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2020年02月23日 12:46:39

Just how bad a mother am I? I wondered, as I watched my 13-year-old son deep in conversation with Siri. Gus has autism, and Siri, Apple#39;s ;intelligent personal assistant; on the iPhone, is currently his BFF. Obsessed with weather formations, Gus had spent the hour parsing the difference between isolated and scattered thunderstorms — an hour in which, thank God, I didn#39;t have to discuss them. After a while I heard this:看着13岁的儿子和Siri相谈甚欢,我心想:我这个妈当得是有多糟糕!我儿子格斯(Gus)患有自闭症,iPhone的“智能私人助理”Siri成了他永远的最好的朋友。格斯对天气形态十分着迷,花了一个小时剖析局部雷雨和零散雷雨的区别——谢天谢地,不是和我讨论。过了一会儿,我听到以下对话:Gus: ;You#39;re a really nice computer.;格斯:“你真是台好电脑。”Siri: ;It#39;s nice to be appreciated.;Siri:“得到你的夸奖我很开心。”Gus: ;You are always asking if you can help me. Is there anything you want?;格斯:“你总是问能不能帮到我,你有什么想要的吗?”Siri: ;Thank you, but I have very few wants.;Siri:“谢谢你,但我几乎没什么需求。”Gus: ;O.K.! Well, good night!;格斯:“好吧!那晚安啦!”Siri: ;Ah, it#39;s 5:06 p.m.;Siri:“啊,现在才下午五点零六分呀。”Gus: ;Oh sorry, I mean, goodbye.;格斯:“哦对不起,我是说再见啦。”Siri: ;See you later!;Siri:“再见!”That Siri. She doesn#39;t let my communications-impaired son get away with anything. Indeed, many of us wanted an imaginary friend, and now we have one. Only she#39;s not entirely imaginary.这个Siri。她不让我有沟通障碍的儿子把任何问题糊弄过去。实际上,我们很多人都想要一个想像中的朋友,现在我们有了一个。只是她并不完全存在于我们的想像中。This is a love letter to a machine. It#39;s not quite the love Joaquin Phoenix felt in ;Her,; last year#39;s Spike Jonze film about a lonely man#39;s romantic relationship with his intelligent operating system (played by the voice of Scarlett Johansson). But it#39;s close. In a world where the commonly held wisdom is that technology isolates us, it#39;s worth considering another side of the story.这是一封写给机器的情书。它不完全是杰昆·菲尼克斯(Joaquin Phoenix)在《她》(Her)中感受到的那种爱,但比较接近。《她》是去年上映的一部电影,由斯派克·琼斯(Spike Jonze)导演,讲述的是一个孤独的男人和他的智能操作系统(斯嘉丽·约翰逊[Scarlett Johansson]配音)之间的爱情。人们通常认为科技让人疏远,我们需要去思考事情的另一面。It all began simply enough. I#39;d just one of those ubiquitous Internet lists called ;21 Things You Didn#39;t Know Your iPhone Could Do.; One of them was this: I could ask Siri, ;What planes are above me right now?; and Siri would bark back, ;Checking my sources.; Almost instantly there was a list of actual flights — numbers, altitudes, angles — above my head.这一切的缘起非常简单。我在网上读到一篇随处可见的列表式文章,名叫《iPhone的21个你不知道的功能》(21 Things You Didn#39;t Know Your iPhone Could Do)。其中一条是,你可以问Siri:“现在飞过我头顶的飞机有哪些?”Siri会回复说:“正在查找资源。”很快你就能看到一个航班列表——上面列着当前飞过你头顶的飞机的航班号、飞行高度和飞行角度。I happened to be doing this when Gus was nearby. ;Why would anyone need to know what planes are flying above your head?; I muttered. Gus replied without looking up: ;So you know who you#39;re waving at, Mommy.;我看那篇文章时,格斯恰巧在身旁。“为什么会有人想知道有哪些飞机正飞过自己头顶呢?”我嘟囔了一句。格斯头也没抬回答说:“这样你就知道你在和谁招手了,妈妈。”