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Multiple planes took to the skies in California to lampoon Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the White House, in a series of ;skywriting; messages, including: ;America is great! Trump is disgusting.;美国共和党内持率领先的总统参选人唐纳德·特朗普,日前受到了;空中大字;的连番嘲讽:数架飞机在加州的天空;;下如下字样:;美国很伟大,特朗普真恶心;Six skywriting planes were used in the anti-Trump stunt above the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, CNN said.据CNN报道,在帕萨迪纳市一年一度的玫瑰花车游行中,天空中突然飞架飞机,制造了这场反对特朗普的表演。Other messages hitting out at Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the White House, included: ;Anybody but Trump,; and ;Trump is delusional.;其他针对这位白宫共和党提名候选人--特朗普的大字还有;除了特朗普,谁都;;特朗普大骗子;。It was not immediately clear who was behind the protest.目前尚不清楚这件事件的幕后主使为何人。Trump, whose controversial run for the White House has seen him call for a ban on Muslims entering the ed States, did not make any immediate response.参选之路充满争议的特朗普此前曾呼吁禁止所有穆斯林踏上美国领土,这次的事件他也没有立即做出回应。The billionaire real-estate tycoon and reality TV star, who has said that Mexico is sending rapists and other criminals into the US, greeted the 2016 election year by proclaiming on Facebook: ;2015 was a very special year, and I am grateful for your support! We are making history together! ;作为身家百亿的地产大亨和真人秀明星,此前还曾指责墨西哥将强奸犯等罪犯送到美国。之后,他还在Facebook上宣布迎016年的总统大选:015年是非常特殊的一年,我很感激你们的持!我们会一起创造历史!”来 /201601/419960

JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon on Tuesday told the company’s employees and shareholders that he’s been diagnosed with curable throat cancer and that his prognosis is excellent.上周二,根大通(JPMorgan Chase)董事长兼首席执行官吉米·戴蒙告知公司员工及股东,他已被诊断出患有可治愈的喉癌,而且预后效果非常奀?While Dimon’s diagnosis isn’t apparently life-threatening, it nonetheless prompted the question of who will succeed him at JPMorgan’s JPM -1.04% helm. But his announcement raised an even broader question: just what is expected of CEOs when it comes to their health?虽然诊断结果显示戴蒙的生命看来没有受到威胁,但人们仍然要问,谁会接替他执掌根大通。此外,戴蒙的声明还带来了一个更大的问题,那就是对于CEO的健康状况,人们到底应该了解哪些信息。The U.S. president receives regular check-ups and discloses the results every few years. (At President Barack Obama’s last exam in June, doctors deemed him healthy since he “exercises daily, remains tobacco-free, and only drinks alcohol occasionally and in moderation. Is the same expected of business leaders, who are often indelibly linked to a company’s financial performance?美国总统定期接受体检,而且每隔几年都会公布体检结果(美国总统奥巴月份刚刚进行了体检,医生的结论是他很健康,原因是他“每天都运动,不抽烟,偶尔适度饮酒。”)企业负责人往往牢固地跟本公司的财务表现联系在一起,他们是否也该这样做呢?A JPMorgan spokesman told Fortune on Wednesday that the company has no requirement that Dimon receive regular check-ups. Though he gets regular exams anyway because, as a person close to Dimon told us, the JPMorgan CEO “focuses on his health, regularly playing tennis and running with his wife and kids.”根大通发言人上周三告诉《财富》(Fortune)杂志,公司从未要求戴蒙定期体检。不过,一位接近戴蒙的人士告诉我们,他确实定期体检,原因是戴蒙“很关心自己的健康,而且经常跟妻子儿女一起打网球、跑步”。While that’s the case at JPMorgan, practices certainly vary from company to company, says Dennis Carey of Korn Ferry, who has led CEO recruitment and succession planning efforts for companies like 3M, ATamp;T, and Office Depot.猎头公司Korn Ferry副董事长丹尼斯o凯里指出,这是根大通的情况,各公司在这方面的做法当然各不相同。Korn Ferry曾牵头为3M、美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)和欧迪办公(Office Depot)等公司规划CEO招聘和继任事务。Companies are known to buy so-called “key personinsurance policies for their CEOs, which put a dollar amount on executivescontributions to the company and protects against a financial hardship should they die. Before those policies are issued, a CEO is usually required to disclose any health risks, says Keith Martinsen, executive vice president at ABD Insurance and Financial Services. And, depending on the policy, a CEO might also be expected to get a physical every year or so, the hope being that any catastrophic illness would be caught early.人们都知道,各家公司都会为CEO购买所谓的“关键人物”保险,投保金额根据高管对公司的贡献决定,目的是防止这些高层人员身故导致公司陷入财务困境。ABD Insurance and Financial Services执行副总裁基思o马丁森指出,签订保险合同前,一般都会要求企业负责人披露所有的健康风险。而且,CEO可能每年或者每隔一段时间都要进行体检,目的是尽早发现重大疾病,具体如何执行则取决于保险合同。The JPMorgan spokesman said that the bank has no specific insurance policy on Dimon, though he may be covered by a group plan for the bank’s top employees.根大通发言人称,公司并没有给戴蒙够买保险,不过他可能参加了公司最高层的集体保险。Carey says he always advises his clients to include at least a stress test as part of their due diligence when hiring executives from the outside. “In some cases, companies are billing out tens of millions of dollars to buy out an executive [from a previous employer] only to find out that the exec has an illness,Carey says. “It’s more prevalent in the Fortune 200 and less so as you go down into mid-market companies.”凯里说,他一直建议客户从外部招聘高管时至少把压力测试作为尽职调查的一部分。他说:“有时候,为了把某位高管(从前任雇主那里)挖过来,一家公司要付出数千万美元的资金,结果却发现这位高管有病在身。这种情况在《财富00强企业中比较普遍。在排名低一些的中型企业中,出现这种情况的公司较少。”While there is no overarching standard on how to handle an executive’s health, in general, boards of directors and CEOs are adhering to a more liberal interpretation of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rule that requires companies to publicly disclose material information about a CEO (i.e. anything that would influence an investor’s decision to buy or sell securities) in what Carey referred to as the “post-Jobs era.”