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Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.阳光令人愉悦;雨水令人清醒;风声令人奋起;雪花令人兴奋这个世界没有所谓的坏天气,只有不同的好天气(—— John Ruskin (1819 ~ 1900) ,英国诗人、思想家、艺术家) 9To Fanny Keats, 1st May 1819 Wentworth Place, Saturday My dear Fanny; If it were but six o’clock in the morning I would set off to see you today if I should do so now I could not stop long enough a how d’ye do—it is so long s walk through Hornsey and Tottenham. Mr. and Mrs. Dilke are coming to dine with us today—they will enjoy the country after Westminster—O there is nothing like fine weather, and health, and books and a fine country, and a contented mind, and Diligent-habit of ing and thinking, and an amulet against the ennui—and, please heaven, a little claret-wine cool out of a cellar a mile deep—with a few or a good many ratafia cakes—a rocky basin to bathe in, a strawberry bed to say your prayers to Flora in.你被“逼婚”了吗 -01-7 00:: 来源: 和二十年,甚至十年前相比,我们的社会都改变了很多生活节奏越来越快,享受生活却越来越难;赚的钱多了,物价涨得却比工资还快;世界越来越小,找位合意的伴侣却越来越难;拍拖好像越来越容易,结婚却越来越难于是就有众多大龄男女青年们被家长赶着去相亲、结婚;也有相恋多年的情人之间上演“逼婚”这场戏不管是被情人逼婚还是被家长逼婚,总是有点不大情愿,需要武力来迫使某人就范,这样的婚姻就是 ced marriage,也就是被逼成婚啦那要表示“强迫某人和谁结婚”怎么说呢?可以用ce someone to marry someone,例如:My cousin was ced to marry a girl he doesn't love.我表哥被迫与一个他不爱的女孩结了婚  My girlfriend ce me to marry her within one month.我女朋友逼我一个月内跟她结婚曾经看过一条消息,说一个阿拉伯人被父母逼着结了四次婚,原文是这样写的:A Saudi man is in hospital after his divorced parents ced him to marry four times within six months. (就算可怜天下父母心,这样做是不是也太过分了?)这里的marry 是用做不及物动词,表示“结婚”,比如 They married in their twenties.如果不出现结婚对象,只是表示“被逼结婚”的话,还可以说 ce into a marriage,在英国 Citizens Advice Bureau 的网站上关于 ced marriage 有这样的陈述:It is a criminal offence to ce a person to marry under duress. If you are afraid that you may be ced into a marriage in this country, the police should be contacted. This is also the case where there is concern that another person may be ced into a marriage. If you are afraid that you may be ced into marriage overseas, you should, bee travelling, contact the address below advice.“逼婚”除了用ce 表示“强迫”外,还可以用make如果你说“make”一个人做什么事情,就有“迫使”人家的意思,例如:Why People want to make you marry?那如果是因为怀了而被迫结婚要怎么说呢?就是 shotgun marriage,也叫做 shotgun weddingShotgun 的意思是霰弹,shotgun wedding 原指女方拿逼男方结婚,如今则指因为怀而被迫结婚的婚礼,也叫 military wedding(英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 结婚 ced marry 越来越

To Benjamin Baily. Inverary, 18th July My dear Bailey; I am certain I have not a right feeling towards Women—at this moment I am striving to be just to them but I cannot—Is it because they fall so far beneath my boyish imagination? When I was a schoolboy I thought a fair woman a pure Goddess, my mind was a soft nest in which some one of them slept though she knew it not—I have no right to expect more than their reality. I thought them ethereal above Men—I find then perhaps equal—great by comparison is very small—Insult may be inflicted in more ways than by Word or action—one who is tender of being insulted in more ways than by word or action—one who is tender of being insulted does not like to think a n insults in a Lady’s Company—I commit a Crime with her which absence would have not known—Is it not extraordinary? When among Men I have no evil thoughts, no malice, no spleen—I feel free to speak or to be silent—I can listen and from every one I can learn—my hands are in my pockets I am free from all suspicion and comtable. When I am among Women I have evil thoughts, malice spleen—I cannot speak or be silent—I am