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Volvo is bringing Made in China to American drivers. The Swedish carmaker plans to export a roomy, long wheelbase version of its S60 saloon to the US from Chengdu in China, where it operates a factory with its owner and Chinese joint-venture partner Geely.沃尔沃(Volvo)正在将“中国制造”的汽车送到美国司机的手中。这家瑞典汽车制造商计划从中国成都向美国出口一款内部较宽敞、轴距较长版本的S60轿车。目前,沃尔沃在成都与它的母公司兼中国合资伙伴吉利(Geely)运营着一家汽车制造厂。The vehicle, called the S60L, marks a possible turning point for the motor industry, as a mainstream carmaker pilots the long-awaited introduction of Chinese vehicles in the US, the world’s second-biggest auto market — albeit with a European badge.这款名为S60L的汽车可能标志着汽车业的转折点,它标志着一家主流汽车制造商开始试行一个备受期待的计划:向美国引进中国制造的汽车——尽管这款汽车仍顶着欧洲的徽标。目前,美国是全球第二大汽车市场。“It’s something that’s unique and we’re very proud to be the first,” says Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, speaking at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.在底特律北美国际汽车展(North American International Auto Show)上发言时,沃尔沃首席执行官哈坎#8226;萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)表示:“这是十分独特的经历。让我们非常自豪的是:我们是第一个这样做的人。”China’s car manufacturers have so far failed to make a dent in the global auto market, despite the fact that it is now more than three decades since Volkswagen set up one of the country’s first big joint ventures. For example, BYD, the electric carmaker backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, had planned to introduce China-made vehicles in the US in 2010, but the plans fizzled out.自大众(Volkswagen)在中国创办首个大型合资企业以来,时间已过去了逾30年。然而到目前为止,中国汽车制造商仍未对全球汽车市场产生很大影响。比如,曾获亿万富翁沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)投资的电动汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD),曾计划在2010年向美国引进中国制造的汽车,结果却不了了之。Volvo began production of the S60L at the Chengdu plant in 2013, and has capacity to make 120,000 vehicles each year.沃尔沃于2013年开始在成都的工厂生产S60L,其产能为每年12万辆。The question is whether US consumers are y for vehicles made in China, which lacks a strong reputation in carmaking despite it being the world’s biggest producer of manufactured goods and boasting industrial prowess in areas from consumer technology to textiles.现在的问题在于,美国消费者是否为接受中国制造汽车做好了准备。毕竟,虽然中国是全球最大的制造品生产国,在包括消费高科技产品和纺织品在内的领域,中国也以强大的工业实力而自豪,但是中国在汽车制造领域的名声并不是十分响亮。“This is something the industry is going to watch very closely,” says Stephanie Brinley, analyst at IHS Automotive. “We want to understand how consumers feel and are going to react, but right now we just don’t know.”思迈汽车信息咨询公司(IHS Automotive)分析师斯蒂芬妮#8226;布林利(Stephanie Brinley)表示:“汽车业对此将极为关注。我们很想了解消费者的感受,并了解他们将会如何回应,然而目前我们还对此一无所知。”Volvo says it is simply making best use of the global manufacturing footprint offered by Geely. It stresses the factory equipment, training and employee qualifications are the same whether in Gothenburg or Chengdu.沃尔沃表示,该公司所做的只是充分利用了吉利提供的全球生产基地。该公司强调,不论是在哥德堡还是在成都,工厂设备、人员培训以及员工素质都是完全一样的。“We are not talking about exporting a Chinese car,” says Mr Samuelsson. “It’s a Volvo. Nobody has said the S60 [made in Genk] is a Belgian car. We know the quality is absolutely the same, if not better.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们在讨论的并不是出口中国轿车。我们出口的是沃尔沃。没人会说在根克(Genk)市生产的S60是比利时轿车。我们知道的是,这些产品的品质就算不能说是更好,也得说是完全一样。”