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和田市治疗青春痘多少钱乌鲁木齐妇幼保健院激光去掉雀斑多少钱Goldfish Now Have Better Attention Spans Than We Do人类注意力比金鱼还差Last week, Microsoft released a study that sought to analyze the impact that technology – cellphones and social media specifically – is having on our attention span and the quality of our focus. They found some pretty significant changes compared with research conducted 15 years ago. Let#39;s take a look at the findings.上周,微软公司就现代科技——手机和社交媒体对我们注意力时长和质量的影响做了一项调查。研究发现,与15年前做的调查相比,有了很大的改变。让我们来看看调查结果。1. The average attention span has fallen to just eight seconds.1.平均注意力时长降到了8秒The average human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, and now it#39;s just eight. The decrease was found across genders and all age groups. Apparently, a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. Measuring the attention span of animals is sort of tricky stuff though … so it#39;s possible we still have them beat.2000年人类平均注意力时长为12秒,现在只有8秒。各个年龄段的注意力时长都有下降。连一条金鱼的注意力时长都有9秒。不过研究动物时会有其他不确定因素,所以也许我们仍领先。。。2. Young people were most likely to demonstrate addiction-like behaviors when it came to digital technology.2.年轻人更容易痴迷科技产品Seventy-seven percent of 18- to 24-year-olds responded ;yes; when asked if the following statement was true for them: ;When nothing is occupying my attention, the first thing I do is reach for my phone.; Only 10 percent of people over 65 said the same thing.当问及以下问题是,18到24年龄段的青年中有77%人回答“是的”。这些问题是:“如果眼前没什么可做的,我会想到第一件事就是看手机。”而65岁以上人群中仅有10%会这么做。3. Young people may be more alert, just for shorter increments of time.3.相对下降的注意力,年轻人更灵敏The good news is that these young people, ;early adopters of technology,; as the study sometimes refers to them, have developed some strengths to accommodate for their shorter attention spans. 好消息是这项研究提到,那些走在科技前沿的年轻人已经进化出其他能力来弥补较短的注意力时长。4. The ability to multitask has improved.4.同时处理多重事件的能力有改变Part of the explanation for the shortened attention span comes from what the study refers to as ;multi-screening; – viewing multiple screens at once, using social media while consuming the latest news, etc. As long as the environment is active, early tech adopters are able to process information and commit it to memory more efficiently. But, their capabilities fall short if the digital experience is passive – probably due to their decreased ability to focus for long periods of time. 变短的注意力时长有些方面也可归因为“多屏”处理能力,即人们可以同时注视多个屏幕,比如看新闻的时候使用社交应用,等等。在主动环境下,使用科技产品的老手可以更有效的处理信息并把信息储存在记忆里。但是,如果是被动的,这些能力很可能会因为他们下降的注意力时长而减弱。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201509/393785图木舒克市做处女膜修复多少钱 Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, has warned that the global automobile industry is on the brink of a technology-led upheaval, in his most direct public comments yet addressing reports that the iPhone maker is planning to start making its own cars.苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)警告称,全球汽车行业即将迎来技术主导的剧变,这是他迄今最为直接地公开回应有关这家iPhone制造商计划制造汽车的报道。“It would seem that there will be massive change, massive, in that industry,” Mr Cook said during an interview at the Wall Street Journal’s annual tech conference in Southern California. “I do think that industry is at an inflection point for massive change, not just evolutionary change.”