虽然在高管身体健康的问题上并没有统一的标准可循,但一般来说,美国券交易委员会的规定要求各家公司公开披露涉及CEO的实质性信息(即所有可能影响投资者就买卖券作出决定的信息)。在凯里所说的“后乔布斯时代”,董事会成员和首席执行官需要遵守对这项规定更为宽泛的解释。When Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer and received a liver transplant, Apple’s mishandling of his sickness became the standard of what not to do when a CEO falls ill. The company never fully informed investors about Job’s failing health, even as the Apple founder became noticeably thin and took leaves of absence. The SEC later investigated whether the company had misled investors.史蒂夫o乔布斯当初被诊断患有癌症并接受肝移植手术时,苹果公司(Apple)对他的病情处理欠妥,已经成为CEO患病时公司处理方式的反面教材。苹果方面从来没有把乔布斯每况愈下的健康情况完全告知投资者,甚至是在乔布斯明显消瘦、开始休假的时候也是如此。美国券交易委员会后来还对这家公司是否误导投资者进行了调查。Dimon’s announcement on Tuesday mirrors the approach Warren Buffett took when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. Even though doctors had said it was “not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way,the Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO chose to announce his early-stage diagnosis in a letter to shareholders戴蒙在上周二发布声明的做法跟2012年沃伦o巴菲特被诊断出患有前列腺癌时采用的方法一致。尽管医生说病情“对他的生命没什么威胁,甚至不会让他明显衰弱”,但作为伯克希哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)的董事长兼首席执行官,巴菲特仍然决定致信股东,宣布医生的初步诊断结果。“The Steve Jobs situation was the tour de force in terms of reminding boards to get out in front of this sort of stuff,Carey says.凯里说:“出现这种局面时,有的公司会告诉董事会不要插手,史蒂夫o乔布斯的情况就是这方面的典型事例。”Additional reporting by Stephen Gandel.史蒂芬·甘德尔也参与了这次报道 /201407/310074


  Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Sunday Muslims were unfit to be president of the ed States, arguing that the principles of Islam are inconsistent with American values.共和党总统参选人本·卡森星期天表示,穆斯林不应当担任美国总统,他认为伊斯兰教的原则和美国的价值观不相符合;I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that,; Carson, a devout Christian, told Ns Meet the Press.卡森是一位虔诚的基督徒,他告诉美国全国广播公司“与媒体见面”节目说,“我不主张我们让一名穆斯林来统领这个国家,我绝对不赞同那样。”He said a presidents faith should matter to voters and he described the Islamic faith as inconsistent with the Constitution, although he did not specify in which way Islam ran counter to constitutional principles.他表示,一位总统的信仰对选民来说应当很重要,他称伊斯兰信仰和美国宪法不相符,但是没有具体指出伊斯兰教究竟在什么方面和美国宪法原则相左。Carsons comments came amid lingering fallout over Republican Donald Trumps refusal last week to take issue with a man who, during a New Hampshire campaign event, wrongly called President Barack Obama a Muslim and said Muslims are ;a problem in this country.;卡森发表此番言论之前,共和党总统参选人川普上周在新罕布什尔州的一次竞选集会上,没有纠正他的一名持者把奥巴马总统说成是穆斯林和外国人,并表示穆斯林是“这个国家的一个问题”,从而引发争议,至今余波未平。来 /201509/400828。

  Sub-Saharan Africa’s vast energy resources could be a catalyst for strong growth in the coming decades, but only if countries push through reforms and upgrade their infrastructures.对于撒哈拉以南非洲地区来说,未来数十年里,丰富的能源资源有望成为其强劲增长的催化剂,但是前提是这些国家必须推进改革并升级基础设施。According to a report released Monday by the International Energy Agency, countries in the region must enact reforms that will attract investors and spend the hundred of billions needed to upgrade aging and poorly functioning infrastructures.国际能源署(International Energy Agency)本周发布的一份报告显示,撒哈拉以南非洲地区的国家必须实施改革来吸引投资者,并投入数千亿美元对陈旧落后的基础设施进行升级改造。The African Energy Outlook found that 30% of global oil and gas discoveries made over the past five years were from sub-Saharan Africa, which includes countries south of the Sahara desert. But at the same time only 290 million out of 915 million people have access to electricity. That figure is only rising.《非洲能源展望》(African Energy Outlook)报告发现,在过去五年里,全球探明的石油和天然气0%来自撒哈拉以南非洲地区——该地区包括撒哈拉沙漠以南的若干国家。但与此同时,在当地9.15亿人口当中,仅有2.9亿人可以使用电力。这个人口基数只会不断增长。Worse, four out of five people in the region depend on firewood and charcoal mainly for cooking due to the lack of electricity. The projection is that figure will rise 40 percent by 2040, putting tropical forests at risk and further contributing to indoor pollution that is aly the second biggest cause of premature death behind AIDS in the region.更糟糕的是,由于电力供应不足,该地区有五分之四的人口主要依靠柴禾和木炭做饭。预计到2040年,数值还将增0%,热带雨林面临砍伐过度的险境,并且将进一步加重室内污染问题——室内污染已成为致使该地区人口早夭的第二大原因,仅次于艾滋病(AIDS)。“When I look at the continent, sub-Saharan Africa is very rich in energy resources and very poor in energy supply and production,IEA Chief Economist FatihBirol told Fortune.“据我了解,撒哈拉以南非洲地区的能源资源非常丰富,但能源供应和生产却极度不足,”国际能源署首席经济学家法蒂赫o比罗尔在接受《财富》(Fortune)杂志的采访时表示。“There is huge potential both for oil and gas and, when it comes to renewables, huge potential for hydropower, wind and solar,he said. “On the other hand, there is very little energy for the people in Africa.”他介绍说:“这些地区蕴藏着巨大的石油和天然气发展潜力,并且在可再生能源方面,比如水电、风能和太阳能,潜力也都非常可观。而另一方面,非洲人民现有的可用能源却极度匮乏。”Africa has long been plagued by the resource curse, where abundant oil, gas and minerals in places like Equatorial Guinea or the Republic of Congo have made a select few rich, led to widesp corruption and left the majority of citizens poor. The energy resources have also sparked conflict in countries such as Sudan and Nigeria, and have contributed to years of coups and political unrest.