“In the end you have to be a bit humble and accept that the customers are the ones deciding.”“归根结底,大家还是应该谦卑一点,让顾客来做决定。”Honda sells its Chinese-made Fit car in Canada. But for some US consumers, the Volvo S60L will trigger some uncomfortable associations, according to analysts.本田(Honda)也在加拿大销售中国制造的飞度(Fit)轿车。不过,按照分析师的说法,沃尔沃S60L会让美国消费者产生不好的联想。“Many Chinese cars are not y for American primetime, as we’ve seen some very subpar Chinese vehicles displayed at American auto shows,” says Michelle Krebs, analyst for Autotrader.com. But she adds that very few US consumers know — or care — where their cars are made.Autotrader.com网站分析师米歇尔#8226;克雷布斯(Michelle Krebs)表示:“许多中国汽车都没有做好走入美国‘黄金档’的准备,尽管我们曾在美国车展上看到过一些十分低档的中国汽车。”不过,她补充说,美国消费者极少有人了解或关心汽车的产地。Volvo’s S60L, which has sold to about 25,000 customers in China since launch, forms part of the company’s wider plan to resurrect its fortunes in the US.自推出以来,沃尔沃S60L轿车已在中国出售了2.5万辆,该款车型是沃尔沃在美国打翻身仗的更大计划的一部分。Volvo this month reported record sales of 466,000 vehicles for 2014, thanks to strong growth in the Chinese market, the world’s largest by sales.由于在中国市场的强劲增长,沃尔沃这个月录得2014年销售46.6万辆的创纪录销量。目前,中国是全球汽车销量最大的市场。But the US, once Volvo’s biggest market, has been a problem and is now just 12 per cent of sales. The company sold 56,000 vehicles in the US last year, down 8 per cent on 2013.不过,曾一度是其最大市场的美国对沃尔沃来说却是个问题。如今,在沃尔沃销量中美国市场所占的比例只有12%。去年,该公司在美国的销量是5.6万辆,比2013年下降8%。“Our programme narrowed, so we concentrated on too few cars,” says Mr Samuelsson. “We have to reverse that.”萨缪尔森表示:“我们收窄了产品计划,专注生产的非常少的几类轿车。我们必须改变这种状况。”Volvo has put in place a new management team in the US and ramped up its marketing activities in the country.目前,沃尔沃已经在美国配置了新的管理团队,并加大了在美国的营销力度。Initial volume expectations by Volvo for the S60L in the US are low — about 1,500 a year. More important will be the XC90, a sport utility vehicle, and a new S60 saloon, being launched in Detroit.沃尔沃对S60L在美销量的初步预期很低,只有大约每年1500辆。对沃尔沃来说,更重要的车型将会是XC90这款运动型多功能车(SUV),以及在底特律推出的新款S60轿车。Mr Samuelsson wants to get the company selling 100,000 vehicles in North America by broadening its product range, part of a plan to reach 800,000 in global sales over the medium term. “We need to grow here faster and this [S60L] is a piece in that puzzle,” he says.萨缪尔森希望,通过增加产品种类,能让沃尔沃在北美的销量达到10万辆,从而实现在中期内达到全球销售80万辆的计划。他说:“我们需要在北美市场的快速增长,这款(S60L)车型就是这一完整拼图中的一块。”But the importance of the S60L stretches beyond its volumes.不过,S60L的重要性不止是在销量方面。Mr Samuelsson says the car could be followed by other Volvo models made in China for export. Analysts say rival manufacturers may replicate Volvo’s move, including Buick, the General Motors brand that builds its Envision crossover SUV in China’s Shandong province for the Chinese market.萨缪尔森表示,在S60L之后,沃尔沃还会出口其他在华生产的车型。分析人士表示,包括别克(Buick)在内的沃尔沃对手可能会采取与沃尔沃同样的举措。别克是通用汽车(General Motors)旗下品牌,它在中国的山东省针对中国市场生产昂科威(Envision)跨界车。 /201501/354150