库克在《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)的南加州年度技术大会上接受采访时表示:“这个行业似乎将会出现巨大的变化,非常大。我的确认为该行业正处于剧变的临界点上,不只是渐进式的变化。”Apple has been assembling a team of automotive experts and studying what it would take to become a carmaker, according to people familiar with its thinking.知情人士称,苹果一直在组建一个汽车专家团队,并研究怎样才能成为一家汽车制造商。Mr Cook did not respond to questions about whether Apple would make its own cars, but made it clear that a series of technology shifts were coming together to create a rare opportunity for outsiders to break into the business.库克没有回应苹果是否要制造自己的汽车的问题,但他明确表示,一系列技术变化相继到位,为局外人进入这一行业提供了罕见的机遇。“What I see is, software becomes an increasingly important component of the car in future,” he said. “Autonomous driving becomes very much more important in a huge way in future.”他说:“我认为,未来软件将成为汽车上越来越重要的组件。自动驾驶也将变得更加重要。”In spite of the expansive predictions, Apple’s chief said that, for now, his company’s focus would be on winning over car owners with its CarPlay system, which provides a way to plug an iPhone into a car’s systems to act as an entertainment, information and communications gateway.尽管外界流传着宏大的预言,但库克表示,就目前而言,苹果将致力于让车主安装CarPlay系统,该系统可以让iPhone接入汽车系统,作为一个、信息和通信网关。“What we really want, hopefully in the short term, is, we want people when they enter their car to have an iPhone experience,” he said. The poor performance of carmakers’ own technology has left a huge opening for companies such as Apple, Mr Cook suggested, with the current systems usually not ranked among the 10 things car owners like best about their vehicles.他表示:“我们真正想要的、而且希望在短期就实现的是,让人们上车后有一种iPhone体验。”库克表示,汽车制造商自己的技术表现糟糕,给苹果等公司留下了巨大的机会,当前的车载系统通常不会排在车主最喜欢的十大设备之列。 /201510/405237LONDON — Zurich Insurance Group said on Monday that it was abandoning its pursuit of RSA Insurance Group, a smaller British rival, after a deterioration in its business performance, particularly in Zurich’s general insurance unit.伦敦——苏黎世保险集团(Zurich Insurance Group)周一宣布,将放弃收购RSA保险集团(RSA Insurance Group),后者是一个规模较小的英国竞争对手。苏黎世的此次声明发生在其业绩出现下滑之后,业绩下滑尤以普通保险业务最为显著。Zurich also said that it was conducting an in-depth review of those general insurance operations and that it expected losses of about 5 million on insurance claims related to a series of explosions that rocked the port city of Tianjin, China, in August.苏黎世还透露,该公司正在对那些普通保险业务的经营状况进行深入的审核。今年8月,一系列爆炸冲击了中国港口城市天津,苏黎世预计与此相关的保险索赔会给公司带来2.75亿美元的损失。The company, one of the largest insurers in Europe, had said in July that it was considering making an unsolicited bid for RSA. Last month, it indicated that it was willing to offer 5.6 billion pounds, or about .7 billion, for RSA.苏黎世是欧洲最大的保险公司之一,它于今年7月声称,考虑对RSA保险集团主动发起收购。上个月,苏黎世表示,愿意出价56亿英镑——约合87亿美元,555亿元人民币——收购RSA。On Monday, Zurich said that its discussions with RSA had been terminated and that weaker-than-expected profit in its general insurance business in the first half of this year was expected to continue in the third quarter.苏黎世于周一称已经终止与RSA集团的磋商,又称今年上半年其普通保险业务盈利不及预期的状况,预计会延续至第三季度。Given the claims related to the Tianjin explosions and the outcome of a recent review of its reserves, Zurich said that it expected its general insurance business to post an operating loss of about 0 million in the third quarter. The operating profit in the general insurance business declined 31 percent to .2 billion in the first half of the year.