长期以来,非洲一直处于能源困境。像赤道几内亚或刚果共和国等石油、天然气和矿产资源丰富的国家,有极少的一部分人富了起来,但这些国家腐败泛滥,多数市民仍处于贫困之中。此外,能源资源是苏丹和尼日尼亚等国家地缘冲突的导火索,同时也是该地区长年发生政变和政治动荡的原因之一。That trend is set to continue, the IEA report said, unless countries tackle the range of problems that hinder the energy sector, from widesp oil theft (worth billion a year in Nigeria) to electricity tariffs across the region, which are among the highest in the world. Corruption, too, remains a “major barrierto investment in some countries.国际能源署的报告中显示,除非各国采取措施应对能源领域的一系列问题,比如解决盛行的石油偷盗(每年为尼日利亚造成损失0亿美元)和降低电价(这里是全球电价最高的地区之一),否则情况还会继续恶化。另外,腐败仍是在一些国家投资的“主要障碍”。“There are two major issues here the lack of investment and the second one is the governance issue,Birol said of the need for about 0 million a year across the region for the energy sector.“这里存在两个主要的掣肘——投资匮乏以及政府管理问题,”比罗尔表示,该地区能源业每年需要大.4亿美元的投资。“There are investments coming into the region but our study shows that today out of in Africa is for export-related projects not for the Africans,he said. “We don’t see the investments can come if the governance issue is not fixed.”“有一些投资进入该地区,但是我们的研究显示,目前非洲有三分之二的投资都是出口相关项目,而不是务于非洲人民,”他评价说,“在我们看来,如果政府管理问题得不到解决,就不可能吸引投资。”Meike van Ginneken, a World Bank expert on energy for west and central Africa, said she saw a lot of potential for hydropower, geothermal and natural gas across the region but agreed “investment needed to be increased tremendouslyespecially from the private sector and the building of power delivery systems.世界(World Bank)中西非能源专家梅克o范o辛内肯认为,该地区的水电、地热和天然气开发潜力巨大,但是她同时承认“这需要增加大量的投资”,尤其是来自于私营部门的投资,还需要加强电力输送系统的建设。“The question is how do you translate these large resources into increased access?Van Ginneken said. “What you need for that is a lot of infrastructure, functioning utilities and a lot of money. While there is a lot investment in energy in Africa in the past five years, there has a period of two decades where there was very little investment. So, Africa is catching up.”“问题是,如何将这些巨量的资源转变为更多的电力供应?”范o辛内肯说,“这就需要大量的基础设施、高效的公用事业部门以及大量的投资。过去二十年来对非洲的投资非常少,但最近五年来能源投资的规模较大。所以,非洲正在迎头赶上。”To ensure that the energy resources improve living standards and contribute to stronger economic growth by 2040, the report calls for investment of an additional 0 billion in the power sector. It also calls for regional cooperation that could lead to large-scale generation and transmission projects as well as the adoption of “robust and transparentprocesses that would result in “more effective useof oil and gas revenues.该报告指出,为了确保040年非洲的能源资源有效改善该地区的生活水平,并且促进经济增长,需要对能源部门增加4,500亿美元的投资。此外,该报告还呼吁,进行区域合作来促成大规模的发电及输电项目,以及采取“严格透明”的管理流程来“更为有效地利用”油气收入。As part of its billion in energy investments in Africa, van Ginneken said the World Bank has supported regional cooperation including the 1 million in guarantees this year for the Banda Gas-to-Power Project which will produce and convert natural gas from offshore gas fields in Mauritania into 300 megawatts of new electricity for the country and for export to Mali and Senegal.范o辛内肯指出,作为110亿美元能源投资的一部分,世界对区域合作的持包括今年为班达天然气发电项目(Banda Gas-to-Power Project)提供的2.61亿美元担保,该项目利用毛里塔尼亚近海天然气田的天然气,可为该国新00兆瓦电力,并可出口到马里和塞内加尔。They are also investing in regional transmission grids and setting up rural electrification projects including min-grids and off-grid solar power.这些项目还包括对区域电网及农村电气化改造的投资,如微型电网和离网太阳能发电。“Regional cooperation and regional power grids will play an important role in bringing down cost which will make it more attractive for the private sector and more affordable for households,van Ginneken said.范o辛内肯进一步介绍说:“区域合作和搭建区域电网在降低成本方面非常关键,对私营部门更具吸引力,家庭用户也更容易负担。”If some of the changes are enacted, renewables could also take off with the IEA projecting they could represent almost half the growth in electricity generation by 2040. Hydro, for example, represents 20% of the region’s power supply currently but only 10% of its technical potential has been realized.如果实施一些变革,可再生能源也可以迎来新的发展机遇。据国际能源署预计,040年,可再生能源将占新增电力的一半左右。例如,水电目前占电力供给的20%,但仅有10%的技术潜力得到了利用。Alex Rugamba, director of the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department at the African Development Bank, agreed that renewables offer a chance for the continent to pursue a greener path than the one chose by its more developed neighbors.非洲开发(African Development Bank)能源、环境及气候变化部门(Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department)主任阿历克斯o鲁甘马指出,他也承认,对可再生能源的利用,将使得非洲有望走上比其周边的发达国家更为环保的发展道路。“Certainly, the potential is high and we are seeing very good take up of all sorts of geothermal, wind, solar and, of course, hydro. We are definitely committed,Rugamba said, adding that the bank has doubled its financing to the sector to .3 million from 2007 to 2012.鲁甘马说:“确实,(非洲的)各种能源,包括地热、风胀?太阳能,当然还有水电,潜力都非常大。我们肯定都会大力开发。”他还指出,2007年至2012年,非洲开发对能源部门的融资增加了一倍,达到430万美元。Among the challenges, he said, were the high, upfront capital cost of solar and the lack of private sector investment into the geothermal sector. “The private sector is often reluctant about geothermal without proven reserves of steam,Rugamba said. “There are some schemes underway to mitigate those risk so we get more private investment into geothermal.”他表示,可再生能源发展所遇到的挑战包括太阳能高昂的前期资本投入,以及私营部门对地热行业投资的缺乏。