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大理60医院咨询电话大理祥云县生孩子那个地方好解放军第六十医院做输卵管通液多少钱 Everyone dreams to look slim. Hey, walking is the best way to keep you in shape. Even you can enjoy the fresh air and spend a quality time with your friends and family. Walking works in many ways, a brisk paced walk can help you feel better. Walking can improve your health too. A daily routine of 30 minutes or more of brisk walking can help you control your weight, lower cholesterol, strengthen your heart and reduce the likelihood of serious health problems. The muscles in your legs account for a large percentage of your total muscle mass. When you engage those muscles in walking, you also force your heart, lungs and other organs to increase their activity.每个人都想苗条。嘿,散步是保持体形的最好方式。你也可呼吸新鲜空气,和朋友和家人度过一个有质量的时光。散步通过许多方式起作用,快节奏的散步能让你感觉爽。散步也能改善你的健康。每天30分钟或者更长时间的快步能帮你控制体重、降低胆固醇、强化心脏和减少影响健康的问题。腿部肌肉在你所有肌肉中占了很大比例。当你在散步中锻炼了这些肌肉,这将促使你的心脏、肺和其它器官更活跃。 /201211/209256Wedding photos horrified her so much she HALVED her weight and said 'I do' again结婚照体型惊悚,新娘疯狂瘦身“再婚” A horrified bride was so ashamed of her wedding photos she got married again after managing to lose more than half her body weight. 看到了结婚照上的自己,新娘又羞又怕。于是,在减掉了原有体重的一半之后,她又和自己的丈夫结了一次婚。 Zoe Davies, 33, of Sunbury, Surrey, was in a size 24 dress and weighed 22st 3lb when she first walked up the aisle with her fiancé Pete in 2000. But the memories from that day left her so ashamed that she went on a diet and then convinced her 36-year-old husband to tie the knot again. 33岁的佐伊·戴维斯,来自英国萨里郡圣贝瑞。当她2000年和未婚夫皮特走进教堂结婚的时候,重达22英石3磅(约141公斤),要穿24号的礼(XXL特大号)才行。这一幕让她羞愧不已,于是决心减肥,并在之后说36岁的丈夫跟她再结一次婚。 "Every girl wants to look like a princess on their wedding day. But I looked hideous in those photos," she told the Sunday Mirror. "If you compare the pictures it's like Pete has married somebody else. Everyone kept asking what Pete had done with Zoe! Finally I had the wedding I'd dreamed about." “每个女孩都想在结婚那天像公主一样美,但在那些照片里,我看起来糟糕透了。”佐伊对《星期日镜报》说,“如果你把那些照片拿出来比较,就好像皮特娶得是别人一样。大家都在问到底皮特对佐伊做过些什么!最终,我拥有了自己梦寐以求的婚礼。” Mrs Davies is only 5ft 4ins and met her future husband Pete while he worked as a fitter and she worked in a bakery. At the time she was 10st but by their first wedding in 2000 her poor diet meant she had ballooned and doubled her weight and dress size. 佐伊身高只有5尺4寸(约162.5厘米),她和皮特相识时,皮特是个装配工,而她则在烘焙店里工作。当时,她体重只有10英石(约63.5公斤)。但到了2000年婚礼前夕,佐伊不良的饮食习惯使她的体型像充气球一样地鼓了起来,而体重和衣尺码也翻了一番。 While at her heaviest, she typically skipped breakfast before eating bacon sandwiches, crisps and chocolate for lunch, a Chinese takeaway for dinner and snacking on sweets, more chocolate and crisps. 在体重最重的那段时间里,她典型的食谱是这样的,不吃早饭,午饭是培根三明治、薯片和巧克力,晚饭叫一份中式快餐,还要把巧克力、薯片等甜食拿来当零食吃。 But after realizing she had to change her unhealthy ways, she ditched her high fat diet in favor of cereal, fresh fruit and salads and started exercising. 意识到了自己不健康的饮食方式后,佐伊放弃了原先高脂肪的食谱而改吃谷物、新鲜水果和色拉,并且开始做运动。 Her efforts paid off and she dropped to 11 stone and dress size 12. Her new slimmer figure filled her with confidence so the mother-of-two asked Pete to marry her again so she could have a wedding album she could be proud of. He agreed and the couple tied the knot again in front of 100 friends and loved-ones in August. 佐伊的努力得到了回报,她成功地把体重减到了11英石(约69.85公斤),衣的尺码也变回到了12号(M码)。瘦身成功后的佐伊找回了自信。现在已经是两个孩子的母亲的她希望皮特能和自己再结一次婚,这样她就能拥有自豪的结婚照了。皮特答应了妻子的请求,于是两人在100位亲友的见下,于八月份再一次结了婚。 /201110/158613大理市妇幼保健院做药物流产多少钱