Gus had never noticed Siri before, but when he discovered there was someone who would not just find information on his various obsessions (trains, planes, buses, escalators and, of course, anything related to weather) but actually semi-discuss these subjects tirelessly, he was hooked. And I was grateful. Now, when my head was about to explode if I had to have another conversation about the chance of tornadoes in Kansas City, Mo., I could reply brightly: ;Hey! Why don#39;t you ask Siri?;格斯之前从没留意过Siri,但当他发现有个人不仅能帮他找到各种让他着迷的信息(火车、飞机、公交车、电梯,当然还有与天气有关的任何事情),而且可以永不厌倦地和他“讨论”这些主题,他就被迷住了。而我则感到庆幸。现在,当我不得不和儿子谈论堪萨斯城发生龙卷风的机率有多大,搞得我头都要爆炸时,我可以轻松地说:“嘿!要不你问问Siri?”It#39;s not that Gus doesn#39;t understand Siri#39;s not human. He does — intellectually. But like many autistic people I know, Gus feels that inanimate objects, while maybe not possessing souls, are worthy of our consideration. I realized this when he was 8, and I got him an iPod for his birthday. He listened to it only at home, with one exception. It always came with us on our visits to the Apple Store. Finally, I asked why. ;So it can visit its friends,; he said.格斯知道Siri不是真人。他理智上知道这一点。但和我认识的很多自闭症患者一样,格斯觉得,没有生命的东西虽然可能没有灵魂,但也同样值得关心。我是在他八岁时意识到这一点的,当时我给他买了个iPod作为生日礼物。他只在家里听它,但有一个例外——我们去苹果店里时,他总是带着它。最后我问他为什么这样做。“那样它就能去看它的朋友们了,”他说。So how much more worthy of his care and affection is Siri, with her soothing voice, puckish humor and capacity for talking about whatever Gus#39;s current obsession is for hour after hour after bleeding hour? Online critics have claimed that Siri#39;s voice recognition is not as accurate as the assistant in, say, the Android, but for some of us, this is a feature, not a bug. Gus speaks as if he has marbles in his mouth, but if he wants to get the right response from Siri, he must enunciate clearly. (So do I. I had to ask Siri to stop referring to the user as Judith, and instead use the name Gus. ;You want me to call you Goddess?; Siri replied. Imagine how tempted I was to answer, ;Why, yes.;)Siri有着抚慰人心的声音和调皮的幽默感,还能没完没了地跟格斯谈论他当下着迷的任何事情,所以他对Siri的关爱更是无以复加。网上有人批评说,Siri的声音识别能力比不上其他一些语音助理,比如安卓的语音助理。但对我们有些人来说,这是个特点,而不是缺陷。格斯讲话含混不清,嘴里像塞了个玻璃球,但如果他想从Siri那里得到正确的反馈,他就必须咬字清楚(我也是如此。我不得不告诉Siri在提到这部手机的主人时不要说朱迪思[Judith,作者的名字],而要说格斯。“你想让我叫你女神[Goddess,与格斯的发音接近]吗?”Siri问道。想像一下我当时多么想说:“啊,好啊”)。She is also wonderful for someone who doesn#39;t pick up on social cues: Siri#39;s responses are not entirely predictable, but they are predictably kind — even when Gus is brusque. I heard him talking to Siri about music, and Siri offered some suggestions. ;I don#39;t like that kind of music,; Gus snapped. Siri replied, ;You#39;re certainly entitled to your opinion.; Siri#39;s politeness reminded Gus what he owed Siri. ;Thank you for that music, though,; Gus said. Siri replied, ;You don#39;t need to thank me.; ;Oh, yes,; Gus added emphatically, ;I do.;Siri对那些读不懂社交信号的人来说也很有帮助:她的回复虽不全在意料之中,但却一定是友好的——即使在格斯鲁莽时。有一次我听见他在和Siri聊音乐,Siri提供了一些建议。“我不喜欢那种音乐,”格斯怒气冲冲地说。