  SAN FRANCISCO — Google likes its ambitions sky high. This time, it has gone a little further.旧金山——谷歌(Google)向来不缺少凌云壮志。而这一次,它又有了更高的目标。The Internet giant, along with Fidelity, has invested billion in SpaceX, the private rocketry company founded by Elon Musk. The move will help Google achieve its aim of bringing satellite Internet to remote corners of the world while giving SpaceX a round of fresh capital for its founder to pursue dreams of going to Mars.这家互联网巨头与Fidelity一道,为埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)创办的私营火箭公司SpaceX投资了10亿美元。此举有助于谷歌实现让世界上的偏远角落享有卫星互联网务的目标,同时也让SpaceX获得了新一轮的注资,使它的创始人可以继续追寻登上火星的梦想。In a statement on its website, SpaceX said the money would be used “to support continued innovation in the areas of space transport, reusability and satellite manufacturing.”SpaceX在其网站上发表声明称,这笔资金将会用于“持航天运输、重复利用和卫星制造领域的持续创新”。A Google spokesman said Don Harrison, Google’s vice president for corporate development, would join the board of SpaceX. In a statement, Mr. Harrison said: “Space-based applications, like imaging satellites, can help people more easily access important information, so we’re excited to support SpaceX’s growth as it develops new launch technologies.”谷歌的一名发言人说,谷歌的企业发展副总裁唐·哈里森(Don Harrison)将加入SpaceX的董事会。哈里森在一份声明中说:“太空技术的实际应用,比如成像卫星,可以帮助人们更加轻松地获取重要信息,因此能在SpaceX开发新的发射技术时,为它的成长提供持,我们感到十分激动。”In addition to an interest in a decent payoff on its investment, Google may be seeking to put itself into orbit. Last year, Google bought Skybox Imaging, a maker of small, high-resolution imaging satellites, for about 0 million. Google aly offers satellite imagery in its Google Earth product, but must purchase these images from multiple sources, often receiving what company executives have said is uneven image quality.除了可观的投资回报,谷歌可能还在寻求把自己的卫星送入轨道。去年,谷歌以大约5亿美元(约合30亿元人民币)的价格收购了Skybox Imaging,它是一家小型高分辨率成像卫星的制造商。谷歌已经在谷歌地球(Google Earth)产品中提供了卫星图像,但必须从不同来源购买这些图像,公司高管说,这些图像质量常常参差不齐。Google may also be interested in developing satellites with other kinds of sensors, like infrared detectors that show the health of crops, or lasers that can pierce forest canopies to show underlying terrain.谷歌可能还想要开发带有其他感应装置的卫星,比如展示庄稼健康状况的红外探测器,或是能够穿透森林覆盖展示地形的激光设备。The company has also shown interest in transforming the Internet connectivity business with high-altitude balloons that people can use to get online from remote locations. That same transmission technology could conceivably be put on satellites as well. Google is in competition with Facebook, which is also interested in advanced means of connectivity and which last year purchased a drone company potentially capable of carrying Internet devices.谷歌还表现出了用高空气球为互联网连接带来变革的愿望。这种高空气球可以让地处偏远的人接入互联网。可以想见,同样的传输技术能够用在卫星上。谷歌正在与Facebook展开竞争,后者也对先进的网络连接手段萌生了兴趣,并于去年收购了一家无人机公司,这种无人机有望搭载互联网设备。Google and Fidelity will collectively own 10 percent of SpaceX because of the investment.做出这笔投资后,谷歌和Fidelity将共同拥有SpaceX公司10%的股份。The Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have also expressed personal interest in space exploration. Early in the company’s history it offered employee lectures on building so-called space elevators that could theoretically launch objects off Earth more cheaply than rockets could.谷歌创始人拉里·佩奇(Larry Page)和谢尔盖·布林(Sergey Brin)也曾表达过对于太空探索的个人兴趣。谷歌公司在创办初期,曾对员工做过关于制造所谓的“太空电梯”的讲座。理论上,这种装置能以低于火箭的成本,把物体从地球发射出去。 /201501/355980