根据与天津爆炸相关的索赔和最近的准备金审核结果,苏黎世集团预计,其普通保险业务将在第三季度出现约两亿美元的营业亏损。今年上半年,其普通保险业务的营业利润减少了31%,降至12亿美元。“In light of the above recent deterioration in the trading performance in the group’s general insurance business, Zurich announced this morning that it has terminated its discussions in connection with a possible offer for RSA,” Zurich said in a news release.苏黎世在新闻稿中称:“鉴于近期公司普通保险业务的业绩恶化,苏黎世于今天早晨宣布,已终止与RSA集团就可能的收购出价而进行的磋商。”The news sent shares of RSA down 21.7 percent to 399 pence in early trading in London.这一消息使RSA在伦敦交易所的股价跌至399便士,降幅21.7%。RSA, which is based in London, offers insurance to consumers and businesses, including home, automobile, liability and marine insurance. The company is worth about 5 billion, based on its market capitalization.RSA集团总部位于伦敦,为个人和企业客户提供保险,其险种包括房屋保险、车辆保险、责任保险和海上保险。RSA集团市值约为50亿英镑。The insurer employs about 19,000 people worldwide and wrote 7.47 billion in net premiums in 2014.该公司在全球雇佣有1.9万名员工,2014年的净保费收入为74.7亿英镑。Zurich, founded in 1872, offers general and life insurance across several product lines. It has about 55,000 employees in more than 170 countries and had net written premiums of .7 billion in 2014.苏黎世于1872年成立,提供横跨多条产品线的普通险和人寿险。它在超过170个国家拥有5.5万名雇员,其2014年的净保费收入达487亿美元。In August, Zurich said it was willing to offer to pay 550 pence a share for RSA, a bid that was conditioned on completing a due diligence review of the insurer and receiving a recommendation from RSA’s board of directors that shareholders accept the offer.今年8月,苏黎世称,愿意以每股550便士的价格收购RSA,但条件是完成对该保险公司的尽职调查,且RSA董事会建议股东接受出价。RSA had indicated its board was willing to recommend the offer if other terms were met.RSA集团曾表示,如果其他条款能够得到满足,董事会愿意推荐这一出价。In a news release on Monday, RSA confirmed that its discussions with Zurich had ended, but that Zurich’s due diligence review “had not found anything that would have prevented them from proceeding with the transaction.”在周一的新闻稿中,RSA实其与苏黎世之间的讨论已经终止,但称苏黎世的尽职调查“没有发现任何妨碍交易继续进行的因素”。“Since that time, RSA has continued to make good progress in the delivery of its action plans, as evidenced by our half-year results,” RSA said.“自那以后,RSA在工作计划的实施上,保持着卓越的进展,这已为我们的半年业绩所明,”RSA称。RSA brought in Stephen Hester, a former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, as chief executive in February 2014. He had taken the helm of R.B.S. after a government bailout in 2008. In December 2013, Simon Lee, RSA’s top executive, quit after a capital shortfall in its Irish operations.RSA于2014年2月聘请斯蒂芬·赫斯特(Stephen Hester)担任首席执行官,他曾于苏格兰皇家(RBS)担任相同职位。在2008年的政府救市行动之后,他掌管了RBS的大权。2013年12月,在RSA的爱尔兰业务出现资本缺口之后,RSA首席执行官西蒙·李(Simon Lee)辞去职位。Since joining RSA, Mr. Hester has sold businesses and raised capital in order to bolster its balance sheet.赫斯特加入RSA以来,为了筹集资本、巩固资产负债表,出手了一些业务。RSA was created in 1996 by the merger of two of the largest British insurers, Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance.1996年,英国最大的两家保险公司皇家保险(Royal Insurance)与太阳联合(Sun Alliance)合并,形成了RSA。 /201509/400629伊宁市治疗痘痘多少钱