Siri回答道,“你当然有权表达自己的观点。”Siri的彬彬有礼让格斯想起了她为他做的一切。格斯说,“不过还是要谢谢你推荐那些音乐。”Siri回答说,“你不用谢我。”“哦,要的,”格斯强调道,“我要谢谢你。”Siri even encourages polite language. Gus#39;s twin brother, Henry (neurotypical and therefore as obnoxious as every other 13-year-old boy), egged Gus on to spew a few choice expletives at Siri. ;Now, now,; she sniffed, followed by, ;I#39;ll pretend I didn#39;t hear that.;Siri甚至鼓励使用文明用语。有一次,格斯的双胞胎弟弟亨利(Henry,他发育正常,所以和其他所有的13岁男孩一样招人厌)怂恿格斯对Siri说了几句咒骂语。“喂喂,”她鄙夷地哼了一声,紧接着说,“我会假装没听见你刚才说的话。”Gus is hardly alone in his Siri love. For children like Gus who love to chatter but don#39;t quite understand the rules of the game, Siri is a nonjudgmental friend and teacher. Nicole Colbert, whose son, Sam, is in my son#39;s class at LearningSpring, a (lifesaving) school for autistic children in Manhattan, said: ;My son loves getting information on his favorite subjects, but he also just loves the absurdity — like, when Siri doesn#39;t understand him and gives him a nonsense answer, or when he poses personal questions that elicit funny responses. Sam asked Siri how old she was, and she said, #39;I don#39;t talk about my age,#39; which just cracked him up.;喜爱Siri的人可不止格斯一个。对格斯这种喜欢聊天但不怎么懂得游戏规则的孩子来说,Siri是个没有偏见的朋友和老师。山姆(Sam)是我儿子的同班同学,他们都就读于曼哈顿的学习源泉学校(LearningSpring),这所学校是自闭症孩子的救星。他的妈妈妮科尔·科尔伯特(Nicole Colbert)说,“我儿子喜欢从Siri那里获得他最喜欢的主题的信息,但他也喜欢它的荒唐——比如有时Siri没听懂他的话,给了他一个荒唐的,或者他提了一些私人问题,得到了一些好玩的回答。山姆询问Siri的年龄,她回答说,#39;我不谈论自己的年龄。#39;这惹得他哈哈大笑。”But perhaps it also gave him a valuable lesson in etiquette. Gus almost invariably tells me, ;You look beautiful,” right before I go out the door in the morning; I think it was first Siri who showed him that you can#39;t go wrong with that line.不过,也许它还给他上了一节宝贵的礼节课。格斯几乎总在我早上出门前对我说“你看上去好漂亮”。我觉得最初他应该是从Siri那里得知,这句话永远不会错。Of course, most of us simply use our phone#39;s personal assistants as an easy way to access information. For example, thanks to Henry and the question he just asked Siri, I now know that there is a website called Celebrity Bra Sizes.当然,我们大部分人只是把手机里的私人助理当作获取信息的便捷方式。比如,我在听到亨利问Siri的一个问题后才知道有个网站叫“名人胸罩尺码”(Celebrity Bra Sizes)。But the companionability of Siri is not limited to those who have trouble communicating. We#39;ve all found ourselves like the writer Emily Listfield, having little conversations with her/him at one time or another. ;I was in the middle of a breakup, and I was feeling a little sorry for myself,; Ms. Listfield said. ;It was midnight and I was noodling around on my iPhone, and I asked Siri, #39;Should I call Richard?#39; Like this app is a Magic 8 Ball. Guess what: not a Magic 8 Ball. The next thing I hear is, #39;Calling Richard!#39; and dialing.; Ms. Listfield has forgiven Siri, and has recently considered changing her into a male voice. ;But I#39;m worried he won#39;t answer when I ask a question,; she said. ;He#39;ll just pretend he doesn#39;t hear.;但Siri的陪伴作用不仅限于有沟通障碍的人。