full of Suspicions and theree listen to nothing—I am in a hurry to be gone—You must be charitable and put all this perversity to my being disappointed since Boyhood—Yet with such feelings I am happier alone among Crowds of men, by myself or with a friend or two—With all this trust me Bailey I have not the least idea that Men of different feelings and inclinations are more short sighted than myself—I never rejoiced more than at my brother’s marriage and shall do so at that of any of my friends. I must absolutely get over this—but how? That is a difficult thing; an obstinate Prejudice can seldom be produced but from a Gordian complication of feelings, which must take time to unravel and care to keep unraveled—I could say a good deal about this but I will leave it in hopes of better and more worthy dispositions—and also content that I am wronging no one, after all I do think better of Womankind than to suppose they are they care whether Mister John Keats five feet high likes them or not. 9658

春天来了,春天来了,春光明媚处处美河面上微波在荡漾,山河处处喜洋洋Spring SongSpring is coming, spring is coming,Birdies, build your nest;Weave together straw and feather,Doing each your best.Spring is coming, spring is coming,Flowers are coming tooPansies, lilies, daffodillies,Now are coming thoughtSpring is coming, spring is coming,All around is fair,Shimmer and quiver on the river,Joy is everywhere.By William Blake 68My Mother's GiftI grew up in a small town where the elementary school was a ten-minute walk from my house and in an age , not so long ago , when children could go home lunch and find their mothers waiting.At the time, I did not consider this a luxury, although today it certainly would be. I took it granted that mothers were the sandwich-makers, the finger-painting appreciators and the homework monitors. I never questioned that this ambitious, intelligent woman, who had had a career bee I was born and would eventually return to a career, would spend almost every lunch hour throughout my elementary school years just with me.I only knew that when the noon bell rang, I would race breathlessly home. My mother would be standing at the top of the stairs, smiling down at me with a look that suggested I was the only important thing she had on her mind. this, I am ever grateful. Some sounds bring it all back the highpitched squeal of my mother's teakettle, the rumble of the washing machine in the basement and the jangle of my dog's license tags as she bounded down the stairs to greet me. Our time together seemed devoid of the gerrymandered schedules that now pervade my life.One lunchtime when I was in the third grade will stay with me always. I had been picked to be the princess in the school play, and weeks my mother had painstakingly rehearsed my lines with me. But no matter how easily I delivered them at home, as soon as I stepped onstage, every word disappeared from my head. Finally, my teacher took me aside. She explained that she had written a narrator's part to the play, and asked me to switch roles. Her word, kindly delivered, still stung, especially when I saw my part go to another girl.I didn't tell my mother what had happened when I went home lunch that day. But she sensed my unease, and instead of suggesting we practice my lines, she asked If I wanted to walk in the yard.It was a lovely spring day and the rose vine on the trellis was turning green. Under the huge elm trees, we could see yellow dandelions popping through the grass in bunches, as