五家渠固体硅胶隆鼻价格In Chinese mythology, the Monkey King is a beast with magical fur. All he has to do is pull out a hair, blow on it and it is instantly transformed into a clone of himself.在中国的神话故事里,孙悟空身上的猴毛有着巨大的魔力。他只需拔下一根,吹口气,瞬间就能变出一只跟他一模一样的猴子。Xu Xiaochun, chief executive of BoyaLife, says the fable is not far from reality, as far as his Chinese biotechnology company is concerned. This week he announced an investment of m in a joint venture with South Korea’s Sooam Biotech that aims to clone 1m cows a year from their hair cells.雅(BoyaLife)首席执行官许晓椿表示,对于他执掌的这家中国生物技术公司,这种神话并非可望不可即。上周他宣布投资3100万美元与韩国秀岩生命工学研究院(Sooam Biotech)组建一家合资公司,计划通过克隆毛发细胞每年生产100万头牛。The Monkey King “sounds like a fairy tale but we are really doing the same thing”, he says. “We pull out 200 hairs, blow on them — and boom!”他表示,孙悟空“听上去像是一个神话故事,但我们确实在做同样的事情”,他表示,“我们拔下200根牛毛,吹一口气,然后就会变出很多头牛!”Sometime next year, researchers in BoyaLife’s laboratory on the outskirts of the coastal city of Tianjin will take skin cells from a few carefully chosen cattle (Kobe beef is Mr Xu’s favourite). The scientists will extract the nucleus from each cell and place it into an unfertilised egg from another cow. The cloned embryos will then be implanted in surrogate dairy cows housed on cattle ranches throughout China.明年某个时候,位于沿海城市天津郊区的雅实验室的研究人员,将从几头精心挑选的牛提取皮肤细胞(神户牛肉是许晓椿的最爱)。这些科学家将从每个细胞中提取细胞核,将其置入另一头牛的还未受精的卵细胞。接着克隆胚胎将被植入中国各地养牛场的奶牛体内。His ambition is staggering. Starting with 100,000 cloned cattle embryos a year in “phase one”, Mr Xu envisages 1m annually at some point in the future. That would make BoyaLife by far the largest clone factory in the world.他的远大理想是惊人的。他计划“一期”每年生产10万个克隆牛胚胎,未来将每年生产100万个。这将令雅成为全球遥遥领先的最大克隆工厂。Mr Xu says the latest techniques enable cloning to be carried out in an “assembly line format” at a rate of less than 1 minute per cell. Based on a four- hour shift and 250 working days a year, a proficient cloner would “manufacture” 60,000 cloned cow embryos a year, he says, adding that a team of 50 will be sufficient for the planned scale of the project. Mr Xu plans to have a staff of 300 and eventual total investment is estimated at 0m.许晓椿表示,最新技术意味着,能够按照“生产线模式”以每个细胞不到1分钟的速度进行克隆。他表示,根据每4个小时倒一次班、每年250个工作日计算,一个熟练的克隆者每年可“生产”出6万个克隆牛胚胎。他补充称,按照项目的计划规模,有一个50人的团队就够了。许晓椿计划员工总数将达到300人,最终的投资总额预计将达到5亿美元。If the venture comes anywhere near achieving its goal, it will be another example of the recent surge of path-breaking, taboo-busting biotechnology research, with China introducing mass production and commercialisation of projects that are still in the experimental and clinical stages elsewhere.如果该项目接近达到其目标,它将代表着近期一连串突破禁忌的开创性生物技术研究的又一例,在此类项目中,中国将其他国家仍处于试验和临床阶段的技术投入量产和商业化。China’s flag-bearer in biotech is BGI, formerly known as Beijing Genomics Institute and now based in Shenzhen. BGI has grown into the world’s biggest genomics organisation, with a huge capacity to , analyse and alter DNA from plants, microbes, people and animals. It employs more than 2,000 PhD-level scientists and 200 top-of-the-range gene-sequencing machines.中国在生物技术领域的另一个旗手是总部位于深圳的华大基因(BGI),该公司的前身是北京基因组研究所(Beijing Genomics Institute)。华大基因已发展成为全球最大基因组组织,拥有从植物、微生物、人类和动物身上读取、分析和改变DNA的强大能力。该公司聘用2000多名士级别的科学家和200台顶级基因测序设备。In September BGI captured the public imagination with an announcement that “micropigs”, originally developed for biomedical research through gene editing and cloning, would be sold as pets.今年9月,华大基因宣布将销售通过基因编辑和克隆开发的“迷你猪”(最初用于生物医学研究)宠物,此举抓住了公众的想象力。Chinese scientists are enthusiastic adopters of a “gene editing” technology called Crispr, invented in the US about three years ago, which greatly accelerates the insertion and deletion of DNA in any type of living cell.