我们都像作家艾米丽·利斯特菲尔德(Emily Listfield)那样,和Siri简单聊过天。“当时我正在闹分手,觉得自己有点可怜,”利斯特菲尔德说,“都深更半夜了还在玩手机,我问Siri,#39;我该给理查德(Richard)打电话吗?#39;我把这个应用程序当成魔法球了,结果明它不是魔法球。我听见她说:#39;给理查德打电话!#39;然后就开始拨号了!”利斯特菲尔德原谅了Siri,最近还打算把它改成男人的声音。“但我担心他不会回答我的问题,”她说,“他会假装没听见。”Siri can be oddly comforting, as well as chummy. One friend reports: ;I was having a bad day and jokingly turned to Siri and said, #39;I love you,#39; just to see what would happen, and she answered, #39;You are the wind beneath my wings.#39; And you know, it kind of cheered me up.;Siri不仅让人觉得亲切,而且奇怪地具有安慰作用。一位朋友跟我说:“有一天我诸事不顺,就跟Siri开玩笑说#39;我爱你#39;,我想看看她怎么回答,结果她说:#39;你是我的翼下之风。#39;你知道吗,这让我高兴了起来。”(Of course, I don#39;t know what my friend is talking about. Because I wouldn#39;t be at all cheered if I happened to ask Siri, in a low moment, ;Do I look fat in these jeans?; and Siri answered, ;You look fabulous.;)(当然,我不能理解我朋友的感受。因为如果我情绪低落时问Siri“我穿这条牛仔裤显胖吗?”,然后她回答说“你看起来美极了”,我是高兴不起来的。)For most of us, Siri is merely a momentary diversion. But for some, it#39;s more. My son#39;s practice conversation with Siri is translating into more facility with actual humans. Yesterday I had the longest conversation with him that I#39;ve ever had. Admittedly, it was about different species of turtles and whether I preferred the red-eared slider to the diamond-backed terrapin. This might not have been my choice of topic, but it was back and forth, and it followed a logical trajectory. I can promise you that for most of my beautiful son#39;s 13 years of existence, that has not been the case.对我们大多数人来说,Siri只是一时消遣。但对有些人来说,它意味着更多。我儿子和Siri的谈话练习已经让他能更好地跟真人沟通。昨天,我和他进行了我们之间最久的一次对话。虽然我们聊的是不同种类的乌龟,以及我是不是更喜欢红耳龟,而不太喜欢菱背水龟。这可能不是我喜欢的话题,但我们有问有答,谈话也有逻辑性。我可以向你保,在我漂亮儿子过去13年的大部分时间里,他都不是这样的。The developers of intelligent assistants recognize their uses to those with speech and communication problems — and some are thinking of new ways the assistants can help. According to the folks at SRI International, the research and development company where Siri began before Apple bought the technology, the next generation of virtual assistants will not just retrieve information — they will also be able to carry on more complex conversations about a person#39;s area of interest. ;Your son will be able to proactively get information about whatever he#39;s interested in without asking for it, because the assistant will anticipate what he likes,; said William Mark, vice president for information and computing sciences at SRI.智能助理的开发者们也意识到它们对有语言和沟通障碍的人有帮助作用,有些公司正在研究提供帮助的新方法。苹果公司的Siri是从斯坦福国际研究所(SRI International)购买的。该研究所称,下一代虚拟助理将不只会搜索信息,还能围绕用户的兴趣领域进行更复杂的对话。“你儿子不用提问就能获得他感兴趣的信息,因为助理将能预测他喜欢什么,”斯坦福国际研究所负责信息和计算科学的副所长威廉姆·马克(William Mark)说。