if a painter had touched our landscape with dabs of gold .I watched my mother casually bend down by one of the clumps. "I think I'm going to dig up all these weeds, "she said, yanking a blossom up by its roots. "From now on, we'll have only roses in this garden. ""But I like dandelions, " I protested. "All flowers are beautiful-even dandelions. "My mother looked at me seriously. "Yes, every flower gives pleasure in its own way, doesn't it?" She asked thoughtfully. I nodded, pleased that I had won her over. "And that is true of people too, " she added. "Not everyone can be a princess, but there is no shame in that.Relieved that she had guessed my pain, I started to cry as I told her what had happened. She listened and smiled reassuringly."But you will be a beautiful narrator, " she said , reminding me of how much I loved to stories aloud to her . "The narrator's part is every bit as important as the part of a princess. "Over the next few weeks, with her constant encouragement, I learned to take pride in the role. Lunchtimes were spent ing over my lines and talking abut what I would wear.Backstage the night of the permance, I felt nervous. A few minutes bee the play, my teacher came over to me. "Your mother asked me to give this to you, " she said, handing me a dandelion. Its edges were aly beginning to curl and it flopped lazily from its stem. But just looking at it, knowing my mother was out there and thinking of our lunchtime talk, made me proud .After the play , I took home the flower I had stuffed in the apron of my costume . My mother pressed it between two sheets of paper toweling in a dictionary , laughing as she did it that we were perhaps the only people who would press such a sorry-looking weed . I often look back on our lunchtimes together , bathed in the soft midday light . They were the commas in my childhood , the pauses that told me life is not savored in premeasured increment , but in the sum of daily rituals and small pleasures we casually share with loved ones . Over peanut-butter sandwiches and chocolate-chip cookies , I learned that love , first and emost , means being there the little things . A few months ago , my mother came to visit , I took off a day from work and treated her to lunch. The restaurant bustled with noontime activity as businesspeople made deals and glanced at their watches . In the middle of all this sat my mother , now retired , and I . From her face I could see that she relished the pace of the work world ."Mom , you must have been terribly bored staying at home when I was a child , " I said ."Bored? Housework is boring . But you were never boring . "I didn't believe her , so I pressed . "Surely children are not as stimulating as a career. ""A career is stimulating , " she said . "I'm glad I had one . But a career is like an open balloon. It remains inflated only as long as you keep pumping . A child is a seed . You water it . You care it the best you can . And then it grows all by itself into a beautiful flower . "Just then , looking at her , I could picture us sitting at her kitchen table once again , and I understood why I kept that flaky brown dandelion in our old family dictionary pressed between two crumpled bits of paper towel. 