“在蒸汽储量没有探明的情况下,私营部门通常不愿意投资地热资源。”鲁甘马介绍说,“目前有一些降低此类风险的计划正在酝酿之中,以吸引更多私营投资进入地热资源领域。”Both van Ginneken and Birol said they were confident Africa will make the changes necessary in the energy sector, which the IEA projected could boost the economy 30% by 2040.范o辛内肯和比罗尔均表示,他们有足够的信心相信,非洲会在能源行业做出必要的改革,国际能源署预测,040年该行业可推动当地经济增0%。Birol said he is aly seeing several countries take the lead in reforming their energy sectors, including Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Rwanda. Angola, meanwhile, is poised to overtake Nigeria as the continents biggest energy producer while Tanzania and Mozambique are set to take advantage of significant natural gas discoveries.比罗尔表示,他已经看到几个国家率先对能源行业进行改革,其中包括尼日利亚、南非、加纳和卢旺达。与此同时,安哥拉正蓄势待发,有望取代尼日利亚成为非洲大陆最大的能源生产国,而坦桑尼亚和莫桑比克也计划充分利用其丰富的天然气资源。“I see a momentum being built in many African countries that are understanding the critical importance of energy and making some energy sector reforms,he said. “I see hope there with good governance especially with better management. We could see the energy sector provide a strong trigger for economic growth on the continent.”“我看到一些非洲国家开始认识到能源的重要性,并且积极进行能源改革,这种势头正在不断增长,”他说,“从好的治理模式,特别是有所改善的管理方式中,我看到了希望。我们有理由期待,能源业将成为带动非洲大陆经济增长的有力引擎。”Van Ginneken agreed, saying she has seen significant changes since she has been covering the sector the past seven years.范o辛内肯对此表示认同。她指出,在过去七年对能源行业的持续关注中,她已经看到了一些重要的变化。“I certainly see Africa turning a corner,she said. “The investment in the energy sector in the past few years has been much higher than the two decades before. This is translating into more access to resources, transparency is being improved and the potential of Africa with finds of gas and geothermal in the Rift Valley (in East Africa) is tremendous.”“我的确看到非洲在转变。”她肯定地说,“过去几年能源业的投资比过去二十年高出很多。这意味着可利用的能源资源有所增加,透明度也在得到改善,在非洲大裂谷(Rift Valley,位于东非)发现的天然气和地热资源也昭示着未来的巨大潜力。 /201410/336507

  Uganda is counting on China to provide bn to build much of its infrastructure backbone because Beijing offers the cheapest capital, President Yoweri Museveni said.乌干达总统约韦#8226;穆塞韦尼(Yoweri Museveni)表示,该国正仰赖中国提供100亿美元,以建造其主干基础设施中的一大部分,因为中国的资本最为便宜。Mr Museveni said China does not interfere in the African country’s controversy over homosexuality. He said Uganda’s previous intention to issue a debut sovereign bond to finance infrastructure projects was now a “last resort The president added that he was not encouraging private investment in big hydropower plants because the electricity produced might be too expensive. “Now the Chinese are coming and they come with a sense of solidarity and they come with big money, not small money, and they also have experience,Mr Museveni said.穆塞韦尼表示,中国没有干涉这个非洲国家围绕同性恋的争论。他说,乌干达先前发行首主权债券为基础设施项目融资的想法是“最后的依靠”。穆塞韦尼补充称,他不鼓励私人投资于大型水电站,因为这样产生的电力可能过于昂贵。他说:“现在中国人来了,他们带着团结的意识和大量、而非少量的资金来了,而且他们还有经验。”Finance from state agencies such as the Export-Import Bank of China and China Development Bank was preferable to that from the World Bank in at least one respect, he said.穆塞韦尼表示,来自中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)和中国国家开发银China Development Bank)等国有机构的融资,至少在一个方面好于来自世界银World Bank)的融资。“I was a bit embarrassed when I was talking to [representatives from] the World Bank. They talked about a lot of things like structural adjustment but they don’t understand the basics. How can you have structural adjustment without electricity?Mr Museveni asked. “The Chinese understand the basics.”“我与世界(的代表)交谈时有点尴尬。他们对结构性调整之类的事情滔滔不绝,但他们不明白基本问题。你没有电怎么进行结构性调整?”穆塞韦尼问道,“中国人就明白基本问题。”Uganda expects Chinese state-backed capital to finance two hydropower plants the Karuma and the Isimba dams and a railway line connecting Kampala, the Ugandan capital, to Kenya, South Sudan and the oil-rich West Nile region that borders the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda is banking on an bn loan from China to build the railway, the country’s largest infrastructure project to date.乌干达希望中国政府持的资本为卡鲁玛(Karuma)和伊斯姆Isimba)这两座水电站以及一条铁路线提供融资。该条铁路将该国首都坎帕拉与肯尼亚、南苏丹以及石油资源丰富、与刚果民主共和国接壤的西尼罗地区连接在一起。乌干达正依赖中国提供的80亿美元贷款建设这条铁路——该国迄今最大的基础设施项目。China has become a key investor in sub-Saharan Africa. Such activity helps drive the Asian giant’s trade with the continent, which has grown from under bn in 2000 to more than 0bn last year, overtaking the US and the former colonial European powers.中国已成为撒哈拉以南非洲地区的关键投资者。此类活动帮助推动了中国与非洲大陆的贸易,双方贸易额000年的不足100亿美元,增长至去年的000亿美元,超过了美国和曾殖民过非洲的欧洲国家。Nevertheless, if China was not forthcoming with funding for the railway Uganda would build it using revenues from oil it intends to start pumping in 2017, Mr Museveni said, estimating annual oil revenues of bn.然而,穆塞韦尼表示,如果中国没有对这条铁路提供融资,乌干达将使用计划于2017年开始开采的石油的收入建设,他估计每年的石油收入0亿美元。Uganda’s economy is set to grow at 5.9 per cent this year, the International Monetary Fund estimates but its currency has suffered because of war in South Sudan and weak agricultural output.国际货币基金组织(IMF)估计,乌干达今年的经济增长率可能.9%,但由于南苏丹的战争和本国农业产出疲弱,该国货币承压。China was a desirable partner in boosting GDP, he said, not only because of its funding capabilities but also as it desists from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Mr Museveni condemned those in the west who have criticised the country for strict anti-gay legislation, which was thrown out by Kampala’s constitutional court.穆塞韦尼表示,中国是乌干达提升GDP的理想合作伙伴,不仅是因为其有能力提供资金,而且也是因为它坚持不干涉他国内务。穆塞韦尼谴责了那些对该国出台严厉的反同性恋法提出批评的西方人士。该法已被坎帕拉的宪法法院废除。来 /201410/337315