  Chinese tech company Huawei announced Tuesday its smartphone shipments have topped 100 million this year, breaking the record among domestic players and making it the world#39;s third biggest mobile brand following Samsung and Apple.星期二,中国电子科技公司华为宣布其智能手机今年的销售量已经突破了1亿,打破了国内企业纪录,使其成为继三星和苹果之后的全球第三大移动品牌。The market share of Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies Company has risen to 9 percent globally and surpassed 15 percent in China, leading for six consecutive months, data from a third-party market consulting agency showed.一份第三方市场调查机构的数据显示,总部设在深圳的华为科技公司在全球的市场份额已经上升到了9%,在国内的市场份额也超过了15%,连续6月在市场上处于领先地位。;It#39;s a stunning increase,; said He Gang, president of Huawei#39;s mobile phone line. ;Beginning in 2010 with a sales figure of no more than 3 million, Huawei took five years to reach 75 million and another year to achieve 100 million.;华为手机产品线总裁何刚表示,“这是一个惊人的增长。2010年刚起步时,华为智能手机销售量不足300万部,华为花了5年的时间,使销量增长到去年的7500万部,今年就突破了一亿部。”He said Huawei has gained a firm foothold in the middle and high-end market over the past year, thanks to innovation and marketing. Middle and high-end smartphones costing more than 2,000 yuan (8) jumped to 33 percent of Huawei#39;s total shipments in the third quarter in China.他说,在过去的一年里,华为能在国内中高端手机市场站稳脚跟,得益于技术创新和市场行销的成功。第三季度,2000元(约合308美元)以上的中高端智能手机发货量占比跃至到33%。Huawei#39;s Mate 7 alone has sold 7 million sets so far, making it one of the most popular smartphone models in China. Sales of the new Mate 8 in the first two weeks were ten times that of Mate 7.据悉,仅华为Mate 7就已经售出了700万台,使它成为中国市场上最受欢迎的智能手机之一。新的Mate 8发布两周出货量超出同期Mate7出货量的10倍。Mate 8 falls in the same price category as the Samsung Galaxy series and Apple#39;s iPhone models. ;It#39;s just a matter of time before we introduce high-end smartphones at a price above 5,000 yuan,; He said.华为Mate8的价位和三星Galaxy系列以及苹果的iPhone手机相同。何刚说,“我们引入5000元左右的智能手机只是时间早晚的问题。”Huawei has also been nurturing its overseas terminal market. The company#39;s mobile phones are sold in more than 170 countries and regions.华为也一直在拓展其海外终端用户市场。该公司的手机在全球170多个国家和地区销售。Smartphones sold for between 400 and 500 euros claimed a market share of more than 60 percent in some Western European countries. Huawei also saw a good year in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe, where the number of smartphones it sold reached more than 3.46 million and increased 114 percent compared with the same period last year.数据显示,400到500欧元价位的手机占据了西欧60%以上的市场份额。除此之外,华为本年度在中欧、东欧和北欧也有所斩获,它的智能手机销量达到了346万台,比去年同期相比上涨114%。Huawei has aly overtaken Samsung and Apple in some developed countries, including Spain and Portugal. International sales are expected to account for 40 percent of the company#39;s revenue by 2016.在一些发达国家如西班牙和葡萄牙,华为的销量甚至超过了三星和苹果。到2016年,华为手机国际销售额有望占到总盈收的40%。Huawei has set up 16 overseas Ramp;D institutions, according to CEO Ren Zhengfei, adding his company has invested more than 190 billion yuan in technological innovation and holds a total of 76,687 patents. More than 18,000 patents are related to terminals, which has laid a foundation for expanding its smartphone offerings.据华为CEO任正非讲,华为已经建立了16家海外研发基地,并称该公司已经投入了1900亿元用于创新技术研究,发明了76686项专利,其中有18000项专利与终端有关,为拓展智能手机市场打下了良好的基础。;We are putting money in all the cutting-edge technology in the communications industry. Huawei is not second to global brands such as Ericsson and Nokia in technology,; He said.任正非表示,“我们投资的是通讯行业的最前沿技术。华为不会成为第二个爱立信或诺基亚。”;Believe it or not, our goal is to overtake Apple in the near future,; He said.他说,“信不信由你,我们的目标是在不久的将来超越苹果。” /201512/418214

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