939Everyday English每日会话:Vibes 音乐 -01-7 19::36 来源: Bobby: Kelly, can you turn the vibes up a little? Kelly: Sure, but it's aly pretty loud. Bobby: That's OK. I love to have loud music on when I am doing the housework. Kelly: Is that so you don't get so bored while you are washing and scrubbing? Bobby: That's absolutely right. Kelly: I hate chores as well, so maybe I will follow your example and get into some music. Bobby: You will find that the time just flies when you are listening to music while you work. Kelly: I should take some CDs to work with me then. Bobby: I don't think the boss or your colleagues would like loud music when they were trying to work! Kelly: Good point! I will leave the music at home. 鲍比:凯莉,你能把音乐放大声点吗? 凯莉:没问题,不过已经很大声了 鲍比:没事做家务的时候我喜欢把音乐放得很大声 凯莉:这么做是让你在洗洗刷刷的时候不那么无聊? 鲍比:对极了 凯莉:我也讨厌家务劳动,所以也许我应该像你那样听一些音乐 鲍比:你会发现一边劳动一边听音乐时间过得就是快 凯莉:那我应该带一些CD去工作 鲍比:我觉得你的老板或同事在工作的时候不喜欢听喧闹的音乐! 凯莉:有道理!我要把音乐留在家里------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Vibes: music 音乐 The nightclub played such great vibes that everyone was up and dancing all night long. 夜总会放的音乐棒极了,把每个人都调动了起来,跳了一夜舞 ) Housework: jobs to keep your home clean and tidy, chores 家务劳动:使家里保持干净整洁的工作,家务杂事 My mother hated the housework so much that she made my sister and I do it all. 我妈妈很讨厌家务劳动,她让我()和我做所有的事情 3) Bachelor: a guy who has not married 单身汉:还没结婚的男士 Some days I think that I will be a bachelor all of my life - I cannot find the right girl me. 有时候我觉得我要打一辈子光棍-我找不到适合我的女孩子 ) Stereo: music system usually including CD player, radio and speakers 立体声音响器材:音乐系统,通常包括CD播放器、收音机和喇叭 My father loved his stereo so much that he would never let me touch it. 我爸爸太爱他的立体声音响器材了,他永远都不会让我去碰它 Dialogue(对话) Jessie: Do you think that music can teach you something? Tina: What do you mean? Jessie: Can you learn lessons from the words of songs? Tina: I think so. Some songs have really nice lyrics that make you feel good. Jessie: I don't mean that. I mean do some songs have a strong message that you can use in your own life? Tina: I definitely think that some songs can help you in your life. Jessie: Do you know any examples? Tina: Easy. Where is your stereo? I have just the song you. 杰西:你认为音乐能教你东西吗? 蒂娜:你指的是什么? 杰西:你能从歌曲的歌词里学到东西吗? 蒂娜:我觉得可以有些歌曲的歌词就是棒,让你感觉很好 杰西:我不是这个意思我是指是不是有些歌曲里包涵有很棒的信息,让你可以在生活中使用? 蒂娜:我的确认为有些歌曲对生活有帮助 杰西:你可以举一些例子吗? 蒂娜:(这)容易,你的立体声音响设备在哪儿?我正好有一首好歌送给你 音乐 每日 nbsp that

A基础英语对话:餐厅礼仪 -01-7 19::19 来源: Alex : Why are you smiling so much Betty? Betty: Well, the sun is shining, the birds singing and I just got 0% on my English test! Alex : Congratulations! How will you celebrate? Betty: Hmmm. I don't really know. Any suggestions? Alex : How about we all go to a bar and drink Martini? Betty: That sounds very cool and groovy. Alex : OK then. I know a new hang-out that has just opened. Betty: I'm following you! 亚历克斯:贝蒂,为什么这么乐?   贝蒂:阳光明媚,小鸟在歌唱,而我的英语测试得了满分! 亚历克斯:祝贺你!你打算怎么庆祝呀?   贝蒂:哦,我还不知道,有什么建议? 亚历克斯:找个酒吧,喝些马丁尼,怎么样?   贝蒂:听起来很酷呀! 亚历克斯:好,我知道有个地,新开的   贝蒂:你带路--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Chatting: relaxed talking 闲聊:随意地交谈 I love to spend my time chatting with friends while we drink coffee. 喝咖啡时我喜欢和朋友闲聊 ) ICQ: "I Seek You". A small computer program that lets you chat with friends around the world. ICQ:“I Seek You 我找你”的谐音一个可以使你和全世界朋友交谈的小计算机程序 I use ICQ every day to meet new friends and discuss our strategies to win at Zhanshen. 我每天用ICQ来结识新朋友,并和他们讨论赢战神的策略 3) Heaps: slang word meaning a lot 非常的:俚语,意思是很,非常 My boyfriend loves me heaps - he always brings me expensive gifts. 我的男朋友很爱我,他总给我带很贵重的礼物 ) Weirdo: a very unusual or weird person, sometimes weirdos can be unsafe to meet 古怪的人:不平常的或怪异的人有时候,和古怪的人相见不安全 My neighbor is a real weirdo. He always wears strange clothes and talks to himself! 我的邻居是一个真正的怪人,他总穿着奇怪的衣,还和自己说话! 