  The estranged wife of Indian Prime MinisterNarendra Modi sought details about her security cover Monday, voicing concernsabout her safety as her family demanded that she be treated as the countrys;first lady;.被疏远的印度总理夫人周一要求获悉有关自己安全保障的细节,她对自己的安全表达了关注,而她的家人则认为她应该获得“第一夫人”应该有的待遇。The premier, who swept to power in May ashead of the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, and Jashodabenwere wed in an arranged marriage as teenagers莫迪月份当选印度总理,在他们还是青少年的时候,他就和贾秀达本通过家庭包办婚姻结了婚。But his family says it was only a;formal ritual; as Modi left her soon after. They were neverdivorced.但不久后莫迪就离开她了,莫迪的家人说那仅仅是一种“正式的仪式”。他们从来没有离过婚;I am the wife of the honourable primeminister of India,; stated the retired school teacher in a Right ToInformation (RTI) application filed in western Gujarat state, where she liveswith her brother.“我是尊贵的印度总理的夫人,”这名已退休教师在古吉拉特邦西部提交知情权申请时如是说道,她目前在古吉拉特邦西部与自己的兄弟住在一起;I would like to know under whatprovisions of the law and the constitution of India am I being providedprotection? As wife of the prime minister what are the other benefits I amentitled to?;“我想知道根据印度宪法和法律我将受到什么样的保护?作为印度总理的妻子,我还可以获得什么样的福利?”Indias RTI Act, similar to the Freedom ofInformation law in the ed States, gives citizens the right to accessinformation held by public bodies.印度的知情权法相当于美国的信息自由法律,赋予公民获悉公共团体所持信息的权利。Modis wife has long kept a low profile andrarely been photographed or interviewed. Modi guards his privacy zealously.莫迪的妻子一直以来都很低调,鲜少接受拍照和采访。莫迪非常小心的保护着自己的隐私。Her brother, Ashok Modi, said thegovernment should provide her a car and women commandos because she is notcomfortable with male guards.她的兄弟阿肖克莫迪说政府应该给她提供一辆车和女性保镖,因为她不习惯男性保镖在身边;She is the first lady and isentitled to get all the facilities,; he was ed as saying by theHindustan Times newspaper, adding, ;She deserves to be with (Modi) inDelhi.;“他是‘第一夫人,有权获得所有的保障,”《印度斯坦时报》援引他的话说。“她应该和莫迪一起住在德里。”Jashodaben stated in her application that;she travels by public transport while her body guards travel by officialvehicle;, the paper reported.贾秀达本在她的申请中陈述道“她出行都是靠公共交通,而她的保镖都坐公务车”。Modis wife said she was worried about hersafety, noting former prime minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her ownsecurity guards in 1984.莫迪的妻子说她对自己的安全感到担忧,她说印度前总理英迪拉甘地就是在1984年的时候被自己的警卫开杀死的;Gandhi was attacked and killed by herpersonal bodyguards, because of which I am very afraid. Kindly provide me withdetails of the guards,; she wrote in her application.她在申请书中写到:“她就是被自己的私人保镖杀死的,因此我非常害怕。希望你们可以给我提供我个人安保的细节内容。”The grey-haired woman demanded a reply in48 hours, calling it a ;matter of life and death;, signing theapplication using the name ;Jashodaben Narendrakumar Modi;.这名灰色头发的妇女要求政府在48小时内回复她,称这是“生死攸关的事情”,并在申请书上签下了“贾秀达本莫迪”的名字。In a rare interview before Modi becameprime minister, Jashodaben, who gets a monthly government teachers pension,said she everything about him ;I can get my hands on; but added,;I dont think he will ever call me;.在莫迪成为总理前,每个月从政府获得教室退休金的她曾稀有的接受了一次采访,她说有关于他的事情她都会去了解,但是她又说“我认为他永远都不会打电话给我”。Modi allegedly kept the wedding secretbecause it meant he would not be able to climb the ladder of a hardline Hindugroup to which he belonged that frowned on key workers marrying, according to aModi biography by author Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay.根据一名为莫迪写传记的作家的说法,莫迪故意隐瞒自己结婚的事实,因为之前莫迪所属的强硬的印度教团体中并不喜欢自己的关键成员是已婚男人,所以如果被知道的话,他就无法受到该组织的重用。Modi, earlier chief minister of Gujarat forover a dozen years, acknowledged his marriage for the first time when filinghis general election nomination papers.莫迪之前在古吉拉特邦担任0多年的首席部长,在提交竞选总理文件时首次承认了自己的婚姻。来 /201411/344671This weekend America announced that it was sending more troops to Iraq, Russia allegedly sent more troops into Ukraine and President Barack Obama set off for Beijing.最近,美国宣布将向伊拉克增派士兵,俄罗斯据称已向乌克兰派出更多军队,而美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)前往北京。Ask policy makers in Washington which of these different parts of the world should be America’s top priority and the first response is usually a variant of “We’ve got to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time.Press on, and the replies get more interesting.如果你问问华盛顿的政策制定者,在全球这些不同地区中,哪一个应该是美国的首要优先任务,最初的回答通常类似于“我们现在能够一心多用了。”继续问下去,就变得更有趣了。Broadly speaking, the Washington consensus seems to be that, of the two immediate crises, the one in the Middle East is more urgent than the one in Ukraine. One US national security official, whose responsibilities include both Russia and the Middle East, looked incredulous when I asked him, last week, which was the more important: “The Middle East, by far,he replied.大体来讲,华盛顿的共识似乎是:在当下这两个危机中,中东危机要比乌克兰危机更为紧迫。当我问一位负责俄罗斯和中东事务的美国国家安全官员,哪一个更重要时,他似乎不信我会问这个问题,答道:“中东,这个紧迫多了。”