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龙岩那个医院中医看多囊福州输卵管造影那里好China#39;s economy may be slowing, but you wouldn#39;t know it from the average car buyer.中国的经济增长速度可能在放缓,但是从汹涌的购车大军中丝毫察觉不到这一点。Passenger car sales in China look set to expand 15% this year -- twice the pace of 2012, estimate consultants at LMC Automotive.咨询公司LMC Automotive估计,今年中国乘用车销量将增长15%,增幅是2012年的两倍。There are bumps in the road ahead, but they shouldn#39;t harm the spending spree. To combat pollution, several big cities are restricting car purchases by driving up license-plate prices. In the long term, these diktats probably are limited to a few places with pollution concerns, where the market is saturated anyway.未来汽车市场依然存在一些障碍,但不会影响到这种购车热潮。虽然中国几个大城市为控制污染而采取了提高车牌价格等措施来限制汽车购买,不过长期而言,这些限购措施可能只限于一些污染严重的城市,这些城市的市场已经饱和。The last sales slump, which ended in 2012, resulted mostly from the end of nationwide car subsidies in 2009 and 2010 that had pulled forward demand. There haven#39;t been major subsidies in place this year so demand should remain fresh.中国上次出现销量滑坡局面,主要因为政府在2009年和2010年推出了全国范围的补贴政策,透了需求,因而在政策退出后市场低迷,这种状况已在2012年结束。今年在没有大型补贴活动的情况下市场需求保持旺盛。Meanwhile, next year could add another driver: replacements.与此同时,明年汽车市场将增添另一个驱动力:换车需求。It has been about five years since China#39;s car sales exploded in 2009. Consumers who ventured into the market then are looking to change their old cars, reckons Macquarie#39;s Janet Lewis. Plus, more drivers are using car loans. The share of buyers using loans tripled to 15% in 2013 from 2009, according to J.D. Power.中国距2009年出现汽车销量爆发式增长已经过去五年时间。麦格理(Macquarie)分析师Janet Lewis认为,当年的购车者将会考虑换车。此外,更多购车者使用汽车贷款。J.D. Power的数据显示,2013年贷款购车比例上升至15%,是2009年的三倍。This sophisticated second-time buyer with access to financing likely will purchase a luxury or utility vehicle, Ms. Lewis says. That is one reason both these segments look promising. LMC forecasts luxury car sales rising by 23% in 2014.Lewis表示,这些精明的二次购车者在贷款的帮助下将购买豪华车或运动型多用途车(SUV)。这是两个市场领域前景看好的一个理由。LMC预计,2014年豪华车销量将增长23%。The question for investors is how to capitalize on all this. Auto stocks rallied 36% this year, so there may be little more to be gained. Leading SUV-maker Great Wall Motor#39;s shares climbed 80%, but now its margins are moderating. On the other hand, BMW#39;s local partner Brilliance China Automotive should enhance its profits from 2015 as it boosts scale.投资者的问题是如何捕捉其中的投资机会。今年汽车股高涨了36%,再涨空间可能有限。一流SUV企业长城汽车(Great Wall Motor Co.)飙升了80%,但目前公司的利润率势头已经减弱。另一方面,宝马汽车(BMW)的中国合作伙伴华晨中国(Brilliance China Automotive)从2015年起利润有望提高,因为规模扩大。Car dealers are another way in. Hong Kong-listed China Zhengtong Auto Services markets premium brands, including in fast-growing inland provinces, and trades at seven times forward earnings. That is cheaper than the nine times at which Baoxin Auto Group, another luxury dealer, trades.投资汽车经销商股是另一种方式。香港上市公司正通汽车(China Zhengtong Auto Services)目前的市盈率只有7倍;该公司销售豪华汽车品牌,覆盖地区包括高增长的内陆市场。正通汽车的市盈率低于宝信汽车(Baoxin Auto Group)的9倍,后者是另一家豪华车经销商。China#39;s secular automotive story remains intact. And having conquered richer coastal provinces, businesses are moving inland. Residents in lower-tier cities will purchase nearly 60% of China#39;s new cars until 2020, says McKinsey.中国汽车市场的长期增长趋势不变。继攻克富裕的沿海省份之后,汽车市场的主战场正转向内陆省份。