中国科学家对于采用“成簇规律间隔短回文重复序列”(Crispr)的“基因编辑”技术充满热情,该技术于大约3年前在美国发明,它大大加快了对任何活体细胞插入和删除DNA的速度。In September researchers from several Chinese universities published a study of Shanbei cashmere goats, whose genes were edited to produce larger muscles and longer hair, making them potentially more valuable as sources of meat and textile fibres.今年9月,来自中国多所大学的研究人员发表了一项有关陕北绒山羊的研究,这些山羊经过基因编辑后,长出更大块的肌肉和更长的毛,潜在让它们作为肉和纺织纤维的来源具有更高价值。“The results showed that simultaneous editing of several [DNA] sites was achieved in large animals, demonstrating that the Crispr system has the potential to become a robust and efficient gene engineering tool in farm animals and therefore will be critically important and applicable for breeding,” they wrote in Scientific Reports, a leading western journal.他们在西方领先刊物《科学报道》(Scientific Reports)上写道:“结果表明,已在大型动物体内实现多处DNA同时编辑,这表明Crispr体系有望成为牲畜领域一件强大且高效率的基因工程工具,因而将至关重要,而且适用于繁殖。”But the most controversial application of gene editing is in human cells. In April scientists from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou used Crispr to modify the genomes of 85 non-viable human embryos, despite a number of pre-emptive articles in western medical journals urging them not to do it. Although the experiment failed, it provoked an outcry from scientific peers and ominous headlines about the risks to passing on genetic changes to future human generations.但最具争议的基因编辑应用是人体细胞。今年4月,广州中山大学(Sun Yat-sen University)的科学家利用Crispr技术修改了85个无法存活的人类胚胎的基因组,尽管西方医学期刊上很多文章事先敦促他们不要这么做。尽管这项实验失败了,但它引发了科学界同行的强烈抗议以及媒体的不祥头条,称风险在于把基因变化传递给人类后代。While China’s biotech sector overall is small in financial terms — a study by McKinsey last month found that Chinese biotech companies account for less than 3 per cent of global revenues in the sector worldwide — they aspire to be world leaders in some of the most advanced and controversial biotech. Critics say this is partly due to looser regulations and a more relaxed treatment in China of some of the ethical issues involved.总体而言,从收入来看,中国生物技术领域规模很小(麦肯锡(McKinsey) 10月的一项研究发现,中国生物技术公司占该行业全球营收的不到3%),但他们希望在一些最先进和最具争议的生物技术领域成为全球领袖。批评者表示,部分原因是中国的法规较为宽松,对涉及的一些道德问题态度也比较随便。In contrast, cloning of farm animals is effectively outlawed in Europe, which is where the technology started with the birth in 1996 of Dolly the sheep at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. Roslin has moved away from cloning to other areas of animal research, and today its scientists are reluctant to talk about the issue.相比之下,在欧洲,克隆牲畜实际上已被界定为非法。1996年,爱丁堡的罗斯林研究所(Roslin Institute)克隆出多利羊,为全球首例克隆动物。该研究所已从克隆转向其他动物研究领域,如今该所的科学家不愿谈论克隆话题。The European Parliament voted by a large majority in September to ban agricultural cloning and the sale of cloned livestock on the grounds that cloned offspring suffer more health problems than conventional animals.欧盟议会(European Parliament)今年9月高票通过禁止农业克隆和销售克隆牲畜,理由是克隆的后代比常规繁衍的动物存在更多健康问题。In the US, on the other hand, cattle have been cloned successfully for several years. In 2008 the US Food and Drug Administration ruled that the practice was safe; the leading livestock cloning company ViaGen, a subsidiary of Intrexon, says it “has successfully delivered thousands of healthy cloned animals to clients”.另一方面,美国已经连续好几年成功克隆牛。