永平县治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的大理市南涧县治疗附件炎哪家医院最好的 Treece, Kansas, is a poisoned town. Only one house remains. Tim and Della Busby are the lone residents of the community today. And they say they#39;re staying put. Even if it#39;s toxic, Treece is still their home.美国堪萨斯州的特莱塞镇因受到污染已沦为“毒镇”。现在镇上仅有唯一的一家住户,只剩下蒂姆和妻子德拉-巴斯比。他们依然拒绝离开。因为即使那里变成毒镇,却依然还是他们的家园。This tiny community in southeast Kansas used to be a bustling mining enclave — with a school, hundreds of homes and bars the got rowdy with drunken miners on payday.位于美国堪萨斯州东南部的特莱塞曾是一个非常繁荣的矿业小镇,那里曾有学校、数百户居民以及发薪日挤满醉酒矿工的喧闹酒吧。But, the mines that turned Treece into a boomtown ultimately left it lifeless and abandoned.但曾经把特莱塞变为新兴小镇的矿业最终也使它成为毫无生气的被荒废小镇。It#39;s a toxic ghost town now. All but two residents left when the federal government offered buyouts to the 138 people who stuck around after the mines shut down, the Kansas City Star reports.如今这里已经沦为“毒镇”。根据《堪萨斯城星报》的报道,在矿山关闭后,政府向仍然居住在该地的138名居民提供资助,人们陆续搬走,仅剩蒂姆夫妇。The Environmental Protection Agency says decades of zinc and lead mining have left the soil, water and air contaminated.美国环保署称,数十年的锌和铅矿开采已经污染了当地的土地、水源以及空气。Massive piles of poisoned mining debris, called chat, litter the streets. The mines that were dug beneath the town are turning the ground into Swiss cheese, as massive sink holes develop throughout the town — many big enough and deep enough to swallow a man whole.大堆有毒的矿石碎屑凌乱堆积在街头上。地底挖矿使地面呈“蜂窝乳酪”状,全镇遍布大的灰岩坑,很多较大的坑洞深到足以把整个人吞没。In 2009, the federal government began offering buy-outs for the residents of Treece after Congress approved .5 million to vacate the town and turn it into a Superfund site.2009年,美国联邦政府开始“买断”该镇的居民,国会还批准了350万美元的资金让居民搬离小镇,并把它改造成一个超级基金场址。Treece was abandoned after nearby Picher, Oklahoma, which sits just across the state line, was bought out by the federal government and bought out for the same reason — lead contamination left by decades of mining.在人们搬离该镇之前,位于州界对面的俄克拉荷马州的皮歇尔镇也由于同样的原因被政府“买断”。数十年采矿使皮歇尔镇遭到严重的铅污染。Picher#39;s buyout came first — it was a historic event, the government giving people cash to leave the town they#39;d lived on their lives.皮歇尔镇先于特莱塞镇被“买断”,这是个历史性事件,美国政府付给当地居民现金,让他们搬离赖以生存的小镇。However, the EPA tried to save Treece. Only one child out of 16 in the town tested positive for having dangerously high levels of lead.美国环保署试图拯救特莱塞镇。该镇的16名儿童中,仅有一人在检测中查出体内铅超标。But the damage in Treece was aly done, the residents no longer believed it was safe to live there.但特莱塞镇的污染已经造成了,居民们不再相信住在那里是安全的。After Picher was abandoned, the town government in Treece also asked for a buy-out.在皮歇尔镇被人们放弃之后,特莱塞镇的政府也要求联邦政府出资“买断”。When it finally came, the EPA offered residents about ,000 each for their homes. By 2010, 63 out of 64 homeowners sold out and their houses were torn down.最终,美国环保署给每位搬离居民补贴了大约4万美元。截至2010年,64户居民中的63户搬离了小镇,他们的房子也拆毁了。 /201206/185921大理东方妇产医院医生的QQ号码

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