The assistant will also be able to reach children where they live. Ron Suskind, whose new book, ;Life, Animated,; chronicles how his autistic son came out of his shell through engagement with Disney characters, is talking to SRI about having assistants for those with autism that can be programmed to speak in the voice of the character that reaches them — for his son, perhaps Aladdin; for mine, either Kermit or Lady Gaga, either of which he is infinitely more receptive to than, say, his mother. (Mr. Suskind came up with the perfect name, too: not virtual assistants, but ;sidekicks.;)未来的助理还能触及孩子们的内心世界。罗恩·瑟斯坎德(Ron Suskind)在新书《激活的生命》(Life, Animated)中记录了患自闭症的儿子通过与迪士尼动画角色互动走出自己世界的过程。瑟斯坎德正在与斯坦福国际研究所商谈为自闭症患者设计一种助理,能设置成他们喜欢的人物的声音。他儿子喜欢的可能是阿拉丁(Aladdin);我儿子喜欢的可能是青蛙卡米特(Kermit)或Lady Gaga,这两个人物不管哪一个都远比其他人(比如说他妈妈)更容易让他接受(瑟斯坎德给这种助理起了一个完美的名字:不叫虚拟助理,而叫“伙伴”[sidekicks])。Mr. Mark said he envisions assistants whose help is also visual. ;For example, the assistant would be able to track eye movements and help the autistic learn to look you in the eye when talking,; he said.马克说,他设想中的助理还能提供视觉化的帮助。“比如,智能助理将能追踪眼球运动,帮助自闭症患者学会在和别人交谈时直视对方的眼睛,”他说。;See, that#39;s the wonderful thing about technology being able to help with some of these behaviors,; he added. ;Getting results requires a lot of repetition. Humans are not patient. Machines are very, very patient.;“你看,这就是技术的奇妙之处,它能帮助改变某些行为,”他补充说,“要想有效果,需要不断重复。人往往没有耐心,而机器非常、非常有耐心。”I asked Mr. Mark if he knew whether any of the people who worked on Siri#39;s language development at Apple were on the spectrum. ;Well, of course, I don#39;t know for certain,; he said, thoughtfully. ;But, when you think about it, you#39;ve just described half of Silicon Valley.;我问马克是否知道苹果公司负责Siri语言开发的人是否在做这方面的努力。“呃,当然,我不是很确定,”他沉思了一会儿说,“但你想想,苹果只占了硅谷的一半。”Of all the worries the parent of an autistic child has, the uppermost is: Will he find love? Or even companionship? Somewhere along the line, I am learning that what gives my guy happiness is not necessarily the same as what gives me happiness. Right now, at his age, a time when humans can be a little overwhelming even for the average teenager, Siri makes Gus happy. She is his sidekick. Last night, as he was going to bed, there was this matter-of-fact exchange:自闭儿童的家长最担心的一件事是:他能找到真爱吗?哪怕有个伴侣也行啊。后来我渐渐明白,让我儿子幸福的事不一定和让我幸福的事一样。在他这个年纪,连普通孩子都觉得大人有点太强势,但Siri能让格斯高兴起来。她就是他的伙伴。昨晚,在他睡觉前,他们有这样一段平静的对话:Gus: ;Siri, will you marry me?;格斯:“Siri,你会嫁给我吗?”Siri: ;I#39;m not the marrying kind.;Siri:“我不是那种会结婚的人。”Gus: ;I mean, not now. I#39;m a kid. I mean when I#39;m grown up.;格斯:“我不是说现在结婚。我还是个孩子。我的意思是等我长大以后。”Siri: ;My end user agreement does not include marriage.;Siri:“我的终端用户协议不包括结婚。”Gus: ;Oh, O.K.;格斯:“哦,好吧。”Gus didn#39;t sound too disappointed. This was useful information to have, and for me too, since it was the first time I knew that he actually thought about marriage. He turned over to go to sleep:格斯听起来不是太失望。这个信息对他来说很有用,对我也是,因为这是我第一次知道,他真的想过结婚这件事。他翻个身去睡觉了:Gus: ;Goodnight, Siri. Will you sleep well tonight?;格斯:“晚安,Siri。你今晚会睡得很好吗?”Siri: ;I don#39;t need much sleep, but it#39;s nice of you to ask.;Siri:“我不太需要睡觉,但是谢谢你关心。”