5) Break up: when a couple decide to separate 分手:当一对儿(恋人、情人或夫妇等)决定分开 I cried all night when I broke up with my girlfriend. 当我和我的女朋友分手后,我整夜哭泣 6) Soothe: relax and calm 安慰:放松和镇静 Every week I go a massage to soothe my nerves. 每周我都去做放松神经 Dialogue(对话) Past Tense Dialogue 过去时对话 Andrew: Hi! Colin! How have you been these days? Colin : Really well, thanks Andrew. And you? Andrew: Not so good! My girlfriend and I broke up again. Colin : Again! You guys have broken up so many times and then get back together. Andrew: You're right. I can't seem to control my temper well. Colin : You should listen to more music. Music can soothe the savage beast. Andrew: What type of music is best me? Colin : Let me introduce you to a famous song in English. It's all about girlfriends. Andrew: If I listen carefully, maybe I can learn something? Colin : Maybe you should get your girlfriend to learn the words and sing it to you! 安德鲁:嗨!卡林!你最近好吗?  卡林:很好,谢谢,你怎么样呢? 安德鲁:不怎么样!我的女朋友和我分手了  卡林:又分手了!你们两个分手了很多次后又和好 安德鲁:你说的对我总是不能很好地控制自己的脾气  卡林:你应该多听音乐,音乐甚至可以使凶猛的动物平静 安德鲁:哪种音乐对我比较好呢?  卡林:让我来介绍一首著名的英语歌曲给你吧,是关于女朋友的 安德鲁:如果仔细听,我可能学到一些东西吗?  卡林:可能你应该叫你的女朋友学歌词,然后唱给你听! NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Fantastic: very good, great 很棒:很好,棒极了 Zhanshan is such a fantastic game that I dream about it at night. 战神是一个很棒的游戏,我晚上做梦都梦到它 ) Diet: period of time where you try to eat less food 减肥:你尽量少吃的时期 Supermodels look so thin because they are always on a diet. 超级模特看起来那么瘦,因为他们一直在减肥 3) Figure: the shape of a person 体形:一个人的体态 If I ate better food and lifted weights, I might have a better figure. 如果我吃的好些并练习举重,我可能会有一个更好的体形 ) Dutch: divide the bill by the number of people that eat Everyone pays their share. AA制:把所吃的金额照吃饭的人数均分,每人付自己的那一份 When all of my friends go out a hotpot dinner, we go dutch so that it's fairer. 当我的朋友们去吃火锅时,我们AA制,这样更公平一些 5) Toast: raising your glasses and touching them together bee drinking 祝酒:举起酒杯并碰杯,而后再喝 At my wedding I had to drink so many toasts that I got a little drunk. 在我的婚礼上,我不得不喝好多的祝酒,我都有些醉了 6) Tip: a small amount of money given to a driver or waiter if they give good service 小费:给务好的司机或务生的小份额的钱 The taxi driver who took me to the restaurant was very nice so I gave him a small tip. 带我来饭店的出租车司机很好,我给了他一些小费 Lesson: 课文 Eating in Western restaurants is a little different from eating in a Chinese restaurant. It is important to understand the differences and follow them. When in Rome, do as the Romans do and take the chance to practice your English skills. 在中西餐馆就餐有所不同了解并遵循这些差别是很重要的入乡随俗,同时利用这个机会来练练你的英语吧 When you first arrive at the restaurant, you should wait one of the staff to show you to a table. Sometimes it is OK to find a table yourself but you should ask first. 当刚进入西餐馆时,您应该等侍者带你到餐桌,不过有时候经餐馆同意后,你也可以自己找一张餐桌 In a western restaurant, each person generally orders their own food or dishes and eats what they order. Western people don't put all of the food in the middle of the table and share. 在西餐馆,一般每个人都各点自己的食物,西方人不把食物放到桌子中间大家分享 One of the biggest differences between Chinese restaurants and western restaurants is the noise. Most western restaurants are quiet and people speak in quiet voices. Avoid shouting especially to the staff. If you do this, people may think that you are a rude dude. 中西馆的最大差别是餐馆里的声音大多西餐馆很安静,人们说话也小声避免对侍者大声呼叫,如果你这样做人们会认为你很粗鲁 If you need service, you should try to attract the staff's attention with your eyes not your voice. It's best not to raise your hand and wave at them either. 