2008年,美国食品药品监督(FDA)裁定克隆牛的做法安全。Intrexon的子公司、领先牲畜克隆公司ViaGen表示,它“已经成功地向客户交付数千头健康的克隆动物”。Mr Xu says people may be applying double standards when they judge China. “We are [cloning] on a scale of millions, and suddenly people say, ‘Gee, do they have a lower standard of ethics?’ We do not. We just do things on a massive scale,” he says. “If we made a factory that produces 10 cows a year rather than a million, no one would even blink.”许晓椿表示,在评判中国的事务时,人们可能在运用双重标准。“我们要以数百万的规模(进行克隆),突然间人们说,‘呀,他们的道德标准是不是比较低?’我们的标准并不低。我们只是规模更大而已,”他表示,“如果我们建造一家每年只出产10头牛而不是100万头牛的工厂,人们连眼睛都不会眨一下。”However, according to Yusheng Wei, researcher at Peking University’s School of Life Sciences, unclear and incomplete rules make it easier to push ethical boundaries in China. “It’s not so much that we have a different ethical system but that China is relatively new to this field, and there are not enough laws and restrictions in place,” he says. “China#39;s rapid progress in gene technology does have something to do with loose regulations. It’s hard for regulations to keep up with the development.”然而,根据北京大学生命科学学院研究者韦玉生的说法,相关规则的不清晰和不完备,使得中国的科学家更容易逾越道德底线。“与其说我们有一套不同的道德体系,不如说中国在这个领域相对较新,相关的法律和限制不足,”他说,“中国在基因技术方面的快速进步的确和宽松的法规有关。法规难以跟上发展。”Mr Wei says there is disagreement even within the Chinese scientific establishment over some aspects of gene modification. “There are no ethical debates over cloning,” he adds. “It’s just that everything is being drowned out by the debate over gene modification.”韦玉生表示,即使是在中国科学界的体制内部,对于基因修饰的某些方面也存在分歧。“没有关于克隆的道德辩论,”他补充道,“一切都被有关基因修饰的辩论淹没了。”If there is an ethical gap between Chinese and western research, as some believe, it is narrowing as “Chinese scientists are being brought into the global scientific community”, says Peter Mills, assistant director of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics in London.如果的确像某些人所认为的那样,中国和西方的研究之间存在道德差距,那么据伦敦纳菲尔德生命伦理委员会(Nuffield Council on Bioethics)副主任彼得猠尔斯(Peter Mills)表示,这个差距也正因“中国科学家逐渐被融入全球科学界”而缩小。An encouraging sign of this process is the key role played by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in organising a meeting on gene editing in Washington next week, along with the US National Academy of Sciences and UK’s Royal Society.这一进程中一个令人鼓舞的迹象是,中国科学院与美国国家科学院(National Academy of Sciences)及英国皇家学会(Royal Society)下周将在华盛顿共同主办一场基因编辑会议,中科院在其中发挥了关键作用。“We would like to work together with international communities for the proper regulation and application of such technology,” says Bai Chunli, president of the Chinese Academy.“我们希望与国际社会合作,对这类技术进行妥善监管和应用,”中国科学院院长白春礼表示。Mr Xu points out that the FDA last week approved transgenic salmon, the first genetically engineered animal to be permitted for sale as food. Chinese regulators have not approved any GM animal to be used as food, nor have they approved GM crops to be planted in China for human consumption, with some minor exceptions. They do allow the import of a number of GM strains, notably soya beans used in cooking oil and animal feed.许晓椿指出,上周FDA批准了转基因三文鱼,这是第一种被批准作为食物销售的基因工程动物。中国监管机构尚未批准任何转基因动物被用作食品,也没有批准在中国种植供人食用的转基因作物(有少数例外)。中国监管机构允许进口几种转基因品种,主要是用于食用油和动物饲料的转基因大豆。