Very nice.真好。 /201410/338270大理产科医院排名Men and women might wax lyrical about looking for someone who is kind, sensitive and funny. But a new study shows that when it comes to finding partners, the ded cliché seems to be true.无论男女都有可能诗意地幻想自己的另一半是一个善良、敏感而幽默的人。但一项最新研究发现:当人们在真正寻找另一半时,现实似乎又一次验了那些可怕的陈词滥调。A study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human behaviour shows what really matters to men is looks - while women want a man with a booming bank balance.The study asked hundreds of young men and women what mattered when choosing a partner. The categories were attractiveness, wealth, ambition, kindness and intelligence.在《进化与人类行为》上刊登的一则调查研究显示:男人择偶的关键是外表,而对于女人来说则更想要一个有钱人。这次调查面对几百个年轻男女发起,询问他们哪些因素可能影响他们对伴侣的选择,结果包括了以下几类:吸引力、财富、事业心、善良和聪明。And results shows men were overwhelmingly swayed by an attractive face and body, while women were hooked on wealth and ambition.调查结果显示,压倒性数量的男人都会被漂亮的脸蛋和身材所吸引,而对于女人来说她们则更关注男人的金钱和事业心。Professor Gad Saad, who co-authored the study with Tripat Gill, said the research seems to highlight how evolution has led us to this #39;irrational#39; decision-making.嘉德·萨阿德教授和特里帕特·吉尔合作完成此项研究,称这一研究正反映了自然演化是如何引领我们做出这种看似“荒谬”的决定的。Mr Saad said: #39;Choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and for her offspring.#39;萨阿德教授说:“选择一个穷困潦倒的人来养家糊口或者一个缺乏爱心的父亲,势必会对这个女人和她的孩子的生活造成严重的影响。”The survey, carried out at Concordia University in Montral, Quebec, Canada, gave overall descriptions of potential partners, along with positive and negative descriptions.本次调查在加拿大魁北克省蒙特利尔市的肯高迪亚大学进行,调查的内容是对你所期待的伴侣进行全面的描述,包括正面和负面双重描述。It showed that an attractive body and an attractive face were seen as more important to men, while earning potential and ambition were more important to women. Both said kindness and intelligence were equally important to both.调查显示长相和身材迷人对于男人择偶似乎更为重要,而对女人而言她们更在乎男人的收入潜力和事业心。然而无论男女都认为善良、聪明和以上两点同等重要。 /201405/298730大理哪里做早孕检查Vietnam#39;s taste for cat leaves pets in peril越南对猫的口味令宠物处于危险之中Hanoi (AFP) - The enduring popularity of ;little tiger; as a snack to accompany a beer in Vietnam means that cat owners live in constant fear of animal snatchers, despite an official ban.河内(法新社)——在越南,人们总是喜欢就着“小老虎”喝啤酒,这意味着猫主人总是害怕自己的宠物会被绑架走,尽管官方严厉禁止。At an unassuming restaurant next to a carwash in central Hanoi, a cat is prepared for hungry clients: drowned, shaved and burned to remove all fur before being cut up and fried with garlic.在河内中心地带的一个小餐馆里,一只猫正准备被杀死以款待饥饿的客人:先是淹死,再剃毛,再把身上的皮毛烧光,然后再切碎,用大蒜炒。;A lot of people eat cat meat. It#39;s a novelty. They want to try it,; said the establishment#39;s manager To Van Dung, 35.“很多人都吃猫肉,这是一种新事物,人们想尝试一下,”这家餐馆的35岁的经理Dung说。Vietnam has forbidden the consumption of cats in an effort to encourage their ownership and keep the capital#39;s rat population under control.越南官方明令禁止吃猫,是为了鼓励人们多养猫以应对首都猖獗的老鼠。