如果你需要务,你应该用眼睛而不是声音来来引起侍者注意最好也不要举手或向他们招手示意 Both Chinese and Western people love to drink with their food especially wine or beer. The difference is that usually there will only be one or two toasts during the meal. It is not necessary to toast each time you pick up your glass. 中西方人都喜欢在进餐时喝酒,尤其是啤酒或葡萄酒不同的是,(西方人)一般席间只祝酒一次或两次,而不是每次举杯都祝酒 When the bill at the end of the meal comes most people like to divide the bill equally by the number of people eating. This is called 'going dutch'. If the service and food have been good, you should leave a tip. Usually % of the bill is a good tip. 付帐时,进餐者一般将帐单的金额照人数均分,我们称为“AA制”如果务和食物好,你应该留一点小费,一般小费是帐单的% Dialogue(对话) Jason : Where were you last night Jennifer? I called you so many times on your cell phone. Jennifer: I was at the movies and turned off my phone. Jason : I called you to see if you wanted to have dinner. Jennifer: How can you afd that? I know you were planning to buy a car. Jason: Simple. We all went dutch. We went to an American restaurant so that was OK. Jennifer: Wow - I love American food. All the fatty and fried foods are not good my diet though. Jason : Some simple exercise can really make a big difference to your figure, you know. Jennifer: Yeah, I know, but I am too lazy to do exercise! Jason : Lucky that you are not too lazy to do your English exercises. Jennifer: Maybe I can do my English exercise by ordering western foods. Jason : OK next time we go, I will make sure that I call you again. Jennifer: Cool. I'll keep my cell phone on until then! 杰森 :詹尼佛,你昨晚去哪里了?我给你手机打了好几次电话 詹尼佛:我去了电影院,把电话关了 詹杰森:我给你打电话看你有没有时间一起吃晚餐 尼佛 :你付得起吗?我知道你计划买一辆汽车 杰森 :这简单,我们AA制,去一家美国餐馆,就解决了 詹尼佛:哇,我喜欢美国食品虽然那些高脂肪的烹炸食物不利于我减肥 杰森 :你知道吗,做一些简单的锻炼就可以使你的体形改变很多 詹尼佛:是,我知道,但我懒的锻炼 杰森 :还好,你还不至于懒到不练习英语 詹尼佛:也许我在点西餐时可以练习练习我的英语 杰森 :好,下次去(吃西餐)时,我会再给你打电话 詹尼佛:好到时候我开手机 餐厅 礼仪 对话 英语North east, west, south -01-6 3:8:57 来源: 看过一个有趣的问题,问news是不是由单词north,east,west和south的首字母组合而成?翻查辞源,虽然很遗憾这个猜测是错误的,但“塞翁失马”的一大收获是--原来“东、西、南、北”确有一番说头East的词根aus代表“初升的朝阳”,由此,我们可以在希腊语和古英语中找到“黎明女神”的相应表达:Aurora和Easter,而古英语的Easter后来又衍生了一个伟大的节日Christian holiday Easter(复活节)面对升起的太阳,它的右侧被称为south(南),左侧被称为north(北)这里,顺便给大家提一个与south有关的有趣表达southpaw,指“左手投球的运动员”,也可泛指“左撇子”West的词根wes代表“夜晚”,由此词根,我们得到单词vesper(黄昏的)、vespers(晚祷)假若您见到词组go to West,可以猜猜它一定不与“朝气”挂钩,表示“死亡”(中国日报网站编译) south Easter 一个 可以把你的爱告诉你所爱着的人们,把握住每一个表达机会千万记住:度量生命的不是呼吸的次数,而是那些最最难忘的时刻 Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctor worry about them. That's why you pay himher. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop. And the devil's name is Alzheimer's." Enjoy the simple things. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp breath. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge. Cherish your health If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, to the next country, to a eign country, but NOT to where the guilt is. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opporty. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. 96

TourismRailroads, ships, buses, and airplaneshave made travel easier, faster, and cheaper;and the number of people who can spare the time and the moneyto take trips has grown enormously.It is not reserved to a lucky few, nowadays,to admire Inca temples, French castles,and Australian kangaroos.Millions of people do each year.But instead of being called travelers,they are known as touristsand they are seen all over the world —floating down the Amazon, cruising to Alaska,flying from Timbuktu to Easter Island,and taking pictures of Norwegian churches and Pakistani