The argument for prioritising the Middle East is threefold. First, there is an actual war going on, with the US involved in daily bombing raids landing “warheads on foreheads in the disconcertingly jaunty phrase used in the Pentagon. Second, if national security is defined as protecting civilian populations from harm, the Americans see a much more immediate threat from jihadist terrorism than from Russia. Third, the Americans believe an entire regional order is unravelling in the Middle East and that the reordering could take decades. By contrast, the order in Europe is only fraying at the edges.将中东列为优先任务的理由点。第一,中东确实在爆发真刀真的战争,美国每天都会参与轰炸任务,用五角大楼那句洋洋得意、令人不安的话来说,“朝着额头发射弹头warheads on foreheads)。第二,如果国家安全的定义是保护平民不受伤害,那么美国人认为来自圣战组织的恐怖主义威胁远比俄罗斯更为紧迫。第三,美国人认为中东的整个地区秩序正在瓦解,恢复秩序可能需要几十年。相比之下,欧洲的秩序只是在边缘出现紊乱。Some even worry that America’s preoccupation with Russia distracted its attention from Iraq and Syria, at a vital time. One official muses: “I do wonder whether historians will record that, in the spring of 2014, we were too focused on Ukraine, just as [Isis] was grabbing control of huge swaths of territory.”一些人甚至担心,美国对俄罗斯的关注在关键时刻分散了其对伊拉克和叙利亚的注意力。一位官员若有所思地说道:“我真的很想知道历史学家将如何记录这件事014年春,我们的注意力过多地放在了乌克兰身上,而当时,‘伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)正在抢夺大片地区的控制权。”The phenomenon of policy makers looking in the wrong direction is certainly not unknown in history. In the month before the outbreak of the first world war, 100 years ago, the British government spent far more time discussing the prospect of civil conflict in Ireland than the threat of war in Europe.政策制定者的关注方向出现错误的现象肯定并非前所未有。在100年前第一次世界大战爆发前的那一个月,英国政府讨论爱尔兰出现国内冲突可能性的时间,远远多于讨论欧洲战争威胁的时间。But for those who worry most about Vladimir Putin’s Russia, it is the Middle East that is the dangerous distraction. The “Russia firstcrowd is stronger in Warsaw and Berlin than in Washington. It worries that the US has been drawn back into the “war on terrorand the conflicts of the Middle East, just as the dangers in Europe are mounting.但对于那些最担心弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)领导下的俄罗斯的人而言,是中东危险地分散了政策制定者的注意力。在华沙和柏林,呼吁将俄罗斯问题排在首位的人群的声势要比在华盛顿更大。他们担心,美国已退回到“反恐战争”和中东冲突中去,而此时欧洲的危险正在加剧。According to this analysis, the US has still not recognised the radicalism of the challenge posed by Russia. The annexation of Crimea and incursions into eastern Ukraine are, it is feared, just the start. At some point, Russia is likely to threaten more of Ukraine, or even the Baltic states. The very fact that America has ruled out military action over Ukraine which makes the crisis seem less urgent in Washington has inadvertently raised the stakes. As one senior European diplomat puts it: “Putin knows that he can always escalate to places we won’t go.”根据这种分析,美国仍没有意识到,俄罗斯构成的挑战具有极端性。人们担心吞并克里米亚和入侵乌克兰东部只是开始。未来某一刻,俄罗斯可能会威胁乌克兰更多地区,甚至波罗的海国家。美国已排除了就乌克兰问题采取军事行动的可能性,这让这场危机在美国显得不那么紧迫,然而正是这一事实不经意间加大了风险。正如欧洲一位高级外交官所言:“普京知道他永远可以将事态升级到我们不愿意触碰的级别。”The darkest scenarios, being discussed behind closed doors, include Russian escalation up to and including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. If that were to happen it would, of course, be the biggest international security crisis in decades far more significant and dangerous than another round in the 25 years of fighting in Iraq.人们私下里讨论的最糟糕的情形,包括俄罗斯将事态升级到涉及使用战术核武器的地步。如果这变成事实,这肯定将是几十年来最为严重的国际安全危机,其重要性和危险性将远远超过另一轮持5年的伊拉克战争。Most experts still dismiss the nuclear scenarios as far-fetched. It is more common to worry that Mr Putin may launch an all-out conventional war in Ukraine or encourage uprisings by Russian-speakers in the Baltic states, which are members of Nato. If Russia then intervened in the Baltic states and Nato did not respond, the Kremlin would have achieved the huge prize of demonstrating that the western military alliance is a paper tiger.多数专家仍认为这种核战争假设很牵强。更普遍的担忧是,普京可能会在乌克兰发动全面常规战争,或者鼓动波罗的海国家说俄语的人群揭竿而起,这些国家是北约(Nato)成员囀?如果俄罗斯接下来在波罗的海国家实施干预,而北约没有做出回应,那么俄罗斯就取得了一项重大胜利——展示了西方军事联盟就是一只纸老虎。Some hope that the growing pressure on the Russian economy and the rouble might dissuade the Kremlin from escalation. But an economic crisis could also make Russian behaviour more unpredictable and reckless.一些人期待,对俄罗斯经济以及卢布施加更大压力,可能会说俄罗斯不去扩大冲突。但一场经济危机还可能会让俄罗斯的行为更不可预测和不计后果。Amid all this angst, President Obama has set off for a summit in China. For believers in America’s “pivot to Asiait remains true that over the longer term the biggest challenge to US power is still a rising China, rather than a declining Russia or a disintegrating Middle East. They worry that the more the US gets sucked into the crises, the easier it will be for China to achieve primacy in East Asia the region that is increasingly the core of the global economy.在所有这些担忧之中,奥巴马总统动身前往中国参加一次峰会。对于那些相信美国“重返亚洲”的人们而言,事实仍然是,较长期来说,美国实力的最大挑战者仍然是一个正在崛起的中国,而非实力日益下滑的俄罗斯或正在分崩离析的中东。他们担心,美国越卷入到危机之中,中国就越容易在东亚获得首要地位,而东亚正日益成为全球经济的核心。The Obama administration is determined that this will not happen, and is shifting US military resources so that in future, 60 per cent of the American navy will be based in the Pacific.奥巴马政府决心不让这种结果出现,因此正在转移美国军事资源,这样将来美0%的海军力量将部署在太平洋地区。It will be up to historians to decide whether the Obama administration got its strategic priorities right, or whether it charged off in the wrong direction at a crucial moment.奥巴马政府的战略优先任务是否正确,或者美国是否在关键时刻搞错了方向,这将由历史学家决定。My own instinct is that Russia is now the most important challenge. The rise of China is hugely significant but, for the moment, it feels like a long-term process without any immediate risk of conflict with the US.我自己的想法是,俄罗斯现在是最为重要的挑战。中国的崛起影响非常重大,但目前,这像是一个长期过程,眼下没有任何与美国产生冲突的风险。Failing states in the Middle East and the risk of terrorism are dangers that, sadly, now feel almost normal.遗憾的是,中东那些正在衰落的国家以及恐怖主义风险现在变成了近乎常规的危险。But an angry, nuclear-armed Russia, intent on challenging US power, poses risks that we are only beginning to understand. Peace in Europe may depend on Washington striking exactly the right balance between deterrence and diplomacy.然而,一个愤怒、核武装、有意挑战美国实力的俄罗斯所构成的风险,我们才刚刚开始意识到。欧洲的和平可能依赖于美国在威慑与外交斡旋之间达成合理的平衡。来 /201411/343228