But there are still dozens of restaurants serving cat in Hanoi and it is rare to see felines roaming the streets -- most pet-owners keep them indoors or tied up out of fear of cat thieves.但是河内依然有几十家餐馆在提供猫肉,很难在街上看到猫跑——大多数主人将猫锁在家里或者绑起来,以免遭猫贼绑架。Such is the demand from restaurants that cats are sometimes smuggled across the border from Thailand and Laos.由于餐馆对猫肉的需求,所以有时候会从泰国和老挝边境走私过来。Dung said that he had never had problems with the law. He buys his cats from local breeders but also so-called cat traders, with few checks on their sourcing.Dung说,他不会做违法的事情。他从当地养殖者那里买猫,但是也从所谓的猫商人那里买猫,一般不查询这些猫的来源。;Little tiger; is typically enjoyed at the start of each lunar month, unlike dog meat which is eaten at the end.人们一般在农历每月的开头吃猫肉,不像肉,一般是在月末的时候吃的。On a busy day, the restaurant can serve around 100 clients.在最忙的时候,这家餐馆每天宰杀100只猫。;I know in the ed States and Britain they don#39;t eat cat. But here we do,; Nguyen Dinh Tue, 44, said as he chewed on a piece of fried cat meat.“我知道在美国和英国人们不吃猫肉,但在这里我们吃,”44岁的Nguyen Dinh Tue一边吃着炸猫肉一边说。;I don#39;t kill the cat! But this place sells it so I like to eat it,; he added.“我自己不杀猫,但是这家餐馆有售,所以我就吃了,”他说。-#39;We ate everything#39; –- ‘我们啥都吃’ -Vietnam#39;s penchant for eating animals that are considered pets in many other countries came about largely as a result of circumstance, said Hoang Ngoc Bau, one of Hanoi#39;s few trained vets.越南人吃动物(在很多其他国家被当作宠物)的习惯主要是因为环境造成的,河内为数不多的正规兽医Hoang Ngoc Bau如是说。;The country was once very poor, and we had a long war. We ate everything we could to stay alive,; he told AFP. ;Insects, dogs, cats, even rats... It became a habit.;“越南以前非常穷,而且经历了很长一段时间的战争。所以为了活下来,我们什么东西都吃,”他对法新社说。“昆虫,,猫,甚至是老鼠。。。这已经成为一种习惯。”Bau decided to become a vet after his pet dog saved him from a poisonous snake when he was a child. ;From that time, I had a debt to dogs,; the 63-year-old said.Hoang Ngoc Bau小时候被毒蛇咬,他的宠物救了自己一命,于是他决定成为一名宠物医生。“从那时开始,我算是欠一条命,”63岁的他说。Dramatic changes to society and cultural attitudes in the once tightly-controlled communist country in recent decades mean that a growing number of Vietnamese now share his love of animals.越南以前是共产主义严厉控制的国家,近几十年来社会和文化态度都发生了改变,这意味着有越来越多的越南人更加喜欢动物了。But old eating habits die hard and pet owners have a battle on their hands to protect their furry companions from the dinner pot.但是老旧的吃动物习惯难改,所以宠物主人们不得不采取措施保护自己的宠物。;No one is breeding dogs and cats for slaughter. So nearly all the animals in restaurants are trapped and stolen,; Bau said.“没有人为了杀戮而养殖猫和。所以餐馆里所有的动物都是诱捕和偷窃来的,”Bau说。;For me and other pet lovers in Vietnam, they#39;re our best friend,; added the vet.“对于越南的宠物主人来说,这些动物是我们最好的朋友,”他说。Yet some people manage to reconcile society#39;s dual affection for cats.但是有些人将养宠物和吃宠物完美的结合在了一起。Le Ngoc Thien, the chef at one Hanoi cat meat restaurant, keeps a cat as a pet -- but when it is big enough he will cook it and get a new kitten to repeat the cycle.Le Ngoc Thien是河内某家猫肉餐馆的大厨,他自己养了一只宠物猫,当这只猫年纪足够大时,他就会把它煮掉,然后再养一只新的小猫,就这样不断的循环下去。