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The banana wars are back on. The merger of Chiquita and Fyffes to create the world’s biggest banana company was gatecrashed yesterday by two of Brazil’s wealthiest families.香蕉大战正再次打响。奇基塔(Chiquita)与Fyffes缔造全球最大香蕉企业的合并计划,昨日遭遇巴西两个最富有家族的搅局。Brazilian billionaire Joseph Safra and Cutrale, the family-owned orange juice maker, offered to acquire US group Chiquita in a 0.5m cash deal that rivals a previous all-stock agreement with Ireland’s Fyffes.巴西亿万富翁约瑟夫#8226;萨福拉(Joseph Safra)和家族所有的橙汁制造商Cutrale,提出以6.105亿美元现金收购美国公司奇基塔,这与此前爱尔兰Fyffes的全股票并购协议形成竞争。Cutrale and Mr Safra’s investment group offered per share to Chiquita shareholders, a 29 per cent premium to Chiquita’s closing price on Friday. The Brazilians hope the offer will be accepted this week.Cutrale和萨福拉的投资集团提出向奇基塔股东付每股13美元,较奇基塔上周五收盘价存在29%的溢价。他们希望奇基塔将在本周接受这一出价。The offer comes just as Chiquita and Fyffes are closing the merger they announced in March in a move to become the top grower of the world’s most widely-produced fruit.奇基塔和Fyffes正要敲定双方于今年3月宣布的合并交易,缔造全球最大香蕉种植企业,香蕉是全球种植最广的水果。Together, the market value of Chiquita and Fyffes would be close to bn. The deal would be structured as a so-called tax inversion, allowing Chiquita to take advantage of Ireland’s lower tax rates.奇基塔和Fyffes合并后的市值将接近10亿美元。这笔交易在结构上将采用所谓的税收倒置(tax inversion),使奇基塔能够利用爱尔兰较低的税率。In a letter to Chiquita’s chief executive and chairman, Cutrale and Safra said they would complete the deal within the same timeframe as the Fyffes transaction “without the execution risk and uncertainty inherent in that transaction”.在写给奇基塔首席执行官和董事长的一封信中,Cutrale和萨福拉表示,他们将在与Fyffes交易相同的时间框架内完成交易,同时“不会出现那笔交易内在的执行风险和不确定性”。Mr Safra, one of Brazil’s wealthiest bankers, and the Cutrale family have been eyeing the deal for a while but had been waiting for lawsuits against Chiquita over militia killings to be dropped, people close to the deal said. Over 4,000 Colombians had tried to sue Chiquita for funding a paramilitary group that tortured and killed their relatives during the country’s bloody civil war. But a US court dismissed the lawsuit two weeks ago, saying it did not have jurisdiction over the case.萨福拉是巴西最富有家之一。知情人士表示,萨福拉和Cutrale家族关注这笔交易已有一段时间,但此前一直等待针对奇基塔的涉及民兵组织杀戮的诉讼被撤销。逾4000名哥伦比亚人试图起诉奇基塔,罪名是该公司为一个准军事组织提供资金,而该组织在哥伦比亚血腥的内战期间折磨并杀害他们的亲戚。但一家美国法庭两周前驳回这一诉讼,称其对该案没有司法管辖权。Chiquita has pleaded guilty to making payments to a rightwing paramilitary group but says it was a victim of extortion.奇基塔承认向右翼民兵组织提供资金,但表示该公司是勒索的受害者。Shares of Chiquita surged 30.9 per cent, while Fyffes, which declined to comment, lost more than 14.1 per cent.奇基塔股价飙升30.9%,而Fyffes股价下跌逾14.1%,Fyffes拒绝置评。For Cutrale, the acquisition of Chiquita would help turn the Brazilian group into a global fruits leader. “Cutrale is huge in the orange business but [the Cutrale family] are also in lemons, peaches, apples and soyabeans so this is one more fruit for them,” one person close to the deal said.对于Cutrale而言,收购奇基塔将帮助这家巴西企业变成一家全球领先水果企业。一位了解这笔交易的人士表示:“Cutrale是橙子行业的巨擘,但(Cutrale家族)还经营柠檬、桃、苹果和大豆,因此这笔交易将为他们增添又一种水果。” /201408/320481