  China froze out Britain in 2012 over Tibet policy. Now, Beijing is signaling a thaw by mapping its business ambitions in the U.K.2012年,中国因西藏问题而与英国交恶。现在北京方面通过规划在英国的商业雄心,发出了双方关系解冻的信号。A 30-point U.K.-China communique signed by the prime ministers of both nations Tuesday highlights possible new inroads for China to participate in construction of British nuclear power and other infrastructure, and for the yuan to trade more freely in Londons big foreign exchange market.英国首相和中国总理周二签署的联合声明包0点内容,其重点是中国在参与英国核电站和其他基础设施方面可能有新的进展,以及人民币在伦敦这个大规模外汇交易市场中实现更自由的交易。Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is in London for a three-day visit hosted by his British counterpart David Cameron. The officials renewed a commitment to achieve two-way trade of 0 billion within a year.中国总理李克强应英国首相卡梅David Cameron)的邀请,在伦敦进行为期三天的访问。两人重申了一年内实现双边贸易总额1,000亿美元的承诺。Mr. Li also met Britains Queen Elizabeth, a rarity for a foreign official who isnt a head of state.李克强与英国女王伊丽莎白二世会晤,这对于并非国家元首的外国官员来说是罕见的事情。With the visit, China signaled a warming in the bilateral relationship. China curtailed ties with Mr. Camerons government in 2012 shortly after he entered office and met with the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. This week, Mr. Li described the U.K. as a great country and an important partner of China.在此次访问中,中国发出双边关系回暖的信号012年中国缩减了与卡梅伦政府的关系,当时上台不久的卡梅伦会见了西藏精神领袖达赖喇Dalai Lama)。本周,李克强说英国是一个伟大的国家,也是中国重要的合作伙伴。Dollar-wise, the biggest deal was a signing witnessed by the prime ministers of a long-term, billion agreement for BP Plc to supply liquefied natural gas with China National Offshore Oil Corp. in southeastern China, according to the companies.如果以美元计算,此次访问中最重要的协议是英国石油(BP Plc)与中国海洋石油有限公China National Offshore Oil Corp.,简称:中海在各自首相和总理见下签署的200亿美元长期协议。据两家公司透露,协议内容是双方合作在中国东南部地区供应液化天然气。Here are selected highlights of Tuesdays bilateral agreement, which on balance appears to pave the way for more Chinese participation in the U.K. economy.以下是周二联合声明的部分重点内容。总的来说,这份联合声明为中国更多地参与英国经济铺平了道路-The U.K. agreed to welcome Chinas continuous investment in infrastructure sectors such as transportation and energy, particularly nuclear, high-speed rail, offshore wind power and photovoltaic projects, the statement said.――英国欢迎中国企业继续投资英交通、能源等基础设施领域,尤其是核电、高铁、海上风电和光伏项目-Nuclear energy gets a chunky section of the agreement. The U.K. said it is open to the use of Chinese reactor technology and to permitting Chinese engineers to take the lead on possible future nuclear projects, both subject to meeting the stringent requirements of the U.K.s independent regulators. The two sides agreed to complete a nuclear project called Hinkley Point, for which two Chinese companies have been tapped as strategic and industrial partners.――核能在两国协议中占了很大一块。英国表示,在符合英国独立监管机构严格标准的条件下,英方对使用中国核反应堆技术、允许中国工程师在未来可能开展的核项目中发挥主导作用持开放态度。两国还同意完成欣克利角(Hinkley Point)核电项目的建设,两家中国公司已被选为该项目的战略与工业合作伙伴-China reiterated an agreement to use London to promote a more internationalized yuan. The sides agreed to establish a yuan clearing bank in London as well as to allow Chinese companies to sell and list bonds denominated in yuan on the London Stock Exchange. China Construction Bank Corp. will become a clearing bank as part of the deal.――中国重申了一项协议,将利用伦敦推进人民币国际化进程。两国同意在伦敦设立一家人民币业务清算,并允许中国企业在伦敦交所发行和交易人民币计价债券。按照协议,中国建设(China Construction Bank Co.)将成为人民币在伦敦的清算-On human rights, the statement cites an aspiration to get a bilateral dialogue on the subject back on track. (China reportedly cancelled the most recent round of talks.) But on the specific issues of particular sensitivity for China -- Tibet and Hong Kong -- the two sides appeared to use boilerplate language that broke no fresh ground.――在人权方面,声明表示两国愿意重新就该问题展开对话。(据悉中国取消了近期的大多数人权会谈。)但是在中国特别敏感的西藏和香港问题上,两国似乎使用了没有新突破的公式化措辞-Chinas government will sponsor 10,000 students and scholars in the U.K. over the next five years while 80,000 British students will study in China by 2020.――未来五年中国将向英国派万名公派留学人员,英国将020年前输万名学生到中国学习-China will open a consulate in Belfast and the British Foreign Office will establish a branch in Wuhan.――中国将在贝尔法斯特开设领事馆,英国外交及联邦事务British Foreign Office)将在武汉开设分机构。来 /201406/307966


