tops. What about a guy? What would a guy wear for a shirt?托德:露出很多皮肤,女性圆领背心。那男孩呢?男孩会穿衬衫吗?Jeyong: A guy would be wearing casual hip-hop pants, and maybe a polo shirt.在英:男孩会穿休闲的嘻哈裤和马球衫。Todd: A polo shirt.托德:马球衫。Jeyong: Or a top.在英:或者普通的上衣。Todd: Like just a t-shirt.托德:普通的T恤。Jeyong: T-shirt.在英:对,T恤。Todd: OK, now for a, would a girl wear hip-hop pants?托德:好,那女孩会穿嘻哈裤吗?Jeyong: No, girls wear also sexy clothes, maybe short skirts or comfortable jeans with high heels.在英:不会,女孩会穿性感的衣,一般会穿短裙或是舒的牛仔裤,搭配高跟鞋。Todd: High heels! Now arent high heels hard to dance in?托德:高跟鞋!穿高跟鞋跳舞不是很难吗?Jeyong: They are actually, but then it looks better with high heels on. They look taller.在英:是的,不过穿高跟鞋看上去更好。看起来更高。Todd: OK, what do the guys wear? Obviously they dont wear high heels.托德:好,那男孩穿什么?显然他们不会穿高跟鞋。Jeyong: No. Guys wear sneakers.在英:对,男孩们穿运动鞋。Todd: Ah, sneakers. OK. Now do you wear anytime of jewelry or anything? Do you wear necklaces or?托德:运动鞋。好。那你会戴饰品之类的东西吗?你戴项链吗?Jeyong: I personally dont wear a necklaces but earrings. Big hoops. Silver ones. Those look really pretty at the clubs because it kind of shines, and make-up is really important, too.在英:我不戴项链,我戴耳环。那种银色大圈耳环。这种耳环在夜店里看起来很漂亮,因为它们会闪光,当然化妆也非常重要。Todd: Really! OK.托德:真的吗?好。Jeyong: Like for eyelashes, you want to have a really strong look for your eyes, and maybe lip-gloss, would look good on too.在英:如果你想突出你的眼睛,那睫毛就很重要,当然唇也很重要。Todd: Now, do the men wear make-up these days?托德:那现在的男孩化妆吗?Jeyong: No, but then perfume would be a nice thing to put on guys.在英:不化妆,不过一般男孩会喷香水。Todd: OK. Now you said you want to look sexy, right, but youre 19, so when you go to the night club, can you leave your house looking like that, or is that something you have to hide from your parents?托德:好。你说过你希望看起来很性感,不过你只有19岁,你能穿着那样性感的衣离开家吗,还是你会瞒着你的父母?Jeyong: First, of all I dont go to night clubs that often because Im not a party-party girl, but then I like dancing so I only went to club once when I was in Korea and I actually told my parents the truth that I am going to a party at a club so it was alright for me to wear sexy clothes and then leave home.在英:首先,我不是经常去夜店,因为我并不是派对女孩,不过我喜欢跳舞,我在韩国只去过一次夜店,我如实告诉了我的父母,我要去俱乐部参加一个派对,所以穿着性感的衣离开家没什么问题。Todd: Ah, thats good, you have very supportive parents. OK, well thanks.托德:这很好,你拥有持你的父母。好,谢谢你。 译文属 /201502/358569。


  unit 336 购买炊具dialogue 英语情景对话A:Id have a look at some pots and pans.A:我想看看有什么炊具。B:Weve got several kinds. All are made of different materials.B:我们有好多种产品,材料各不相同。A:What kind is most durable, please?A:请问哪一种最耐用?B:Well, here is one made of duralumin. Thats cheap and durable. Over竹’ere weve also got some made of stainless steel, and those over there are enamel ones.B:这个嘛,这款硬铝制品,廉价耐用。那边还有不锈钢的,那边是搪瓷的。A:Ill have the stainless ones. They look very solid.A:我就要不锈钢的吧。这种看来挺结实。B:Yes, sir. Stainless steel products are always popular.B:是的,先生。不锈钢产品一向很受欢迎。 /201602/426934

  Exercise 1 -43:Yes, You Can or No, You Cant?Next you use a combination of intonation and pronunciation to make the difference between can and cant.Reduce the positive can to [k n] and stress the verb.Make the negative cant ([k渀(t)]) sound very short and stress both cant and the verb.This will contrast with the positive, emphasized can,which is doubled—and the verb is not stressed.If you have trouble with cant before a word that starts with a vowel, such as open,put in a very small [(d)]—The keys k渀(d) open the locks. /201507/386004

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