President Barack Obama has unveiled the biggest changes to the US immigration system in decades, removing the threat of deportation hanging over nearly 5m people but intensifying a fierce battle with Republicans over the limits of his power.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)公布了美国移民制度几十年来最大规模的改革方案,让近500万人免受被驱逐出境威胁。不过,此举也进一步激化了他与共和党人在其权限问题上的争端。In a high-profile televised address, Mr Obama appealed directly to America’s history as a nation of immigrants, saying allowing unauthorised immigrants with long-term ties to the US to “come out of the shadows and get right with the law” was part of the American ideal.在一次备受关注的电视讲话中,奥巴马回顾了美国作为移民国家的历史,并表示,让那些与美国建立了长期联系的非法移民“不再生活在阴影中,得到法律认可”是美国理想的一部分。“For all the back-and-forth of Washington, we have to remember that this debate is about something bigger. It’s about who we are as a country, and who we want to be for future generations,” the president said.奥巴马计划为美国许多非法移民授予临时法律地位,这些移民的人数估计高达1100万。这一计划是美国现代历史上对移民问题动用总统权力最为激进的一次,并引发了共和党人的愤怒反弹。“Are we a nation that tolerates the hypocrisy of a system where workers who pick our fruit and make our beds never have a chance to get right with the law?”在11月中期选举中取得了一系列压倒性胜利之后,共和党人将从明年1月开始执掌美国国会参众两院。对于奥巴马绕开国会,就移民改革采取单边行动的决定,资深共和党人誓要迅速予以强硬回应。Mr Obama’s plan to grant temporary legal status to a large chunk of America’s estimated 11m unauthorised immigrants is the most sweeping use of presidential authority on the issue in modern US history, and has aly prompted a furious backlash from the GOP.美国政府高级官员表示,白宫在周四勾勒出的改革计划将令逾400万非法移民免遭驱逐出境。这些人除了是美国公民或合法永久居民的父母之外,还要满足在美国居留了5年以上的条件。根据这一计划,他们还将有权获得工作许可。With the party set to take charge of both the Senate and the House of Representatives in January after a stunning series of wins in November’s midterm elections, senior Republicans have vowed to respond immediately and forcefully to the president’s decision to bypass Congress and take unilateral action on immigration reform.其他改革举措还会影响到另外几十万人,其中包括了部分来自国外的熟练技术员工——尽管硅谷企业的呼吁并未全部得到满足。此前,这些硅谷企业曾游说要求发放更多工作许可。While some members of the party are still pushing for a government shutdown similar to the one it precipitated last year over the president’s equally contentious healthcare law, other senior figures are advocating a more measured tone.其他商业团体对该计划却反应冷淡。他们警告说,这些改革措施弊大于利,原因是它们会降低更大范围立法改革的可能性。而后者才能促进劳工市场的发展、提高消费以及增加税收。“He needs to understand something,” said Mitch McConnell, the incoming Republican Senate majority leader, on Thursday. “If President Obama acts in defiance of the people and imposes his will on the country, Congress will act.”奥巴马政府高级官员表示,此举将有助于美国经济,并为美国家庭带来更多安全感。不过,共和党人却抨击奥巴马越权,并批评他奖励的是那些违反美国法律的人。The White House plans outlined on Thursday will shield more than 4m unauthorised immigrants from deportation, said senior administration officials. They are the parents of US citizens or legal permanent residents who have been in the country for more than five years and will also become eligible for work permits.对于与高科技有关的移民,白宫表示,将努力帮助在美国大学学习科学技术的外国学生毕业后留在美国,不过具体细节仍有待研究。Other changes will affect several hundreds of thousands more people – including some highly skilled tech workers from overseas, although Silicon Valley companies that had lobbied for more work permits will not get everything they called for.此外,针对那些能明他们拥有创业计划并能找到投资者,从而能开办企业增加就业的外国创业者,美国政府还设立了一种“有条件许可(parole)”项目。 /201411/344667

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