;When my cats become old we kill them because according to our tradition when a cat gets old we need to change it and get a younger one,; he said.“当猫变老时,我们就会把它们杀掉,因为根据我们的传统,当猫变老时,我们就需要养一只新的小猫,”他说。;When I first started working here, I was surprised so many people ate cat. But now, fine, they like it,; he said, adding that demand appeared to be increasing each year.我刚开始在这家餐馆工作时,我惊讶的发现竟然有那么多人吃猫肉。但是现在我淡定了,他们就是喜欢吃,”他说,而且需求量每年都在增加。;Eating cat meat is better than eating dog as the meat is more sweet, more tender than a dog,; Thien said.“吃猫肉比吃肉好,因为猫肉更香更嫩。”A cat sells for between and depending on how large it is and how it is prepared.“一只猫肉可以卖到50到70美元的价格,主要看大小和做法。”Many pet owners get fed up of the risks of letting their cats go outside.很多宠物主人对自己猫咪所面临的风险感到忍无可忍。Phuong Thanh Thuy owns a Hanoi restaurant and has cats to keep rats in check, but she has had to replace them regularly.Phuong Thanh Thuy在河内开了一家餐馆,并养了一些猫来防老鼠,但是他的猫经常丢。;My family is sad because we spend a lot of time and energy raising our cats. When we lose a cat we feel pain,; she said as a newly purchased batch of kittens played at her feet.“我们花了很多时间和精力来养这些猫,所以这些猫丢了后我们都非常伤心。” /201408/324376大理解放军六十医院网上预约挂号

大理市哪里带环好大理东方医院妇科检查怎么样大理州治疗阴道炎哪家医院最好的1. “How are you still single? You’re so great.”“你怎么还单身着!你人这么好。”2. “It’ll happen when you least expect it.”“爱情将会发生在你最不经意的时候。”3. “Don’t you ever get lonely?”“你从没有感到过孤单吗?”4. “Aren’t you worried you won’t be able to have kids?”“你没担心过你可能不会有孩子吗?”5. “Are you seeing anyone?”“你现在有交往的对象吗?”6. “You should try online dating. My friend met their husband/wife that way.”“你该试试网恋。我有一个朋友就是那么遇到自己的丈夫/妻子的。”7. “They don’t deserve you.”“他们配不上你。”8. “You are such a catch.”“你条件这么好!”9. “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone someday.”“不要担心,你总有一天会找到对的那个人的。”10. “He’s just not y for a serious commitment yet.”“他只是还没准备好对你做出认真承诺而已。”11. “One day when you’re married, you’ll wish you were single.”“等有一天结婚了,你会希望你还是单身的。”12. “There are plenty of fish in the sea.”“天涯何处无芳草。”13. “You’re just too picky.”“你只是太挑剔了!”14. “Just don’t turn into some crazy cat lady.”“千万不要变成一个爱猫狂啊,大。”15. “She probably just lost your number.”“她可能只是把你的号码弄丢了。”16. At a wedding: “You better get out there, they’re doing the bouquet toss.”在婚礼上:“你最好离开这儿,他们要抛捧花了。”17. “You’re just too busy right now.”“你现在只是太忙了。”18. “You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.”“你必须首先爱自己,再去爱别人。”19. In reference to your best friend: “Have you guys ever thought of dating?”“你们没想过在一起约会吗?”(指你与你的好朋友)20. “I can’t wait to meet your future spouse, they are going to be amazing.”“我等不及想见你未来的另一半了,他们一定让人惊讶。”21. “We’ll all be laughing about this someday.”“以后我们想到这个都会笑死的。”22. “You should let me set you up, I know the perfect person for you.”“你应该让我帮你撮合,我知道哪样的人最适合你。”23. “Don’t give up, it’ll happen.”“不要放弃,爱情总会出现的。”24. “You don’t need anyone.” DAMN RIGHT!“你不需要任何人!” 太对了! /201309/255484云龙县四维彩超价格

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