While scientists have generally welcomed the FDA approval of GM salmon, there may be consumer resistance to the fish in the US, where environmental groups are pushing retailers to boycott the product. This week Friends of the Earth called on supporters to “celebrate” as Costco “joined more than 60 grocery store chains nationwide, including Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Target and Whole Foods, that listened to the science and consumers and made commitments to not sell this unnecessary, risky and unlabelled ‘frankenfish’.”尽管科学家普遍欢迎FDA批准转基因三文鱼,但这种鱼可能会遭到美国消费者的抵制,美国的一些环保组织正在呼吁零售商抵制这种产品。最近,地球之友(Friends of the Earth)呼吁持者“欢庆”,因为好事多(Costco)“加入克罗格超市(Kroger)、Safeway、Trader Joe’s、Target、Whole Foods等全国60余家连锁生鲜超市的行列,听取科学家和消费者的意见,承诺不销售这种无必要、有风险和未经标记的‘科学怪鱼’。”When it comes to scientifically enhanced food, Mr Xu says Chinese consumers are more conservative than their American counterparts. So cloned beef may be a tough sell. “It’s always hard to get people to try new things. It’s hard to get them to trust science.”对于用科学手段增强的食物,许晓椿表示,中国消费者比美国消费者更保守。因此销售克隆牛肉可能比较困难。“让人们尝试新事物总是很困难。很难让他们信任科学。”Mr Xu uses an analogy to illustrate why cloned meat is intrinsically safe. “If you have a glass of water and you pour half into another glass, that would be cloning. If you add a drop of ink into a glass of water, that would be genetically modifying. The determining factor is whether you change the species.”许晓椿用一个类比来说明为何克隆肉从本质上说是安全的。“如果你有一杯水,你把其中半杯倒进另一个杯子里,这就是克隆。如果你往这杯水里加一滴墨水,这就是基因修饰。决定因素是你是否改变了物种。”That is true in theory, but in practice there are obstacles to creating a perfect replica, says Kehkooi Kee of Tsinghua University. “There are risks because it won’t be an exact copy,” he says.清华大学的纪家葵(Kehkooi Kee)表示,理论上这是正确的,但在实践中,创造完美的复制品是有障碍的,“因为不会是完全一样的复制,所以这是有风险的。”But Mr Xu says cloning is the best way to produce enough elite calves to satisfy growing demand for the meat that China is consuming in greater quantities as incomes rise. “Cloned beef is the tastiest beef I’ve had,” he says.但徐晓椿表示,随着收入增长,中国人的肉类消费量不断上升,克隆是供应足够的优质牛犊,以满足日益增长的需求的最佳办法。“克隆牛肉是我吃过的最美味的牛肉,”他说。 /201512/413509乌鲁木齐美容整形医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 阅读提示:英文原文在下,对应译文在上,并非直译,敬请谅解北京师范大学公布了网民对图书出版的满意度调查结果,纸质书比电子书更受网民欢迎。在近三万份有效网络问卷中,51.9%的网友表示最喜欢阅读纸质书。各位看官,你更喜欢哪种阅读方式呢?A recent survey covering nearly 30,000 respondents finds that print books still top netizens’ ing preference lists, followed by digital books on mobile phones, PC and kindle. Which one do you prefer?《网民看出版:图书出版满意度调查报告(2015)》由北京师范大学、韬奋基金会、光明日报联合发布。在回答“最喜欢阅读什么形式的图书”时,超过一半的网民选择了“纸质书”,26.8%的网民选择了“手机阅读”,位居第二,随后是“电脑屏幕阅读”和“Kindle阅读器”。The survey was co-released by Beijing Normal University, Guangming Daily and Taofen Fund. More than half respondents prefer flipping through the pages of a book, followed by digital books on mobile phones of 26.8%, and further followed by PC and kindle users.调查显示,微信公众号已成为网民获取图书信息的新渠道,网民对其偏爱程度甚至已超过与他人交流和报纸、电视、广播等传统方式,出版社网站、图书销售网站和微等也为读者了解新书提供了有效平台。In book recommendations, official WeChat accounts are more influential than ;people around; and traditional advertising on newspaper, TV and radio. Publishing house websites, online book retailers and Sina Weibo also provide much information about new books.