McKinsey称,到2020年,三四线城市的新车购买比例将接近60%。Even as China#39;s place in the global economic firmament dims, its car buyers should remain stars.即使中国在全球经济天空中的光芒黯淡,中国购车者仍将是闪亮的明星。 /201312/271049福州检查宫腔镜哪家最好 The EU has criticised the glacial pace of UN negotiations on a global deal to combat climate change due to be signed in Paris this year, in a sign of the growing unease among some countries about the eventual outcome of the agreement.欧盟(EU)批评联合国(UN)为达成全球气候变化协议的协商进程过于缓慢,这表明一些国家对最终可能形成的协议日益感到不安。各方计划今年12月在巴黎签署新气候协议。“Time is of the essence here,” said Ilze Pruse, a senior EU delegate, as a week of talks ended in Geneva where representatives from more than 190 nations produced an official negotiating text for the Paris pact, due to be signed in December.190多个国家的代表在日内瓦举行了为期一周的会谈,会上产生了巴黎气候协议的正式谈判文本。“时间已经十分紧迫,”欧盟高级代表伊尔泽#8226;普鲁谢(Ilze Pruse)在会后说。The draft document ballooned from fewer than 40 pages to 86 pages during the week and is full of what Ms Pruse said were repetitive options that could have been easily trimmed before envoys knuckle down to the far harder task of deciding what may actually stay in the agreement at their next scheduled negotiating session in Bonn in June.在日内瓦会谈中,草案文件的篇幅从原本的不到40页增加到86页。普鲁谢认为,文本中存在许多重复的内容,在下一次会谈时,这些很轻易就会被删减。代表们预定今年6月在波恩举行下次会谈,着手处理一个难度大得多的任务——决定协议中应该保留哪些内容。The Paris deal, if agreed, will be the first in more than 20 years of UN climate negotiations to require all countries, rich and poor, to do something to stem the rising greenhouse gas emissions that scientists say are warming the atmosphere, raising sea levels and fomenting more ferocious weather.巴黎气候协议一旦达成,将是联合国气候协商进程20多年来,首次要求所有国家,不论贫富,均需采取行动遏制不断上升的温室气体排放。科学家们表示,温室气体排放正在导致大气升温、海平面上升,以及极端天气现象增多。It would effectively replace the 1997 Kyoto protocol, an international climate treaty that requires wealthy countries to cut their emissions but not nations then classed as developing, such as China, which is now the world’s biggest carbon polluter.它将有效地取代1997年签署的《京都议定书》,该条约只要求富国减排,对当时被界定为发展中的国家则不作要求,比如现在已经是世界最大碳排放国的中国。While the Geneva meeting was only supposed to come up with an official negotiating text for the Paris pact, informal talks during the week revealed that a vast array of differences remain between countries over what the final agreement should look like.尽管日内瓦会议的目的只是为巴黎协议形成一份正式谈判文本,会议期间的非正式会谈却表明,各国对最终协议的内容还存在大量分歧。“There remain deep and longstanding divisions on key issues,” said Alden Meyer of the US-based Union of Concerned Scientists.“在关键问题上还存在着各种深刻、长期以来就一直存在的分歧,”总部在美国的忧思科学家联盟(Union of Concerned Scientists)的奥尔登#8226;迈耶(Alden Meyer)表示。Small island states most at risk from rising sea levels are among those demanding the deal should include a firm date some time this century, perhaps as soon as 2050, for phasing out man-made emissions, the bulk of which come from burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.海平面上升对小岛国家最为不利,这些国家和其它一些国家一起,要求协议为逐步停止人为排放温室气体设定一个本世纪内的确定时限,比如2050年。人为排放的很大一部分来自于燃烧煤、石油和天然气等化石燃料。Oil-rich Saudi Arabia and many other countries that do not rely as heavily on fossil fuel exports for their national income say this date is completely unrealistic and even later deadlines could be difficult.石油大国沙特阿拉伯以及许多不那么依赖化石燃料出口的国家则表示,这一期限根本就不切实际,即使是再晚一些的期限,要达成目标也十分困难。