  Flooding risk rising on the Yangtze, officials warn官方预警长江洪涝风险不断升级20 percent more rainfall is possible in river’s middle reaches; El Nino also could play a role.长江中游地区降雨量超出往年的20%,厄尔尼诺可能是主因。The chances of heavy flooding have increased on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, officials warned on Tuesday.本周二,官方发布预警,长江中下游地区强洪涝风险不断升级。They said river basin areas could be hit by more downpours and extreme weather conditions than in previous years.他们表示,长江流域会受到强降雨和极端天气的影响,今年的强降雨和极端天气明显比往年多。Middle reaches of Yangtze basin areas could receive 20 percent more rainfall than before, according to the hydro-graphic office of the Changjiang Water Resources Commission.长江水利委员会水文局称,长江中游地区降雨量超出往年的20%。Extreme weather conditions, including strong winds and downpours, have been blamed for the capsizing of a Yangtze cruise ship with 456 people on board on Monday evening. The vessel overturned on a section of the river near Jianli county, Hubei province, which lies on the middle reaches of the Yangtze.极端天气,包括大风强降雨,正是周一晚上载有456人客船在长江倾覆的原因。客船在长江中游湖北省监利段倾覆。Jianli county and nearby areas were hit by torrential downpours on Monday night, with the county reporting precipitation of 158.8 mm within nine hours. Moderate to strong rainfall was forecast for the county on Tuesday night, the China Meteorological Administration said in a statement.周一晚,监利县和周边地区受到暴雨袭击,该县报道,9小时降雨量达158.8mm。中国气象局预报周二监利县将会有中到大雨。The downpours increased water levels on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, with the water resources commission reducing water discharged from the Three Gorges Dam to aid the rescue and recovery effort.受降雨影响,长江中游水位不断升高,水利委员会已减少三峡大坝排水以帮助救援和恢复工作。Since the river basin areas received less rainfall in April and early May, the chances increased that precipitation will be concentrated in June, July and August, the major flooding season on the Yangtze.由于长江流域4月和5月初降水量较少,降水集中在长江主要汛月月和8月的可能性越来越大。El Nino - a warming of sea surface temperatures in the Pacific that affects wind patterns - could also play a major role in the coming months, according to the meteorological administration.气象局表示,厄尔尼诺,即太平洋海面温度升高从而影响到风向,会对未来几个月产生重大影响。In 1998, El Nino caused the country’s worst flooding on the Yangtze in half a century, killing thousands of people.1998年,厄尔尼诺引发了半个世纪以来长江最严重的一次洪水,千万人丧生。The strong rainfall this year has aly resulted in flooding on a number of Yangtze tributaries, including the Ganjiang River in Jiangxi province and the Xiangjiang River in Hunan province.今年的强降雨已经引发了大量长江流河水泛滥,包括江西的赣江和湖南的湘江。来 /201506/378982


  David Cameron will back further powers for Scotland whatever the outcome of talks on English devolution, Downing Street was forced to admit yesterday, in a move that will further anger his restless backbenchers.英国政府昨日被迫承认,不管英格兰分权讨论的结果如何,首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)将持赋予苏格兰更多权力。这一表态将进一步激怒保守党议员。The prime minister, who hosts talks on the “English questiontoday with senior Tories at Chequers, riled his party by signing a vow promising new powers on tax and welfare for the Scottish parliament, and his attempt to appease them has unravelled over the weekend.卡梅伦今日将在首相官邸与保守Tories)高官就“英格兰问题”召开会谈。上周末,他签署了一份承诺,将在税收和福利方面赋予苏格兰议会新的权力,这激怒了他所在的保守党,而卡梅伦试图安抚本党成员的努力也没能见效。The fallout from last week’s Scottish independence referendum has descended into cross-party acrimony as the focus turned to the political conference season, starting with Labour in Manchester.上周的苏格兰独立公投已导致英国三大政党陷入彼此间的尖锐指责。人们的焦点正在转向各党即将召开的年度大会,其中工党(Labour)大会将首先在曼彻斯特举行。The prime minister tried to reassure Tory MPs last Friday that any new powers for Holyrood would be considered “in tandemwith a new drive to give English MPs more say over English-only legislation.卡梅伦上周五试图安抚保守党议员。他表示,赋予苏格兰议会更多权力与一个新计划——即在英格兰立法方面赋予英格兰议员更多发言权——是“一致”的。Downing Street insiders reaffirmed on Sunday that Mr Cameron was committed to bringing forward proposals on English votes on English laws and was “more than happyto hold a vote on the West Lothian question if recommended by the cabinet committee he set up last week to consider English devolution.英国政府内部人士上周日重申,卡梅伦将致力于推动有关英格兰人在英格兰法律方面投票权的提案。他们还表示,如果按照内阁委员会的建议,就“西洛锡安问题the West Lothian question,指除英格兰以外的地区是否有权对英格兰事务投票——译者注)进行投票表决,卡梅伦将“不胜喜悦”。这个委员会是卡梅伦上周设立的,任务是考虑英格兰分权问题。At the Labour conference there was talk of “betrayalby Mr Cameron in his attempt to mix the two issues and Chuka Umunna, the shadow business secretary, said the prime minister had acted “dishonourably在工党会议上,有人说卡梅伦将这两个问题混在一起,是一种“背叛”,“影子”商务大臣丘#8226;乌穆Chuka Umunna)表示,卡梅伦这么做是“不光的”。Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, who announced his intention to resign after last week’s No vote in the independence referendum, told the B’s Sunday Politics that the “vowsigned by the leaders of the three main Westminster parties to transfer new powers to Holyrood was “cooked up in desperation from the last days of the campaignand was now unravelling.苏格兰首席大臣亚历克#8226;萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond)在上周公投结果出炉后宣布计划辞职。他周日在英国广播公B)的Sunday Politics节目中表示,英国三个主要政党领导人签署的将新的权力下放给苏格兰议会的承诺是“虚情假意的,是独立运动最后几天的绝望之举”,而现在这种承诺正在破裂。But Tory MPs are urging Mr Cameron to press ahead with his plan to give more power to English MPs by putting the idea to a vote before the election, in an attempt to put Labour on the wrong side of public opinion.然而保守党议员正敦促卡梅伦继续推行其计划,在大选前将对是否赋予英格兰议员更多权力举行投票。来 /201409/329882

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