出行好伴侣电子书节省空间,易于携带,种类多,而且还可以激励读者读一点,再读一点,因为没有纸质书的厚重感,所以读电子书心理压力小一点,也会促进读者多读一点, 而且电子书的进度条大大激发了读者的阅读欲望!Gone are the days of lugging around a stack of books for ing on the train or plane; now, one small tablet can provide you with a veritable library. The light weight and range of options make an e-er a commuter or traveler#39;s best friend. In addition, e-ers allow you to clean up space in your home. E-ers also can motivate ers to just a bit more. When you are holding a physical book, sometimes you see that you have only made a small dent and it is easier to be distracted; with an e-er, you are given a percentage and natural human instinct tends to .纸质书是居家必备,虽然是“大块头”占地方,但是保护视力、方便做笔记的优点无可比拟,电子书、纸质书都是书,各有利弊,相互补充才是硬道理。Print books are good for eyes and convenient to take notes in spite of heavy weight and a lot of space needed. /201512/413747昆玉去红血丝价格

乌鲁木齐西部医院光子脱毛手术多少钱NAO, The Humanoid Robot Helps Students Master Handwriting Skills智能机器人指导书写Just a few weeks ago, NAO, the humanoid robot made headlines when it became Mitsubishi Bank#39;s first non-human employee. Now the cute 23-inch tall robot that weighs a mere 5.5 kilograms (12.7 pounds) is in the news again. This time around NAO is helping students develop good handwriting skills.就在几周前,NAO智能机器人成为三菱第一位非人类职员的消息备受热议。现在,这个高23英尺,重量只有5.5kg(12.8磅)的可爱机器人又再一次引起人们的注意。这次的新闻主要是有关NAO帮助学生矫正字体。What#39;s interesting about the NAO CoWriter is that it teaches kids while pretending to learn writing skills from them. The process begins with a student showing NAO alphabet magnets of the word they want it to write. The cute robot carefully studies the Quick Response (QR) codes assigned to each alphabet and then tries to write them on a digital tablet. The assignment is then handed to the ;teacher; who makes the appropriate corrections and returns it to the robot for a redo. NAO CoWriter tries again, using the corrections to improve. The duo continues until the ;teacher; is satisfied with his/her robot student#39;s penmanship. NAO CoWriter有趣的地方是通过模拟让孩子们纠正它的书写的方法来帮助孩子改进。首先,学生会展示给NAO他们想写单词的磁性的字母;随后,它会认真研究每个字母上的二维码,然后试着在平板上写出来。平板上的作业由“老师”批改后,再返还给机器人订正。NAO CoWriter这时会按照“老师”的批改再次拼写改正。这个过程会一直持续,直到“老师”满意机器人学生的书写为止。Researchers believe that this innovative role reversal not only improves the student#39;s handwriting skills but also helps boost his/her confidence. Of course, while NAO appears quite the novice learner to the students who range from six to eight years in age, the activity is carefully orchestrated. 研究者相信这种角色互换不仅能帮助学生改进书写,还能增加他们的信心。虽然,NAO比6-8岁的学生表现稍差一点,但整个演示过程还是比较和谐的。Unveiled on March 3rd at a Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), held in Portland, Oregon, the NAO CoWriter is still in the prototype stage. While the classroom trials to test the long-term effectiveness of its mathematical algorithms were successful, there is still more to be done. In the upcoming summer months, further tests will be conducted to measure the robot#39;s success in the learning process and also to see if it is user-friendly enough to be incorporated into a daily classroom routine. If all goes well, NAO may become an even more frequent sight at schools around the world. Buckle up! School is about to get more exciting!NAO CoWriter在3月3日俄勒冈州波特兰举行的HRI大会上首次亮相,现在处于初始发展阶段。虽然在课堂上测试它算法的长期可行性进展比较顺利,对于在孩子学习过程中的有效性检测和是否能够用在日常教学中这两点,还有待进一步检测。如果一切顺利,NAO将在全球学校中广泛应用。所以,让我们对更加有趣的课堂拭目以待吧。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201509/394956 乌鲁木齐纹眉价钱乌鲁木齐铁路中心医院激光祛太田痣多少钱



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