The EU and many middle-income countries insist that whatever emissions targets are eventually pledged by countries as part of the agreement, they should be made as legally binding as possible, a position other countries are uneasy about.欧盟及许多中等收入国家坚持认为,无论各方最终在协议中达成何种排放目标,都应该尽可能使这些目标具有法律约束力。这种立场让其他国家感到不安。Meanwhile, the question of how much responsibility which developed versus developing countries should bear — and pay — for lowering emissions hangs over the whole agreement. The US and many others say 20-year-old divisions between rich and poor nations enshrined in earlier UN agreements cannot be maintained in Paris.与此同时,关于发达国家和发展中国家应该分别承担多少减排责任——以及分担多少经费——的问题,困扰着整个协商进程。美国及其他许多国家称,早前联合国协议中存在了20年的富国与穷国的差别待遇,不能继续保留在巴黎协议中。With so many disagreements to be resolved, some countries are concerned that the final Paris deal may be far too weak to accomplish the emissions cuts that scientists say are necessary to ward off potentially dangerous changes in the climate.等待解决的分歧如此之多,使得一些国家担心最终的巴黎协议可能会缺乏力度,以至于无法完成必要的减排。科学家称,为了避免出现潜在的危险气候变化,减排必须达到一定规模。French climate envoy, Laurence Tubiana, said this was why it was crucial for the Paris pact to produce a system of long-lasting and increasing global action on climate change.法国气候问题特使洛朗斯#8226;蒂比亚纳(Laurence Tubiana)称,正是出于这个原因,巴黎协议必须产生一项系统性的持久并逐步加强的全球应对气候变化行动。“We have to embed in the agreement an upscaling spiral of more actions,” she said.“我们应该在协议中规定要采取更多的逐步升级的行动,”她称。While the EU was frustrated by the slow pace of progress in Geneva, Christiana Figueres, head of the Bonn-based UN secretariat that helps manage the talks, said the week had offered an invaluable opportunity for all delegates to meet and understand each other’s positions better before they start tougher negotiations in Bonn in June.尽管欧盟对日内瓦会谈进展缓慢感到失望,波恩帮助协调会谈的联合国秘书处的负责人克里斯蒂娜#8226;菲格雷斯(Christiana Figueres)称,本周为所有代表提供了一次宝贵的机会,让他们6月在波恩开始更艰难的谈判前,更好地理解彼此立场。“Of course, the downside is that in June they do have 86 pages to deal with and that is an added challenge,” she said.“当然,不利的一面是他们6月要应付86页的协议内容,这是一项额外挑战,”她称。Climate campaigners, who often loudly criticise UN negotiations for being too slow and out of touch with the public’s desire for greater climate action, were unusually positive about the meeting.经常公开批评联合国谈判进程缓慢、与公众希望采取更多气候应对措施的诉求脱节的气候活动家,此次却对会议持乐观态度。“Yes, the text has grown but it was always going to grow,” said Julie-Anne Richards of the Climate Action Network, adding it was much more important that countries had agreed relatively swiftly and harmoniously on what such a complicated document could look like.“的确,文本内容是增加了,不过它总是要增加的,”气候行动网(Climate Action Network)的朱莉-安妮#8226;理查兹称。她说,更为重要的是,各国相对快速、和谐地就这样一个看起来可能十分复杂的文本达成了一致。Meanwhile, countries around the world are preparing to formally publish their emissions reduction targets ahead of the Paris meeting, with the EU, the US and others expected to divulge them before the end of March.另外,世界各国正准备在巴黎会议前正式公布各自的减排目标,欧盟、美国等预计在3月底前公布。 /201502/360318福州博爱医院是私人吗