costumes.Surely this represents great progress.It is just and good that most of the peoplewho dream of seeing the Parthenon should have a chance to do so.It is satisfying to know that remote ruinsare not gotten in deep ests,to be seen only a few explorers at the risk of their lives.It is excellent that people of different countiesshould meet and talk to each other.But is it really?Is it really desirable to have the most remote beach,the most hidden temple exposed to human curiosityand at the same time to the litter and graffitithat humanity leaves in its path?Would it be better to leave such treasures to the local population,which perhaps doesn?t pay any attention to them?The saddest aspect of tourism has been brought recentlyto the attention of the publicit seems that the great number of visitorsis destroying the treasures that they enjoy most.Under millions of feet,ancient stones wear out,ancient floors break down.Parts of the palace of Versaillesmay have to be closed to the publicin order to preserve them,and some European caves,famous their thirty-thousand-year-old paintings,have aly been closedbecause the paintings were damaged by human respiration.There may come a time when only specialists in art, history,or archaeology will be allowed near the treasures of the past.Perhaps we’d better hurry to see them;perhaps we’d better take a tour soon. 501Gra widow: 离了婚的女人 -01-6 3:9:01 来源: 看到一句蛮有意思的“智语”,很形象地描述了grass widow(离异女人)在其前夫眼中的形象变化——Grass widow: the angel a man loved, the human he married, and the devil he divorced(“草地寡妇”:他曾爱过的天使,取之为妻的人,跟他离婚的魔鬼)不过,我们今天讨论的重点,倒不是这句话的是非取向,而是——为什么grass widow(草地寡妇)用来形容“离了婚的女人”? 据辞源学记载,grass widow的词义经历了以下几个转变:被遗弃的情人;拥有私生子的未婚女子——与丈夫暂时分离的女人——离了婚的女人早在世纪,grass widow用来指代“生活不检点的未婚女子”,她们要么被情人遗弃,要么产下了私生子语言学家猜测,可能这种非常规恋情一般都是“地下”进行,而未婚女子生产“私生子”时又往往不会呆在家中,人们遂臆想出“草地”来指代“约会地点”或“生产地”同时,这种恋情常常以失败告终,所以,人们选用widow来形容被情人遗弃的女子到了19世纪,印度还隶属于英帝国殖民统治的时候,驻印的英国官员怕妻子在夏季难耐高温,常在酷暑期把妻子送到山上避暑由于山上芳草盛茂,丈夫又远在山下,人们就戏谑英国官员的妻子为“grass widow”后来,随着时间的流逝,grass widow词义慢慢扩大,被用来指“与丈夫暂时分开的女人”自世纪,grass widow词义进一步延伸,开始指代“离婚女人”(英语点津陈蓓编辑) 女人 widow grass 女子Five Balls in the AirImagine life as a game in which you are juggling1) some five balls in the air.You name them―work,family,health,friends and spirit,and you’re keeping all these balls in the air.You understand that work is a rubber ball.If you drop it,it will bounce back.But the other four balls are made of glass.If you drop one of these,it will be irrevocably) scuffed,marked,nicked,damaged or even shattered.They will never be the same.You must understand that and strive balance in your life.How?Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself to others.It is because we a re- different that each of us is special.Don’t set your goals by what other people deem3) important.Only you know what is best you.Don’ t take granted the things closest to your heart.Cling to) them as you would to life, without them,it’s meaningless.Don’t let life slip through your fingers by living in the past or in the future.By living your life one day at a time,you live ALL the days of your life.Don’ t run through life so fast that you get not only where you’ve been,but also where you’ re going.Don’ t use time or words carelessly.Neither can be retrieved5).Life is not a race,but a journey to be savored each step of the way.Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery,and today is a gift.That’ s why we call it―The Present.□by Bryan Dyson 7

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