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福州性激素检查那家医院好 Traditionally regarded as one of the safest planes in the skies, the Boeing 777’s reputation will have been damaged by the second fatal crash in less than a year.波音777机型一向被认为是空中客机中最安全的机型,但是在不到一年的时间里发生的两起坠机事故令它名声扫地。There are around 1,000 Boeing 777s in service, and the plane is a long haul workhorse, plying some of the longest routes.全球共有1000架波音777客机正在使用中。飞机是一个长距离运输的交通工具,担负着一些最长距离航行的任务。It entered service in 1995 and the National Transportation Safety Board, which is responsible for monitoring US-made aircraft, has logged fewer than 60 incidents.波音777在1995年投入使用,美国国家运输安全委员会负责监视美国制造的飞机,至今数据库中有的事故记录不超过60条。But the recent record has been more patchy with two major incidents - a crash at San Francisco airport last July, which claimed three lives, and the crash-landing of a British Airways 777 at Heathrow in January 2008.但是最近两起重大事故使得数据库的记录看起来很不和谐——去年7月份韩亚航空旧金山发生的坠机事故(造成三人死亡)和2008年1月份英国航空的波音777客机在希思罗机场的迫降事件。But the Malaysian disaster is very different from both the BA incident and the crash involving a Asiana Airlines flight at San Francisco International Airport in July.然而马来西亚这次的飞行事故,与英航事故和7月份在旧金山国际机场的韩亚航空坠机事故非常不同。Both the BA and Asiana accidents occurred shortly before landing, while the Malaysia airlines plane disappeared off the radar during the early stages of the trip.英航和韩亚航空的事故都是发生在着陆前的一小段时间里,而马航失事客机的信号在航行不久便在雷达探测仪上消失了。The accident at San Francisco in July was attributed to pilot error which led to the engines being set to idle because he believed the computer would maintain sufficient speed to keep the plane up in the air.7月份旧金山的事故是由于飞行员的失误导致了引擎怠速,因为他认为电脑会自动控制速度保持飞机飞行。But initial reports suggest that Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the 53-year-old Malaysian airlines pilot, was hugely experienced - having joined the carrier in 1981 and with 18,365 hours in the cockpit under his belt.但是初期报道显示,马航失事飞机机长,53岁马来西亚籍的机长查哈里亚沙阿经验丰富——他在1981年就进入飞行员这一行,有着18365个小时的飞行经验。The BA crash landing, which did not result in any fatalities, was finally found to have been caused by a blockage in the fuel line feeding the engine.英航的迫降事故没有造成任何伤亡,最后发现事故是由于引擎的燃料管线堵塞而引起的。Simply put the aircraft had the aviation equivalent of a cardiac arrest because some of the fuel failed to melt and blocked the supply line at the end of a long flight from Beijing to London, during which the plane travelled through unusually cold airspace over Siberia.简单地从飞机制造角度来说,这起事故与心脏停搏的原理是相同的,因为在从北京飞往伦敦的长途航行过程中,飞机穿越了西伯利亚的冷空气层,于是经过长距离的航行之后部分燃料没能完全融化,燃料输送管线就被堵塞了。This crash has echoes of the disaster in which 288 people on board an Air France Airbus 330 died. That plane, another long-haul workhorse, crashed into the Atlantic en-route from Rio de Janeiro in June 2009 killing 228 people.这起事故与法国航空公司造成288人遇难的空客330解体事故很类似。法航失事飞机也是经过了远距离航行,2009年6月它从里约热内卢出发,在大西洋坠机,机上288名乘客和机组人员无一幸免于难。A variety of explanations have been given for the Air France crash, with investigators finding that the plane’s speed sensors were giving an incorrect ing.由于调查人员发现飞机的速度传感器失灵,关于法航坠机事故引发了各种原因的猜测。But with this crash involving a different aircraft, it will take several months before investigators can ascertain the cause.但马航此次的失事飞机与法航失事飞机不属于同一类机型,所以调查事故原因可能要花上好几个月。The National Transportation Safety Board said it had sent a team to Asia to help the investigation, accompanied by technical advisers from Boeing and the US air safety regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration.美国国家运输安全委员会表示已派出一个调查组前往亚洲,协助调查事故原因,随行的有波音公司的技术顾问和联邦航空的航空安全监管人员。 /201403/279577晋安区打胎的医院福州输卵管通水哪个医院好



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